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  1. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Circularity abounds again. If one wants to care for them, love them. Exactly how does one turn on this love? I find I either love someone or I don't. My child. It was love at first sight. Some person I don't know very well … I find I might like them I might not. I have been playing this game with you as long as you have been espousing Love is God. You steadfastly have not explained how to turn on this Love/love. So in places you seem to suggest that people do not become Truly Human and yet this person Jesus who is as human as the rest of us became Truly Human? Regarding the myth of Jesus. I would agree the myth is likely based on a person (or persons) at least one of whom was likely called Jesus. I think this was the gist of Ehrman's book, if I recall correctly. Its a while since I read it. I think we can agree, an angel did not fore tell of an immaculate conception. The three kings story is likely false? All the miracles are mythological fancy. Jesus did not rise from the dead. Not every word ascribed to Jesus was actually spoken by Jesus, in that there is much added (made up) later. Not every action ascribed to Jesus was done by Jesus. We are left trying determine what was said by Jesus and how it might be interpreted in the context of the times. From all this you deduce that he was Truly Human©?
  2. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    I don't think I have the biochemical activity to be able to love and care for the whole world. Also there are individuals in this world, while not hating them, I do have severe dislikes for. Now this mythical Jesus that thormas has put on a pedestal might be worthy of emulation, ignoring the bits that thormas is parable-izing. But thormas refuses to tell us the mechanism by which we can love all or become all caring. It seems to be all arm waving to me. Here is the point thormas thinks people should be at, but he does not how to get there.
  3. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    OK how did this mythical Jesus become Truly Human©?
  4. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Perhaps we should be taking the Gospels as a parable rather than cherry picking. Plainly the miracles are likely parables too. Perhaps the bits where Jesus is nice to people in a very ordinary way are parables as well. Perhaps Jesus being truly human is a parable … that would make far more sense. Weird is right thormas.
  5. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    OK here we go again. In your mind is there a difference between to care for and being caring (for)? If so what is that difference? I might care for someone ie look after their needs. And I might feel caring and yet actually do nothing (for a variety of reasons). There is a school of thought that if you are unhappy, put a smile on your face. The act adopting the behaviour of smiling is postulated that it changes your feelings. I suspect adopting the behaviour of care (the mechanics), might actually change your feeling of care. But how do you, yourself, become more caring?
  6. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    As usual you don't actually answer the question thormas. Its like me asking how do I become more caring of others? You seem to say well just become more caring of others. I suggest adopt behaviours that resemble caring for others and you say oh no not that.
  7. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    OK; how does one move from one's current state to being as God is?
  8. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    I am failing to see the distinction here. How does one move from being fallen to being as god is?
  9. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Okay, I am glad you are not expecting or hoping that mankind will adopt loving tendencies that you have ascribed to your God.
  10. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    This perspective is a reflection of your immediate environment, regardless how old the viewpoints you are reflecting. The fact that others have and some still do perpetuate ascribing human certain traits to their God, and then expecting mankind to adopt those traits does nothing to unravel the circularity of your argument.
  11. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Again ... a tree is more like a verb than a noun. Just because we treat it as noun does not negate that the tree is the universe in action. And for the benefit of thormas … The universe in Action.
  12. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Speaking personally … my stance, whether objective or subjective, is a confabulation as a result of my genetics and my societal influences. Both, genetics and societal influences, effectively are my environment. Both temporally displaced in time, societal influences over generations, genetics over billions of years. Interestingly, if mankind is made in God's image, then God should wear some responsibility, warts n' all. You continually ascribe to God, as what you see subjectively, as positives in humans. Then you say we should be more like your ascribed God to be Truly Human©. Not a coherent argument.
  13. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    The fact that think there is an issue and that it is obvious, undermines your argument. Interestingly LBGT rights as a whole are less of an issue for those without religion than those with, at least in the Western world.
  14. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    We disagree and it was not coherent. The LBGT issue is not obvious. Is the illegal immigrant issue also obvious?
  15. romansh

    Some thoughts on Pluralism

    Frankly I am not surprised. Your interlocutors here are not advancing a coherent argument. What they don't realize is this some better person will be worse from another point of view. Say you advocate for LBGT rights. Some might think you are better others will think you a promoting sin. Some might help an illegal immigrant others might look at it as sponsoring crime and terrorism.