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  1. So the purpose of life is remaining in our plane seats without fighting over the shared armrest without a thought as to where we are going or why? Barf bag, please.
  2. It is difficult to see Pentecost as anything less than than the removal of the curse God placed on mankind at Babel. Trying to discern individual souls touched by Christ is overreading. Better to see the universal outpouring of spirit upon all flesh as prophesied by Joel 2:28. Pentecost is the central focus of Christianity. Not the nativity, the passion or the resurrection. Not Jesus' brief spell as a teacher. Pentecost and the willingness of God to dwell within every individual is the overarching story.
  3. The critical event triggered by Jesus' life, death, resurrection and session was Pentecost and the reconciliation of God and mankind. This modern confusion of 'the kingdom of God' with an end times scenario is incorrect.
  4. Good to see you becoming a bible believer, Paul.
  5. Burl

    Favorite fruits and vegetables

    Eat whatever you want. It's pizza night at my house.
  6. Burl

    Favorite fruits and vegetables

    Can you make watermelon wine? I think if something can be made into wine an Aussie has probably done it.
  7. Burl

    Favorite fruits and vegetables

    Some people prefer only eating light. Literally.
  8. Burl

    Christian fiction books

    My favorite Christian fiction is the Harry Potter series. The Christian subtext does not really become clear until the end with Harry's self-sacrifice and resurrection
  9. Burl

    Favorite fruits and vegetables

    I don't think your chart is correct. Where did you find it? The pointed canine teeth are a distinct morphological marker, and there is overwhelming anthropological evidence that Homo Sapiens is naturally an omnivore.