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  1. Greetings All I am really keen to read some of the Gospels that are not in the bible but with so many to choose from I thought I would see if anyone had any recommendations they could share with me . I am keen to read the ones mentioned in the title above but if anyone would like to share any other books or must reads I would love to hear about them also. Also what is a great book that's easy to read and helps explain to new seekers the gospel making it easy for them to understand the true meaning of the bible/God/Jesus including the gnostic mysteries revealed to add a deeper spiritual understanding such as in Thomas and Mary etc so that I can get one for my Mum and to anyone who shows interest in learning more but has trouble understanding the Bibles beautiful message so as not to get confused with the false "jealous, envious, God" as I find so many misinterpret some scripture with this and get the wrong view of God and the true message and character of love and guidance. Thanks in advance
  2. Soma- I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I have resonated deeply with every single post of yours I come across so far. Your perception of the teachings seem to match how my heart interprets the world and life. Reading the scriptures just reaffirmed my beliefs and suddenly all those missing pieces I felt was missing that I couldn't explain was clear. Your shared experiences and explanations on why you view things the way you do, fills me with peace knowing you have many years of searching and knowledge on me. I really appreciate your time and input I have explored many realms seeking knowledge to distinguish if my inner "feelings" and never ending mind ponders were shared by others or could be plausible. Searching for something to help explain my views with validity, as to most I sounded a crazy dreamer gone mad when I expressed them. The Internet changed my world and gave me an Avenue I could explore so many of my ponders without judgement, and the further I looked the more I realized so many people "got it" a long long time ago, and in fields who mock it most were the ones who were defending it back then, standing up for the truth, regardless of persecution. Highly regarded Scientists, mathematicians, philosophists, astronomists etc, People I admired with far greater knowledge than I understanding the mechanics of things that I could never even begin to articulate. I didn't even know why it was I felt or thought the way I did, but it became even more evident that something seriously had gone wrong to be so off course. I have never in all my searching turned to the bible. Through observation of religious mentality it never interested me in the slightest, for I listen to my heart, and despise control, oppression and injustices in the world. I've always believed in God in reality. My 'God', was an energy source, and that energy was love at its purest that connects us all. Why on earth would i choose a jealous, envious, self righteous, murdering, sacrificing, shaming, hypocritical God, who sounded more like a narcissistic conman, who never practiced what he preached? I never dismissed Jesus' existence, but regardless of his truth the followers didn't seem 'Godly' at all, which made me angry as it all seemed like a big joke, that ruined a lot of peoples lives. I never expected to find so much truth and wisdom within the bible. How many times throughout the ages we were warned again and again to not be led blindly and foolishly by these so called people of power, within churches and governments. Rise up and stand united in righteousness, for they only gain power if we allow it. The realization, of a growing movement of people awakening to the true message, crying out to all who would listen of the truth with courage, knowing it could be the death of them left me humbled with gratitude and inspired me far greater to become part of the movement, in a profoundly different way than before I certainly never dreamed it would bring me such peace and contentment. I didn't realize that all these seemingly insignificant thoughts, feelings, wonders, and synchronicities some of which I had given not a thought of or even remembered, would flood back like a movie reel to all the times God had guided me, and put out his hand, and even when I refused, kept calling me and whispering 'remember '. I've always had that feeling I am here for a reason, and I'm aware how hard the dark forces tried to instil such worthlessness in me to put out my light. The times I was attacked and the times I was protected. The God vs Satan battle (which I had never read) suddenly resembled so much with everything I believed in dark vs light energy, and what I had observed through my own eyes in the world through my life through corruption, greed, and manipulation of the masses (wolves in sheeps clothing) conditioning us to think, live and react a certain way. In saying that I have also seen massive growth to a new way of thinking. I used to feel like a lone soilder in this world, but now I see an army full of peace and truth seekers actively fighting back with love. This gives me great hope and also understanding into the Bibles teachings.
  3. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

  4. True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.

  5. So true Soma, I love the way you worded that I have always been empathetic and driven mad by the injustices in the world. That constant reflection and putting myself in others shoes opens my awareness to suffering and the realization that could have or has been me, and how a simple act of kindness can reignite hope and gratitude to life. We are all connected after all....it's important for us as a whole to really truly grasp this. Personally for me "spirituality" is just a word to help describe the journey of my evolving consciousness and awareness not only within myself, but with the connection to all things (which even science is proving more and more everyday). Its that conscious decision to grow and expand in the understanding of myself and the world which brings a feeling of joy, awe and contentment. To see the world in all its colors not just black and white. Nikola Tesla even stated “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” For me it brings joy and wonder to the journey allowing me to remain in a more positive state of being through contemplation and the realization of whats really important to me and life. The more I seek, the more I learn, the more I find, the more I evolve. Einstien articulates it beautifully in many quotes on this site, and he was a brilliant man of science. http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/einstein/ I see the similarities of the underlying message throughout all religion and "spirituality". It's almost like the same message has been trying to be kept alive since the beginning of time, to keep that light of hope, love and truth alive of the divine plan and what we could co create by collectively connecting to the universal energy source of love and life, God. Both avenues help teach us about different morals and values to strive for (even for no other reason than to strive to be a decent human being) It also teaches us about the strife that evil doings, greed, judgement and jealousy brings, that always leads to destruction. People compare the similarities of different religions and say they just 'repackage' the same story as a way of gaining more control over people. Whist groups have definitely taken advantage of and infiltrated churches and religion for this reason, what if that is also the reason the same 'repackaged ' message, pattern, clues and signs throughout history keep being repeated? What if it is the same story being taught by several wise spiritual messengers (or one avatar spirit reincarnating throughout different ages ) simpy trying to lead humanity back to God's divine plan of love, peace and unity, knowing that as our consciousness evolves and our understanding and awareness grows we could one day achieve this global dream, of remembering we already are that. There must be power in these words and teachings to persecute messengers of peace and destroy truth and beauty to keep us disconnected and divided. To me its all just a message of love, and you don't need science to prove the power of love, you just have to be open to accepting love in all its glory and the rest will take care of itself. I am new to all the Religion side of things though, and my own awareness is always limited to my current knowledge gained up to this point of my life.
