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  1. The existence of god as a being is implicit in the language. Experience vs. non-experience points to individuality. So do the other terms. PaulS’ pantheism is a variety of theism, as is your panentheism. You guys are playing language games. I can’t get through Steiner. Physical bodies, astral bodies, etheric bodies and whatnot. But it seems related. Maybe not, but it came to mind. Manley P. Hall is in the general domain of this god=man thinking too. Better than Steiner imo and lots of public domain recordings of his lectures on yt and in text. To use the word god at all points to something capable of creating matter. If it cannot create matter god is the wrong concept.
  2. Y’all do realize that with all this talk of god=man, consciousness, experiencing etc. you have come full circle back to theism. The we are god idea is a case of begging the question. It won’t syllogize. Steiner takes that idea as far as I have seen in anthroposophy.
  3. Really good work! I love the onion one.
  4. Essay on the fundamental nature of fundamentalism. The same viewpoint occurs in every sphere. https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/nootherfoundation/you-might-be-a-fundamentalist/
  5. You never know, Grasshopper.
  6. I worked with the homeless for several years and at the Presbyterian street center the bible study classes were standing room only. C21 monks live under bridges and out in God’s wilderness under tarps. Monk’s rooms are called cells, so why not teach the prisoner in the cell to be a monk? It’s not exactly Mt. Athos or JtB, but I see many similarities and potentials.
  7. I like the Benedictines because of, uh, Benedictine! Just a splash and brandy becomes beautiful. Hermetic monks are not bearded old guys who live in caves. Just strong introverts. I bet you can find a few in prisons and in high density urban areas.
  8. I imagine there are self-supporting cenobitic businesses operating sort of like American Shakers. I can also see hermetic individuals. The people interviewed seem headed this way, but Not enough info. I wonder if that writer realizes this would make a good book.
  9. As I read it, this wierd Christianity is essentially pietist. These are non-religious people who have spiritual experiences in religious spaces. I would not be surprised to find a new monasticism has emerged as well.
  10. Thank you, Thormas. Quite a lot was touched on in that brief but broad article. The needs for ritual, beauty, sacred spaces and unity in vibration. There does exist a primordial God that draws people to itself.
  11. Remember, golfers should always wear 2 masks. Just in case they get a hole in one.
  12. The atonement moves through Jesus resurrection, ascension, his session at the right hand of God, Pentecost and the indwelling of Christ in every living person. We are all part of the at-one-ment, Thormas.
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