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  1. Burl

    Heathens! 2

    Caption Contest
  2. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    The list on the screen contains many of the important topics not being acted on because politicians and industry are diverting attention to a climate change hoax that excludes the world's worst polluters. Bill Nye the Science guy says climate change is settled science and it should be illegal for scientists to do research which might not confirm that 'fact'. All those Nobel Laureates, astrophysists, geologists, ecologists, paleontologists and historians who disdain climate change are heretics! Just listen to the meterologists because they are always right. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/10/us-attorney-general-we-may-prosecute-climate-change-deniers/
  3. It was just a joke. All is energy; E=MC^2. Math and physics jokes are difficult. The images must be uploaded to an image server, which serves them to the board. If I direct linked they would only be available when my computer was on. There were two companies who provided a free service and both folded. I am looking for a new one. This board has nothing to do with the issue. It is completely external.
  4. Rom is exactly right. Just a pun. I think I am frustrated since the image hosting service I used for "Heathens!" went down without notice, and the images are too big to post as attachments.
  5. E=MC^2. So we are M cuz we are not squares, C? Just too slow.
  6. Even if one accept this idea that everything is illusion, there is no doubt that when two illusions meet reality happens. Nothing illusory about hospitals and body shops. My niece is having her first child Thursday! Not an illusion! “A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” Carl Sandburg
  7. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    Good, accessible lecture on climate change. Note it by a non-US scientist, who is free to speak without censure by grantmakers and gatekeepers.
  8. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    For details, see https://judithcurry.com/2017/09/26/are-climate-models-overstating-warming/
  9. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    Even the old AGW political advocates agree there is no global warming anthropogenic or otherwise. The entire movement capitulated and renamed the issue 'climate change' almost two decades ago when the scare predictions of flooded costal civilizations and polar bears drowning on vanishing ice floes did not materialize and they were exposed as false prophets. The paper I cited showed a massive and obvious improvement in air quality in only a few days when many NE U.S. coal plants were turned off for a few days in 2003. This report hit all major media. I am surprised you missed it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2420783/Worlds-climate-scientists-confess-Global-warming-just-QUARTER-thought--computers-got-effects-greenhouse-gases-wrong.html Recently - around Sept 2017 I think - there was another report which showed basic assumptions were so flawed all results needed to be recomputed. I'll google around for that.
  10. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    My point with that paper was that important air quality issues which are proven to be fixable in under a week have been ignored for a decade and a half in order to push a climate change agenda that cannot possibly produce one iota of change. The politicians are using the climate change agenda to distract people from taking effective action.
  11. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    Astrophysics causes climate change. Not CO2. The sun gets hotter and it gets colder. The earth get closer and more distal. The tilt of the earth heats and cools different latitudes as it changes solar exposure. Once the Sahara desert was a sea and half the earth was covered by ice. Aeons of geological, biological and historical data going back to the ordovichian period. We know there are many well established climate change cycles of varying lengths. CO2 levels at best effect a change of 0.3° but only if the data is first manipulated by theoretical models. Even if true, CO2 is irrelevant. As you say; water vapor is by far the most relevant greenhouse gas unless you are in an actual greenhouse. Greenhouses always have CO2 generators because free CO2 levels are suboptimal. Compare climate change science to the in vivo experiment https://www.atmos.umd.edu/~russ/BlackoutFinal.pdf This is the evil of herding the public into the intellectual penitentiary of climate change. Policy becomes centered around minutiae and taxes instead of easily achieved real improvement. Your post is the first time I have heard acid rain and particulate pollution even mentioned since the high priests of ozone hole>global warming>climate change scientism led the public off-task in search of grant funding.
  12. Burl

    Presidential Poll

    Rom, are you an astrophysically caused climate change denier? Heat of the sun, distance from the sun, tilt of the earth's axis. Those are the causes of climate change.
  13. Burl

    Open Borders?

    Illegal immigrants are exploited as cheap labor for big ag and construction industries who work them into an early grave, and also in human trafficking. Undocumented means they are gray market labor, and that when they go missing nobody knows they were even here. I have/am involved with Associated Catholic Charities and have seen thousands of Haitian, Vietnamese, Hmong and Cuban refugees legally immigrated to the US. Legal immigrants not only avoid the wage slavery (and often literal slavery) of the illegal immigrants, but communites are held together as well. Look behind every 1000 illegal immigrants and you will find a rich white man who profits off their fear and poverty. This is why politicians of all stripes never make any actual impact.