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  2. I am 52 years young and very new to faith, to cut a long story short I am a recovering addict ( alcohol) who has finally found some peace and serenity ( although there is more to come) in the 12 step program that is AA. One big shift in my thinking is the higher power..in the earlier days of recovery I had not the energy or strength to even start to fight against my reasons to reject the Church or God or Jesus, so I relied on the ability in AA to use the group or the program as the thing that was greater than I that I needed to help me stay sober....now as time passes and I am only (only !!) 4 months sober I feel able to start a journey to faith. I am drawn to the progressive side of things based on my liberal beliefs in society and politics Anyways I will be here to read, listen and learn...I know nothing only good things happen when I do those things. I am totally open and honest ( new thing for me) but will answer any questions you have, but I suspect I will have more questions for you as time goes by Mark and thanks for being there, or here, or wherever you are