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  1. I read Bishop Spring's letter regarding reincarnation with great interest. Unfortunately, I don't think he covered the subject with the depth and insight of his biblical teachings. I think the views of reincarnation in current religions should be viewed the same way Bishop Sprong views the current Christian teachings.While the original teaching may have been anecdotal, or intended to protect the common person, they have been taken literally. The Jews used religion to keep their people from eating unsafe meat (pork possibly tainted with trichinosis) because they did not understand pathogens. To eat such meat without care could cause great sickness. The Hindus used religion to keep their people from eating beef, because cows were their best of burden. If they ate the cows, it would have reduced their ability to produce other food. The idea that you would come back as a cow or a dog, was meant to keep people from focusing on earthly pleasures. I don't think examining these current views is a good tactic for determining whether or not reincarnation exists. A discuss of the possibility of reincarnation really goes deep into our views on what we are as human beings.
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