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  1. Yes I have been a RC for close to 60 years, I no longer go to Mass, as I can't receive communion anymore as I do not believe it is truly the body and blood of Christ. Transubstantiation is not true, and I also now find it repulsive when I think for years l let the Priest place it on my tongue. The virgin Mary is not true so can't say the rosary anymore either.
  2. Well very interesting, I will have to reread the blog and responses, but I can surely see where, environment and how we were raised greatly influences us throughout life. My RC's beliefs were ingrained from a early time and I never questioned till my 50's, so I pretty much just believed and my actions in life were based on my family and religious upbringing. Since I have got to this point now, I am more clear, or how should I say more aware of my reaction to things, and how I would normally react, say feel hurt, now I can look at the person who perhaps said a hurtful thing and choose not to react to it as I understand more why the person may of said it. I read something that by the time were about 7-10, what ever has been put in our sub conscious mind will become automatic behaviors that we keep repeating and repeating until we become aware, and then we can change our reaction. So say if my husband comes home moody , its not me, its because he had a bad day, or when the check out person is short and rude, I chock it up to her having a bad day, we just don't know. The choices we made or make in life are greatly influenced by events prior and , so in a way I think the more older and wiser we become , they call it street smarts or life experiences I guess, yes I think the more free will we might have or the illusion of having more free will. Goodness who really knows anymore.
  3. Those Greek philosophers were very intelligent, was just reading about Democritus from around 500 BC and his thoughts on humanity and he didn't believe in God, I guess Plato wanted all his stuff burned but never made it. Also what about Plutarch, and Philo, all very inspired men.
  4. I so agree. I have had Christians quote half a verse from one gospel and add it to something Paul said, and its like they are rewriting it themselves. Many think it just fell from the sky as one book and that God himself wrote it.
  5. Oh I like that, thank you.
  6. I like what you said. I think we are to be like Jesus, all part of God, we are all his sons and daughters. We are like extensions of God.
  7. Just because I no longer believed all the RCC teaching (one for over 55 years) anymore and I could not believe how fundamentalist are so cut and dry , and just tired of them telling me I never was a Christian and I'm going to hell, yes they tell me that, and my RC family doesn't question anything or read the Bible ( like I use to be as well ) , and I love talking and discussing God and the Bible with open minded people. I'm glad I found this forum and Bishop Spong and others of like mind as I felt for a few years here something was wrong with me and I was going to burn eternally in hell along with my husband.
  8. I never thought of Paul as gay, but what are your opinions of Jonathan and King David? This was brought up on another forum I'm on, and I do kinda think their relationship was a bit more than brotherly love, or it may of been I don't know. King David says his love for Jonathan surpasses that of any woman, I never dwelled into this before but now rereading all the verses it just really sounds like it may of been.
  9. HI FR Erick, Enjoyed your post and your link to Prof. Ron Miller., I listened to a few of his talks today and what an enlightened man he was. I found his teaching very genuine and , just really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Anneln, I understand how you feel, I went through many changes in my beliefs when I had time to research history, the Bible and what I discovered being on message boards the last few years. I was raised and a RC for over 50 years, and still am. I haven't been to a confessional for a few years now, and won't ever again. I see it now as a way to get some spiritual advice, but when I went last time, he was in such a hurry and there was only one other person there. I said never again. Maybe he had a bad busy day or was new I don't know. I think we can just feel sorry about the mistakes (not sins) we've made in life, God knows how we feel. The one thing the Priest did say is don't confess anything you might of already , and that is it , we need to let it go, and learn to forgive ourselves, so in a way he was wise when he shooed me away, and my scrupulous ways. We have already been forgiven of anything we have apologized for or felt bad about. Being a RC were not fundies, but I've seen and conversed with many over the net, and some here might be able to help you with that. I believe Jesus is a human being , very inspired man of God of gave his life to teach us his ways. So I follow Jesus and his teachings, love God and your neighbor, and I worship the same God he did and does. His Father and our Father. I also feel the Bible is wrote by men from different eras and cultures, and with different agendas in mind, some political, and some for control, but there is also much inspirational in it, the lessons of Jesus, parables, and the Psalms, I see the virgin birth as the birth of a new religion created by Paul (Rome) as well , but Jesus did bring us a new way of looking at God , as peace, not fighting. I do believe there was a historical Jesus who had a following large enough to upset the Romans to get hung on a tree, and his message of peace is not the type of Messiah most Jews were looking for. I know at this stage in our lifes its hard to come to the realization of some things, I've lost many a nights sleep over this, but I'm so glad I heard Bishop Spong and a few others that It has made a huge difference , for the better , in my spiritual walk. I hope you can find peace too.
