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  1. I was wondering what are some other things that others have thought were strange about the Christmas story? Take the star that the wise men followed. The smallest known star in our universe is OGLE-TR-122b (what a name for a star). Anyway, it is 20% larger than Jupiter. First off, it would not be possible for a star to get close enough to earth to lead anyone anywhere. It would be daylight around the clock, the earth would be deep fried, and it would be driven into the star due to gravity. Another observation, if King Herod was concerned about the newborn king. Why didn't he just have his men tail the wise men or the obvious, follow the star. You would think that others would be curious about a star hovering very low in the sky. So I guess we are all left to assume the star was addition by a writer who did not understand astronomy or it was "swamp gas."
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