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  1. Hi guys i have to say I have been very disappointed with some of the comments that are suggesting that legalizing same sex marriage will lead to endorsing pedophilia and bestiality, I would be willing to bet that the same or similar argument would have been used to argue against decriminalizing homosexuality not only is this absurd it is also highly offensive to gay people because your essentially saying that homosexuality is only one step away from pedophilia and bestiality. Marriage is between two consenting adults it should not matter if they are gay or straight after all as the YES campaign slogan said Love is Love. I also have to say that while there is no concrete evidence that Paul was gay John Sponge put forward a quite compelling argument for it in one of his books I found it very thought-provoking. Paul
  2. Yes PaulS it's great to see that we finally got there even the former PM has conceded it is going to happen and it was some what ironic that his electret had one of the highest yes votes haha.
  3. Lol To true PaulS sunscreen is very important in this big brown land of ours.
  4. Great advice Bill M, I am currently having some (not heaps) of trouble in my marriage and it's always great to have a reminder of whats important like does it really matter who has the remote hahaha, but seriously I'm about to turn 35 and I am although I'm still quite a bit younger I Understand what you mean about time going quick my oldest boy has just about finished his first year of kindergarten and it's a bit of a shall I say holey moley as well as my wife just completing an enrolled nursing course that took 18 months and seems like just a month ago that she started. So Thankyou for your timely words of wisdom life is there to be enjoyed and it's about I jumped back on to the train and embrace life again for all its ups and downs. Paul
  5. Lani, I have personally had a few experiences, my first particular experience is hard to describe but it was on diary farm on which I grew up essentially my siblings and I were playing in dairy roller skating (ah the days before playstations and I products lol) , when suddenly the back up gates came flying up the yard towards us. It is important to point out that there gates had to be pushed by someone at least 12 years old and that was slow going so there was no possibility that it was the wind or that someone was pushing it because it was just a steel gate on rollers so you would see someone pushing and unless there was a tornado the wind could not catch it. As time has gone on I thought it must have been an over excited childhood memory however when I talked to mum about it one day she said she could remember a day when all of us kids came running home from dairy and told her what had happened. The main reason I mention this is there are independent witness to the event. I have had a couple of experiences since then one of which happened when I was an atheist which made me look very hard at the situation before I changed my thinking. I had a couple when I was attending church ( I no longer go to church) however that was a happy clapper church and think I was just caught up in hype. As mediums and the like I have no personal experience so can't really comment. I guess at the end of the day all experiences are subject to the individual and it sounds like your craving certainty in this life which funnily enough I can give It to you and that is death and taxes? . I don't know if this will help at all but hopefully at worst it's been an entertaining read. Paul
  6. Hi all, I am after some advice on how to talk to my sister about my views on Christianity. As a bit of a background story it was actually an incident with her that changed my perspective on Christianity and its core beliefs. We had a falling out about homosexuality I am a firm believer that it is not a choice and she is on the other end of the spectrum but not a hater just well a sin is a sin sort of thing anyway one day I challenged her on it using some scripture that is clearly i.e women talking in church (which she does) to show her how outdated this view is and it ended with an agreement not to talk about it. Now I have moved away from the traditional point of view and see Christianity and see it as not some exclusive club but just another path to the Devine however she still thinks that I hold to at least the most basic beliefs which I guess comforts her to think that I will still be "saved" so to speak but it is now getting to a point of having to tell her and the rest of my family for that matter what I believe. The main resistance that I will encounter is John to not even slightly quote but am sure you will get the gist " no one comes to the father except through me". I know that if I try and point out the range inconsistencys in the gospels she will just get really defensive .I must admit that my sister is an itelligent reasonable person but when it comes to her faith that all goes out the window. I am sure there are plenty of other people on this forum with a similar experience and I would love to know how you dealt with it and possibly any hints on how to go about it. Thanks Paul
  7. Let me begin by saying that it has been at least 2 years since I have picked up the bible and read it proplery I have been slack and been happy to think yes I don't believe everything but the main premises that Jesus "love us" and that he was about social justice. However upon reading Luke from start to finish it clearly showed he fully expected the world to end very soon as he says (please don't expect chapter and verse) there are some here that will not die before the end comes (paraphrasing). It seemed like just about everybody was condemned and that it was near impossible to enter heaven, as for the whole prince of peace thing he says that he has come to pit father against son, mother against daughter etc. I did not find anything about social justice either I'm sure it's there but did not seem to be much on his radar if it was. About the only time he seemed positive was after the crucifixion, I can't help but think that maybe I didn't read the gospels properly before or perhaps through a pre conceived lense. I will finish by saying that I am more than willing to be corrected and would love to have some passages pointing out to me. Paul
  8. If there is one thing that has made me hesitant to follow Jesus it's the consistent theam of the end of days, it seems to fly in the face of other teachings which are more about compassion ect. But parables about the sheperd sorting the sheep for what seems to be people's destination of heaven and hell and plenty of others I find disturbing. So my question is does anyone else feel this way? If so how do we reconcile it? The other problem is they would prove Jesus was wrong as it is stated more than once that this must happen before this generation passes away, surly it must prove that he was not fully Devine when he was born (disclaimer I don't believe the virgin birth story). About the only theory that I can come up with is that when the gospels were written the early desciples were having a hard time and parables like theses helped those communities to "keep the faith" so to speak. Thoughts anyone I am open to any suggestions and would be interested to find out if other people feel the same way. Paul
  9. Thanks guys I am really looking forward to having theological discussions with people who don't have an alternative motivation Paul
  10. Hi everyone, I am on a journey to find like minded people. For the past 2 years I have been trying to figure out where I fit in I was a committed Christian but as time went on I found it hard to swallow certain stories of the bible and the churches attitude towards homosexuals ( which was the begging of the end for me). I guess the part that I find the hardest is not being able to talk to anyone that I know about my beliefs, as the all the religious people I know (including my family) are set in their ways of thinking and my wife has no interest in religion at all so no luck there either ?. As for my beliefs I have looked at other faiths (Buddhism , Hindu) and have come to the conclusion that no one faith has all the answers. I would love to start attending church again but have found it impossible to find a church with people of at least remotely the same beliefs but with no luck so for the moment I am hoping that forums like this one can help to answer any questions I have and engage in meaningful discussion. Hope the intro was not to long winded. Cheers Paul
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