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  1. Thank you for your warm and receptive welcome! First guy: Thank you for appreciating both "Freedom of Religion" and "Freedom from Religion". Most of all, thank you for appreciating my energy! Paul: I am glad you are enjoying my participation. I was not sure how you guys were going to respond to my honesty. I am glad its positive! Joseph: I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I am glad you appreciate balance. I hope you guys will help me to maintain balance by sharing your views. Jesus was the living role model beyond just his words. I would love to share more of my thoughts and my journey. Enjoy Life, KJ Always
  2. Wow! What a very fascinating combination of topics that interests me: Bishop John Shelby Spong and Death, Dying and Hospice!!! You don't have to tell me twice to check out that website! I hope I could see the conference while I am there! I think I love this website too, because I get to meet fascinating Christians, like you guys! Wow! Okay, I got a little excited!
  3. Do I find these essays on his website? I have not done much exploring of his website, but I have watched videos of him. He is a fascinating person. I like how he refer to Evagelicals/ Fundamentalists as "Biblical Literalists". He does make me laugh.
  4. Hello. I am KJ Always. I am presently attending the United Church of Christ. I am uncertain am I really a Christian beyond my appreciation of the teachings of Jesus from the Torah and the example he lived by example through his words and actions. I also appreciate the teachings of Buddha too. I grew up Evangelical Christian in a home where they don't care for church stuff. I am not accustom to the Mainline Traditional churches, so I am not into their customs beyond attending church services and Sunday School or any of their lively discussions. I am not sure what Advent is and not sure if I really care. I find myself being influenced by other religions and spiritual paths as well, though Christianity feels more like my foundational religion since I grew up in it. I am more of a wisdom seeker than I am into religiosity. Religion is a fun subject to learn and explore to reach a better understanding and learn their wisdom too. My History My Childhood: My family was Baptist, my neighbor was Pentecostal and my brother's god-mother was Methodist. I was probably a mixture of them all since I went to all three types of churches. Seventeen to about 34: Seventh-day Adventist After 34: New Thought (Unity and Center for Spiritual Living) and Mainline Liberals, Buddhism, Stayed home, etc... Spiritual not religious type of lifestyle, I guess. I also learned from the Four Agreements and Wayne Dyer's movie: The Shift. I also find Taoism interesting to learn as well. I also value pragmatism of WJ...still learning it. I do believe Jesus show us the way from his teachings of Torah that is not limited to Christians to learn from! He is a role model that everybody can learn from if they are willing or interested. If not, that's fine too. I am thankful for "Freedom of Religion" and "Freedom from Religion" are rights we can enjoy in the US...I just wish people would make more of an effort and learn how to combined these two into a win-win situation for everybody's happiness. I believe in everybody's rights as long as they don't violate others' rights to do the same. By the way, I am quirky and have a silly nature, though I do like to think about things with more depth than the average person. I tend to view things with more of a balanced view (most of the time)....like the Yin Yang, I guess. I am still growing and still learning. When I stop growing and learning, its time to go meet with God, face to face. :-P
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