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  1. Was Paul gay?

    Can someone else please help?
  2. Was Paul gay?

    Thormas What I am trying to replicate is "error correction" in communication. This is where the receiver repeats what it thinks it has heard and if incorrect the transmitter retransmits. "Swing and a miss" and "Done and already done" are far from helpful. Just because positions are clear to the transmitter does not mean all positions are clear in of themselves. An open dialogue would be appreciated.
  3. Was Paul gay?

    But you still could have a go at answering my question. Thanks
  4. Was Paul gay?

    Sorry Thormas ... I am completely missing your point. You claim the subject of whether Paul was gay is intriguing. I am asking why do we care?
  5. Was Paul gay?

    Thank you Paul ... you understood my point and addressed it. Thormas apparently has an academic interest in the interpretations of texts of the sexuality of some guy 2000 years ago. You do recognize it has some relevance to today. Now I understand this is a Progressive Christian forum and there is a tendency to look at life today through ancient texts; I get it. But then there are more modern texts and what the hell we can write our own texts on our own authority. Might result in some more original debate.
  6. Was Paul gay?

    OK fair enough ... you have a particular interest whether Paul was a repressed homosexual ... what about any of the other characters of the time? And does it matter whether Paul had these sexual appetites?
  7. Was Paul gay?

    Well I get it if it just an interest like crossword puzzles ... by all means hone one's skills for other debates. But if we think it has some bearing on any of today's issues? In fact I would argue it would have little bearing for any thinking person of yesteryear, at least one who could think past the infection of any deleterious memes we may have contracted.
  8. Was Paul gay?

    You missed my point Thormas
  9. Was Paul gay?

    Just following this thread ... I can't help thinking you guys need to get some more up to date books, and if you can't find any that meet the requirements, then work from first principles based on how we understand today how the universe ticks and apply that to gay rights (and pretty much everything else). I understand this might not answer the frightfully important conundrum of whether Paul way back then was gay or not, which in turn might inform our responses today to our modern biases.
  10. Gay Marriage - Australia says YES

    This was a non binding referendum ... if I am correct? Still a couple of hurdles to then.
  11. I must admit I have a bias for Stephen Batchelor ... here's one of the reasons why. The Agnostic Buddhist Thoughts?.
  12. Consciousness in insects

    Are there really heightened periods of consciousness? I can remember certain stuff ... some of my very clear memories may be even somewhat accurate ... no matter how heightened my consciousness was. There is evidence every time we take out a memory, play with it and put it back that it alters.
  13. Consciousness in insects

    Notice five minutes after you thought you were conscious that period of supposed consciousness has melded with what passes for memory? I think her point is that this period of supposed heightened consciousness is no different to the rest of the time we are on autopilot. What was the closing section of Blackmore's essay? Tariki should be familiar with her ... she's based in Devon and is a Zen meditation practitioner.
  14. Consciousness in insects

    I must admit you guys are missing the point a little ... in my opinion anyway. If we look closely (use our awareness?) our consciousness is not what it is cracked up to be.
  15. Consciousness in insects

    I am sure I have linked to this before ... an interesting [meditative] take on personal consciousness. I must admit there are elements in the excerpt that I can relate to; the book I thought was worth reading. As to spiders having consciousness? Consciousness could well be an illusion.
  16. Evolution and God

    It is Joseph Campbell of course: People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive Here is a nice selection of quotes. If you had not read Power of Myth I strongly recommend it. If you do get the Coffee Table version. You can get it on DVD but I preferred the book. Religion turns poetry into prose.
  17. Evolution and God

    Now from my favourite comparative mythologist: “Eternity isn't some later time. Eternity isn't even a long time. Eternity has nothing to do with time. Eternity is that dimension of here and now that all thinking in temporal terms cuts off.... the experience of eternity right here and now, in all things, whether thought of as good or as evil, is the function of life.”
  18. Evolution and God

    Can you give the gist of the video please ... as I really do not want to open a facebook account.
  19. Evolution and God

    Yes I must admit tying God to Love is a strange concept to me. Why just love and not hate or indifference as they are of the same substrate. OK that love thing might make us feel happier, but then ...
  20. But people and some religions do. I am not going to argue with you about this, but there are verses in the Bible that seem to contradict you here. https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/God~s-Word-Is-True
  21. Here is a quote from Billy Graham in his book Angels first published in 1975 Apparently Graham has more faith than some. Here is my take on Graham's book. But yes, wow indeed.
  22. Christianity is not a religion.

    I can't help thinking religion as it practiced by traditional congregations (not just Christian ones) and the Oxford Dictionary etymology of the word (religion) to reconnect are very difficult to reconcile. Reconnect to what God? Community? The environment? Each other? The universe? Again my camp video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk
  23. Thanks for the reminder ... I have been going through a series of Peterson university lectures ... started at about number 18 got to the end and started back at 1 and am at #4. This is a timely reminder to get back on the treadmill. Not a fan of Jung. Really like Campbell though not that I agree with him that much. This is one of my favourite Campbell quotes ... I'll post it again:
  24. Decline of Christianity in the West

    Oh perhaps it was just faith?
  25. Decline of Christianity in the West

    Of course it may not be the fault of Jesus that he did not return within a generation. In that he may well have never made that prophecy. It could be that later scribes made that prediction on his behalf. If so what was the motivation of these later scribes? Or was it simply "Chinese" whispers in action? And yet today we try and paint a metaphorical reality on to approved translations of texts or at least some of them from two millennia ago.