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  1. Howdy PC friends, I'm pretty new on the forum, but I think starting a journal to sort of keep a record of my spiritual journey might be fun and useful... One thing I've realized recently is that I've never really allowed myself to make my love of God the center of my life... I think that the resistance to really embracing this side of myself came from my childhood, s I grew up in a family of militant atheists, and had a lot of shame about my beliefs and the way i saw the world... but I'm not a child anymore and my truth is my truth... I'm also about to begin an online course on 'The Franciscan Way' with the Center for Action and Contemplation... I'm really looking forward to learning more about St Francis, as I think his simple messages of simplicity and love and really seeking to live Jesus' teachings are, for me, the key to a happy life and to embracing the mystic experience... Anyway, as I get stuck into the course I'll share my thoughts and experiences here... more to come! Hugs, Lucas
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    Progressive Christianity.org Weekly Recap

    Thanks Joseph for keeping the newsletter going here? Do you produce the newsletter as well? Either way, it's very interesting and helpful for someone like myself who is interested in PC but lives quite some distance from any congregation that might be so inclined... keep up the good work - it's much appreciated
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    Welcome to the forum Shellie! Im new here too... And I also concur with your perspective of the bible... I've long been interested in mythology, and to me (speaking in very broad strokes), religions are systems of mythology... their stories are not literally true, but they contain great wisdom and, as such, great truth... to interpret them literally, in my humble opinion, robs them of their real power and value - that is the tragedy of fundamentalism... Joseph Campbell has been a big influence on me, along with John Spong... I look forward to sharing in your journey! All the best, Lucas
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    Hi there folks, Thanks so much for the welcome! I've been looking around the message board a bit and I can see that there are some well-read and insightful folks here so I really look forward to participating. You won't be surprised to hear that I'm one of those folks who sees a 'common core' to the world's major religions, and that is a big part of what attracted me to the opennness and integrity of progressive christianity. Anyway, I'm very glad to meet you all - albeit from afar an in a virtual setting - and I look forward to sharing in your journeys... Hugs, Lucas
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    Hello friends, I'm glad to have found this forum. My name's Lucas and I'm a big admirer of and adherent to (to the best of my ability) to progressive Christian values... I'm currently living in ireland, where there isn't much of a PC presence, so it's great to be able to connect through this online space... I practiced as a zen buddhist for some years and, while I still do zazen regularly, I've come to find great value in devotional practices as well as contemplative prayer... lately I often meditate on Kali, the Hindu goddess of liberation... for me the avatar is really just a focus to facilitate my devotion to union with God, so whatever symbol works is the one I'll use.. Anyhoooo.... I like so much of what I've read on here, and I really value PC's adherence to questioning, embracing mystery and truth... for me, that's what spiritual life and growth is all about... I look forward to sharing with folks on the boards All the best, Lucas