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  1. Scott Coons

    Hi, Everyone

    I like your article Soma. Clearly you are an intelligent person and you have thought a lot about the nature of sin. I agree with most of your points and do think that people have falsely connected imperfection to sin in some cases. Sometimes punishment (I believe) is directly connected choices that disobey God. These punishments can actually be a blessing because God wants all of us to eventually join him in heaven.
  2. Scott Coons

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome Maida and what a great introduction.
  3. Scott Coons

    Hi, Everyone

    Thank you for the thoughtful replies, Soma and Joseph M.
  4. Scott Coons

    Hi, Everyone

    My name is Scott and I'm excited to be here. I was born with oculocutaneous albinism (lack of pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes). When I was in elementary school, I felt unequal to my classmates. I couldn’t see very well and I used sunblock often. Baseball, football, and reading standard text sized books was hard for me. My childhood was interesting. I carried extra large books to class and playing baseball was alarming. I never knew when a hardball would hit me. One day I felt particularly frustrated and sad. On the playground, I surrendered myself to God and I prayer for help. I felt a comforting energy in my soul. It seemed like this presence was telling me that life would get better, however, I needed to be patient. From this day on, faith in the Creator and Jesus were my sources of hope. My athletic abilities and eye sight did improve. Today I I am happy and I feel an overall acceptance from my peers. Thank you for reading my post.