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  1. All media is propaganda, but no one with knowledge speaks during an active military campaign.
  2. Justification is not a declaration of righteousness. Any declaration is a work of man and not the grace of God. Luther wrote on this as one of his three arguments against the anabaptist heresey.
  3. Start by googling psychology of belief.
  4. I don’t know. Those killed were professional warriors who profited off the deaths of others and accepted the costs so the ‘murder’ charge is hyperbole. The propaganda screech-o-meters are blasting away, so it’s too soon for me to have an opinion.
  5. 🤣 Good one! How are you dealing with the fires.
  6. My experience is “Jews for Jesus” types can be like that, but the Messianic firmly deny the divinity of Jesus and their OT viewpoint is different. But whatever. Just a suggestion.
  7. Why would anyone rely on a theologian regarding sensory psychology? I lectured at Tulane on sensory psychology and I would not rely on myself. The entire field is a tangle of incredibly different, intricate and detailed explorations.
  8. My resolution is to take a once in a lifetime vacation. Considering Cairo, Kyoto, London or Florence
  9. I would not rely too heavily on an adjunct sports psychology instructor.
  10. Theology is good for getting around things that are barriers to faith but you are never going to find a church that is a perfect fit. Look for a good bible study. Messianic jews have some great ones.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! https://www.boredpanda.com/jesus-christ-funny-autocorrect/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
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