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  1. I apologies if I insult, and I didn't meant to insult anybody. I may have mistranslated, and I was saying that I'm an outcast because people don't agree with me, and even tho I am 100% legit, and use the bible verse so I called them pharisees, and hypocrite for banning me for following the bible.
  2. I will break the ice to let you know why the majority hate me. Jesus himself is an outcast, and pharisees hate him, and he was even murdered by them. I'm not saying I'm Jesus, but I believe we can become like-Jesus. Pharisees and hypocrite is everywhere all throughout the multitude. I will share a testimony, and they would just flat out ban me due to my testimony. Most would say I need to go to a mental hospital. I'm into spiritual gifts, and the first sign of knowing you have a gift of discernment is when you have a strong desire for spiritual gifts, and this is what I have, and I do have a strong desire for spiritual gifts. And yes my language is weird that is because I am deaf in real life, and it could probably explain why I get banned so often because English might not be my first language. Anyway do progressively Christianity talks about spiritual gifts, or something cause I'm looking for other christian that can share about spiritual gifts, and I'm trying to understand what is going on, and hoping maybe I can get some answers.
  3. Hi there! I'm an outcast Christians, and this week I've got banned twice, and banned once 2 weeks ago. I'm banned everywhere in Christians chat cause of pharisees so I joined an another Christians chat yesterday, and ask them if there is a chat that I can go that is more aggressive, and I was being referral to come here then the moderator in a Christian chat quickly delete, and got mad at the person for showing me this website, and they got bitch out haha I thought that was funny. Anyway here I am that is gonna try this place out, and thank you for this, and I am still new with progressive Christianity, and I'm gonna have to read and see what this site is about.
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