  6. Thanks Soma I appreciate your words. The spirituality of the Bible has been one of my biggest surprises actually , bringing joy and gratitude in a humbling way I never expected. It's like all the knowledge I've accumulated through my life through inquisitive investigation and wonder grows deeper in understanding of the whole with each added piece or layer. The Bible has so much wisdom to teach on not only what to strive for, but what to avoid through the stories of others experiences, regrets and life changing events that awakened them some how. To me it's become more than my own personal spiritual journey, and more community driven. The saying 'Be the change you want to see in the world' sums it up perfectly. If everyone did this, and as the percentage of people doing this increases, the tsunami of love effect could create dramatic change quite quickly when you think about it. Ultimately regardless if we achieve the ultimate goal of global peace, we can achieve personal peace with dedication and reflection. Either way I would rather be part of the change than part of the problem. Love, joy and peace is multiplied when experienced with others and brings a whole new dimension again. If I had one wish it would be that in that instant the Golden Rule was applied by all beings. With that we could change the world in a instant. We are all responsible. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and contributions. You articulate things so beautifully and in a way that really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom
  7. Thanks for the welcome Bill. It's nice to have a place to share common views and thoughts without being thrown in the sin bin for using critical thinking when decerning the truth, which God reminds us to do many times throughout the bible so I can't understand being judged for doing so. I agree with what you've said. Actions always speak louder than words, so walk the walk, so that people are drawn to talk. I've always gone by the golden rule of treat other people the way you want to be treated. This also means honouring ourselves the same way though with self love. It is only when we go within and change internally, can we project that out externally and create change. Look forward to sharing more in the future
  8. I was also wondering this question. I realise this is an old post, so was just wondering if there are any more vegetarians on this forum now? Thanks for sharing Soma. I am vegetatian for similar reasons. I was 8 or 9 when I first attempted it, but I began eating meat again on and off. It's never felt right to me when I ate meat. I don't ever see myself going back now
  9. I really resonated with your explanation and journey of discovery. What you described here is what led me to God ultimately. The more I went in and grew and evolved, flowing with the awareness and guidance of those "intuitive" thoughts and feelings with trust, I realised that was my God spark and connection.
  10. Hi Martin I'm new too look forward to learning and growing together. I am new to religion, yet a series of events has finally allowed me to know Jesus and his teachings it all its true beauty always guiding me in uncanny ways. Recently after a whole weekend away in the country discussing and contemplating on certain biblical topics, ended with a healers market in the town with a whole table filled with books about Jesus and spirituality in a way I had perceived things so far, along with Spongs book, giving more answers, and a knowing I wasn't alone in my views even though it seems like it on the surface which ultimately led me here too. I look forward to learning from those with many years knowledge on me, and still open to hearing new views
  11. Hi everyone I am from Australia and new to all religious teachings. I have always been spiritual, but never raised with any religion. I was against religion from all what I did know about it, due to so many hypocrites amongst it and bad things done within the churches. My opinions were mainly based on other people's opinions and experiences drip fed to me through my life also. My biggest memory from childhood was when I was about 7 home sick from school and someone came to the door selling bibles. My mum bought me a children's version. It felt so special straight away. I remember the first pages talking about how loving God was, and the description and pictures of what heaven was like which made me so happy and excited. Flick a few pages and things got ugly fast. God was saying and doing things that didn't make sense to me. Requiring sacrifice and declaring to be a jealous and envious God etc Total opposite to what I had felt in my heart which confused and angered me and I burst in to tears. Being spiritual I have always had that connection but in a different way. When I finally starting reading the bible this year after getting visions of Jesus flash in my mind when I realised everything they try to make bad is good and vice versa in this world always steering us off the truth, I was left with the question "what did Jesus say". I started reading about Jesus and realised I resonated so much with him and his teachings which had always matched a lot of my beliefs. Thus made me keep reading, digging and seeking for answers, which has led me here in a whirlwind of change mixed with a billion questions and avenues to explore the last 9 months. I realised so many of the problems I had with "Christianity" so did Jesus and God. I was blown away with what I read and how out of context people pinned their beliefs on from certain scripture. Either I am completely perceiving the message wrong, or many others are from being raised and indoctrinated in different times. Longing to find other open minded people to discuss these findings with is hard. I am just trying to connect with like minded people to see if others have received the same message and awareness from scripture and hear others theories also to grow and learn together whilst seeking truth as a collective. How do you explain what God and the bible mean to you? How do you spread the message when your view is different on certain things, and the Christs name has been tarnished by the wolves in sheeps clothing? Any help, or point in the right direction is welcomed. I have so many questions and theories to bounce around with anyone who is interested. Looking forward to checking out the forum and getting to learn and grow with you all
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