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  1. The value of books is that they convey the experiences of people of faith who are no longer with us. Books often inspire divine revelation, but any personal revelation must be discerned in the light of previous revelations by others.
  2. The high level question is to ask is what was the purpose behind the entire Jesus event/narrative.
  3. After Pentecost. Before then justification was not possible.
  4. Caves to Putin on what? The Obamagate Russia scam? Justice has the evidence. We just need Obama’s treason hearing. Biden proudly admitted on camera to muscling the Ukraine to fire the guy prosecuting his son for corruption. North Korea is doing just fine now that Trump removed his CIA handlers.
  5. Soros funds wars; Trump stops them. Tells you something.
  6. Correct. Before the incarnation event concluded in Jesus’ resurrection, heavenly session as our high priest and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost the students and disciples of Jesus had no way to consciously connect with God directly. They thought they had heard a prophet and miracle worker, but the classic Jewish separation between creator and creation remained.
  7. Because Thormas has no knowledge of what President Trump has accomplished. He is only concerned about his President’s words and appearance as conveyed by partisan media propaganda.
  8. This is caused by unnecessary Covid controls. https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/stunning-photos-desperate-provisions-thousands-cars-line-texas-food-bank?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+(zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero)
  9. I keep track of the stats every day. There are a few outliers, but overall cv kills less than flu or pneumonia and the mean age of deaths here is 80. Now it has almost disappeared. I do read about the lockdowns in Victoria and the camps in New Zealand so ymmv.
  10. Fallacious argument from lack of evidence.
  11. It’s the realization that Christ always points to God like a compass needle always points North. It’s the point where one ‘gets it’.
  12. Absolutely, but what you do not read about is the people who mistook infatuation for faith, or the ones whose were enlightened but backslid into their old selves, or those who simply got it wrong. They did have the Scriptures, and Jesus always taught in accordance with the Scriptures but of course none of these people were justified in Christ.
  13. Conversion of St. Augustine April 24 Augustine's life as a young man was characterized by loose living and a search for answers to life's basic questions. He would follow various philosophers, only to become disillusioned with their teachings. For nine years he was associated with the Manichean sect. But he gradually became aware that Manicheism was unable to provide sastisfactory answers to his probing questions. At this time, Augustine was teaching rhetoric in Milan. He went to hear the preaching of Saint Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan. At first he went only to hear Ambrose's eloquent style of speaking. But the Bishop's preaching led Augustine to a new understanding of the Bible and the Christian Faith. Some time in the year 386, Augustine and his friend Alypius were spending time in Milan. While outdoors, Augustine heard the voice of a child singing a song, the words of which were, "Pick it up and read it. Pick it up and read it." He thought at first that the song was related to some kind of children's game, but could not remember ever having heard such a song before. Then, realizing that this song might be a command from God to open and read the Scriptures, he located a Bible, picked it up, opened it and read the first passage he saw. It was from the Letter of Paul to the Romans. Augustine read: Not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual excess and lust, not in quarreling and jealousy. Rather, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the desires of the flesh. --Romans 13: 13-14 Reading this scripture, Augustine felt as if his heart were flooded with light. He turned totally from his life of sin. He was Baptized by Ambrose during the Easter Vigil April 24, 387. His friend Alypius and his son Adeodatus were Baptized at the same time. Later, reflecting on this experience, Augustine wrote his famous prayer: You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you. He went on to become a powerful influence on the spirituality and theology of the Christian Church. https://www.midwestaugustinians.org/conversion-of-st-augustine
  14. You are dead wrong. Emphasis on DEAD. Trump has been supporting the cure since the beginning and fought by our phony ‘experts, Fauci and Gates, who are heavily invested in Moderna and who managed Obama’s gift to the Wuhan lab that created the virus. Trump has been absolutely on point every single time. It is the China virus and it could have been eliminated by the HCQ protocol used as a preventive.
  15. I can’t but Merton, Augustine, Thomas á Kempis, Rumi, and others have.
  16. All well and good if one considers the full cost/benefit analysis of these social controls. 28 million additional homeless is a big cost for a disease that is less dangerous than the flu and only endangers octogenarians in long term care. This is not AIDS or Ebola. The vast majority of the infected do not even get sick. Nobody likes getting sick, but cv is not worth destroying our society.
  17. Not wrong, but an inaccurate picture. Matthew lays it out best. Jesus performed miracles and taught only in parables so that people would NOT understand. He left them with questions, and taught the meaning of the parables to the apostles privately. The apostles taught the people, and each developed their own 12 disciples (the 70/72). The development of the church was a deliberate strategy used by Jesus. He was not an apocalyptic prophet like JtB.
  18. Conscious experience of God happens. This is the mystery of the cross; the intersection of the horizontal physical and the vertical metaphysical.
  19. Maybe we can compromise and just preach to the Amazon Primes.
  20. Matthew 10:17-20 continues to say the disciples will eventually bear witness to the Romans and the Gentiles. Matthew 10:5-6 indicates the disciples are to go to only the most accepting of Jewish households first in order to avoid being persecuted out of business before accumulating critical mass. These verses would seem to be a matter of ensuring the first seeds of Jesus’ church were planted in fertile ground rather than a restriction of the message.
  21. I’d ask a rabbi. There is plenty of literature but I would not know where to start.
  22. I don’t know enough about them. Just seems like a likely place to look.
  23. So what do the Messianic Jews have to say about Paul?
  24. There were many early forms of Christianity. The Ebionites were probably the most ‘Jewish’. Ehrman is the best introduction to early Christianities imo.
  25. I read your link Pipi and it says the Bible is not to be read as it is written but instead interpreted as metaphor and symbolism. It is also anonymous and provides no rationale for the interpretation. It is sheer guesswork written by someone in hiding. I’m puzzled as to why you posted this link.
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