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  1. romansh

    Free Will

    Just to be clear Joseph I did not describe anyone as ignorant nor did I say anyone's belief was ignorant.
  2. romansh

    Free Will

    I don't think so. I have no evidence of inspiration that is somehow not a product of my brain which chemistry and physics. Please feel free to share your evidence.
  3. romansh

    Shades of Grey

    Here's my take Paul. There is only one reality "out" there. It's like the metaphor of blindfolded monks feeling an elephant. But it is even more complex than that. The blindfolded monks and elephant are one. So it is a little bit like a mathematical set that contains itself. Could be problematic. It's not so much that reality has shades of grey, it is more that any model (religion, dogma, law whatever) we use to describe that reality does not quite fit; so we can end up taking a nuanced approach to the model we are imposing on the universe or we can say are model is carved in stone and take a black and white stance. And even this model I am proposing might have holes in it. Hence the debate and dialogue forum ... we can test our ideas models from different viewpoints etc.
  4. romansh

    Heathens! 2

    Three days and I'll be back.
  5. romansh

    Free Will

    Well it might be humour thormas, but it is humorously avoiding the point Been snowing here.
  6. romansh

    Free Will

    I went back through all your posts in this thread to before Christmas Burl. You did not pose a single question; based the use of a question mark.
  7. romansh

    Free Will

    No not at all. What is evident from your reply (and that of others) is that those of us who believe in free will are totally oblivious of all the subliminal outside of us ... eg pheromones. We are also seem to be denying eons of evolutionary development. eg when we start courting do we respond to the widened pupils of our potential loved ones. I know when I first started courting my wife, my hormonal system was on a different regulatory pathway compared to when I was not courting. well my apologies it should have read: God like - We can make choices - independent of our biases, education, experiences, evolution, environment and the universe in general?
  8. romansh

    Free Will

    Please provide a link - because I missed where your provided the evidence? Unless you mean this? With exception supposed revelation, are all the attributes listed not based in chemistry and physics?
  9. romansh

    Free Will

    Show your working Burl. What is your evidence that it is not chemistry and physics?
  10. romansh

    Free Will

    So what ... no one is denying there are a lot of causes and we can't really identify the proximate causes. And ... Not knowing how to test a hypothesis does mean the hypothesis is not valid. Think Avogadro when he hypothesized. Also science does not prove stuff. I wonder why we keep getting this wrong. Perhaps - but just claiming that we can make choices of independent of cause without evidence is what exactly? I asked you this question: Would you care to have a go at it - thanks
  11. romansh

    Free Will

    You well may like the idea thormas. God like - We can make choices - independent of our biases, education, experiences, environment, evolution and the universe in general.
  12. romansh

    Free Will

    Joseph ... I do understand the power of words. I also realize we are all ignorant in some respect. In a free will sense, I am totally ignorant (or perhaps unaware) of the chemistry that is me on a moment basis. While I have been made aware that it [chemistry] is there and it is what underpins the lively discussions that go in what passes as my mind. I don't get a sense that anyone is uneducated here. So they are not ignorant in that sense. I think most are quite thoughtful in the academic sense, so they are not ignorant in that sense. Do we know all? Definitely not, So we are ignorant in that sense. Ignorance is not a sin,
  13. romansh

    Free Will

    Asserting it as un-nuanced does not make it so Burl. You claim mankind is not completely dependent chemistry and physics of making decisions. Fine, Can you give example of how a decision might be made independent of physics and chemistry? I am awaiting you nuanced and non procrustean thinking Burl.
  14. romansh

    Free Will

    We are mini first cause generators (in a God like fashion) if we have free will. As to the big bang etc. Irrelevant to the whether I have free will as I type up this reply. The causal mesh just has to extend to before my conception for us to worry about not having free will.
  15. romansh

    Free Will

    Read what I wrote thormas. Your opinion is not a considered ignorance. But the way we come to the opinion that our choices are free. Free from genetics, prior experience, the food we eat, the chemistry of our decision making. How deliberately are you avoiding this part of the topic? I was going to say we reify our consciousness and ignore the strings that form our choices opinions whatever. But reify is not strong enough. We deify our experience. We literally become Gods ... little first cause generators. This is a position I find difficult to believe.