  11. Hers a little inspiration, I found while channel checking, I never even knew who Mr Swaggart was before. Anyway here is Bob Henderson on the Sax, For the love of Jesus. Must turn up speakers.
  12. John , Jesus said to love God and one another, that is what I go by. I never like had a aha moment or got slayed by the spirit, even when confirmed, as RC we get confirmed and that is when we are to receive the HS or agree to, can't remember, and we pick out a Saints name. I have seen some shows on TV of people going up to the altar and receiving the HS and crying an that. I thought wow did I miss something here being a RC. I have never spoke in tongues or nothing. As RC we are taught about the darkness of the soul , like some of the Saints have had, Mother Teresa, had darkness the last part of her life. We just carry on an live by the teachings of Jesus. I just know God is always with me, to be honest, I believe Jesus was a human being like us, so I worship the God he worshipped, and Jesus is my way to the God of life, his Father and our Father. Remember how Jesus said he and the Father are one, we are all part of God, an extension of God, but not God, but this is just my opinion and how I feel about God and Jesus.
  13. Dave I like your avatar too, and I so agree with your post. I reread it, and its very deep, I like ". I am a Friend of Jesus. "I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father" (John 15:14).
  14. Steve, Interesting about the Rc education, yes I was scrupulous as they call it. Really up till my early 50's I never questioned anything, I just rather thought all Christians were the same, and were mainly RC. Having spare time and the internet changed that !! Life has a way of making us grow and that is why its hard to judge anyone , as we have never walked in their shoes. Many of the Catholic Saints were mystics, and I just read where RC and Buddha monks got together for meditation and prayer meeting. RC is much more mystic that I think non RC are. Non RC are by the book, Bible only. Yes I do like the RC Mass in that we say prayers together and have our quiet time, its peaceful. I can't imagine listening to a 60 min sermon every Sunday, that would be so strange. Yes Jesus said don't worry about tomorrow, and when you put the plow to the field don't look back , something like that, to me it means living in the present. It is all we have is the now, and we should live in peace and kindness, whether we pass on to another life or not, but I think we do.
  15. Steve, I agree, although I believe the host is symbolic of the body of Jesus the Christ , its done in remembrance of his life and death. Holy Communion is central to the RC Mass, I was surprised to learn it was not part of every Protestant Sunday worship service. I believe the Church is clear on one believing it is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus, otherwise one is not allowed to partake, although its not enforced. I also think Holy Communion is a ritual that is important for church members to engage in, breaking of bread and wine.(crackers or juice). But I am not allowed to, as I do not believe in transubstantiation, so I wont. If others choose to engage that is their right. I agree with you, they should of never tried to describe it by using an Aristotle term and telling people they have to believe it. People have lost their life protecting the bread wafer, and also people have been killed for refusing to eat it (if one can believe the writings). It is used as a dogbone and has been for many years , and that makes it very bad. If one doesn't receive the Eucharist people think they are living or committed a moral sin, but its a mortal sin to receive the Eucharist if in a state of mortal sin, but everyone in church goes up save a few who are not too embarrassed to stay seated. This is just such a huge deal for me, we were not taught well in the 50's , as everyone I know including my altar boy nephews believed it was spiritual. The last several years I learned what is meant by transubstantiation its a big deal for me I guess.
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