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  1. thormas I don't really understand what you're trying to say... Could you explain it differently?
  2. I am planning to read all gospels first and form my own opinions in dialogue with my partner and on here, before I do that but I am planning on it. I've only been reading for a week or two. I'm a Christian baby, really.
  3. Well, I don't really believe in a physical resurrection which is why I quite liked the gospel of Mark.
  4. Well, I feel as though there must be value in the text, cause if it was in ourselves we wouldn't need scriptures... but then we wouldn't know of Christ and what he ministered and stood for. It might be somewhere in between, but I do think that there is value in scripture.
  5. I don't really seem to agree. It could be possible, but the style in which is was written seems to be quite the same throughout the gospel until you get to the 'added' ending and there it seems like someone with a completely different view of Christ wrote it. So... I know it is according to, I recognise that but like I said, it seems to have had one writer that was deemed quite credible considering it ended up in the Bible, and then the added end is like someone decided to write a bit of fan fiction.
  6. I guess authentic as in the ending is from the same writer, and also if it is not from Mark, which it really doesn't seem to be, then how much value is there in the content of the text. I just found it quite... shocking, sort of a whiplash because Jesus suddenly, in those verses, appears to become someone completely different. It was just very strange to me..
  7. I am not native English speaker and that is a bit too much for me. Simple English, please? I just really don't understand what you mean.
  8. Are you looking for new arm candy already? Also I'm gender queer, not really 'female'. So, you're the only woman here, really. LOL (Don't worry, I know you didn't want to out me as gender queer.)
  9. Is there a reason you use all those question marks? Well, yes, probably another writer but it just seems like that writer made Jesus into someone else all together. Is there anything known about the writer? Or not at all? To your knowledge, I mean.
  10. Hi baby Isn't she marvellous?
  11. I read my first full gospel, that of Mark. Next up: Matthew

  12. Am I the only one just confused? I mean, I have no clue what Artyop is talking about or trying to say... Welcome though. You just seem a little frustrated. I was banned from a couple of other Christian sites as well, because of different reasons but it does make you a little angry. I hope you'll respect the rules and find a place here.
  13. Hello I just finished the gospel of Mark and in a note in my Bible it said that 16:9-19 wasn't there in the earliest manuscripts and other ancient witnesses. It also seems to be in a completely different style than the rest of Mark, at least in my opinion. Also, are there any other references in the Bible to people picking up snakes and not being poisoned because that all seems to be a little out of the blue... (This is the first full gospel I've read, that is why I don't know) I was just wondering what others find of the last verses of Mark and what they see as the value of this bit of text, what they read into it.
  14. In Flemish that isn't really a solution but thank you for your creativity
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