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  1. Hello: I am a Christian 61 years old, brought up in the United Church of Christ and have been a member of Presbyterian churches as well as Methodist churches. As my wife has always attended the Baptist (Southern) Church, I joined our present denomination when we were married 17 years ago. Neither of us believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, we agree Christ was Jewish and it is important to recognize and learn more about Christianity’s Jewish heritage in order to better understand both the old and new testaments. We agree that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are more alike than different; having an educated and trained pastor is necessary in leading a congregation; and there should be separation of the church and state. Immediately upon retiring two and a half years ago, we both became certified teachers of English as a second language and are working with both immigrants and refugees, of which we have over 150 languages spoken in the community. Additionally, we both feel that terrorism and extreme “Islam” is NOT Islamic (our Muslim students agree) and that our country needs to recognize that extreme “Christianity” is NOT Christian. Over the past year, the political climate in our country has become a great concern to both of us. We cannot abide by the current ignorance, intolerance and hate that seems to have become fashionable in certain segments of society. I am truly embarrassed to be associated with an “Evangelical” denomination. Both my wife and I do not believe in direct “proselytization”, but would rather show our beliefs through our behavior toward others. Because of my concern that many “Evangelical” leaders are associating themselves with a “politician” who I believe is not only totalitarian, but exhibits absolutely no Christ-like qualities, I have stopped attending church. My wife understands my concerns and has offered to join and attend a church I would be more comfortable with. I have been thinking about my religious roots and am considering the United Church of Christ. Thank you for reading this far. I felt the background information was necessary to understanding the question I am about to ask. Although my wife and I agree on much in regard to religion, I am more liberal in my thinking compared to her moderate outlook. I have been reading Bishop Spong as well as learning more about Progressive Christianity, both of which make sense to me. However, my wife does not agree on everything Progressive Christianity espouses. I tend to agree that I believe Judaism, Christianity and Islam have worthy values and all three worship the same God. Can anyone explain to me how the belief in several paths to God can reconcile with John 14:6 - "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”? My wife firmly believes this statement. Just as she wants me to worship where I am comfortable, I want her to feel comfortable with where she worships.