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  1. I see it as a very difficult science to apply rigorously in that all the variables are difficult to identify nevermind to control. Err no … science is a process. It will autocorrect over time for dependent observers. Science in fact teaches us there is no such thing as an independent observer. While truths might not be pleasant to overly dependent observers. If the axioms can be considered as true for the "evidenced by rationality" then I would like to see an example where appropriate axioms processed rationality are not to be considered true.
  2. romansh

    Presidential Poll

    It's not a question of debating, more concern for a friend injuring themselves.
  3. I would have to read and understand in far greater depth the stats. Immediate question I have is this study replicable? Another, the people that succumb to meditation and yoga may have a certain personality type that leads to this type of thing. I am reminded of Campbell's question … who exactly is trying to quiet the ego? And I am sure I have read/heard somewhere on good theological authority that prayer and meditation are the same thing. Nothing wrong with egos; we all have them, I would not be me without mine: it's the universe's fault … 😉 But I have some ammunition to tease my wife who does both, yoga and meditation.
  4. romansh

    Presidential Poll

    With the latest Trump policy, that passes as debacle in most of the Western world, do we in our communities support the policy, criticize the policy or do we stand by silently? Perhaps we wonder at Trump's wonderful negotiating skills. And how do we reconcile this with the views we hold important?
  5. romansh

    I versus i

    I don't have a clue … that's why I am asking.
  6. romansh

    I versus i

    Nice assertions by Hart … thanks. Do things like Being, Love, One require "more" or are they the "more". Enjoy your vacation.
  7. romansh

    I versus i

    Just a thought … what form is that data in, from a brain's perspective? It is in the form of electrochemical pulses … from all our senses. From those pulses the brain constructs what we call consciousness. Some of us reify, if not deify that consciousness. It gives us a an illusory sense of free will, and whole host of other emotions that are considered positive and/or negative. It gives us an "i" or ego, it give some of us an everlasting existence that will outlast a deep sleep. This might be true from a First Law of Thermodynamics point of view, but from the Second, I am far from sure. Do you think the universe winds down as it unfolds? SLoT would seem to indicate that it does. When we examine systems in a beaker it certainly does. My physical body (which for me is "I") includes things like our supposed consciousness is a product of the universe unfolding. We certainly are not aware of the details and components and that is fine or OK. We have a sufficient education to see that. If in actual fact there is a "more", then that too is part of the universe assuming this "more" has an effect. Just some thoughts on a couple of bits and pieces.
  8. romansh


    OK So Being is more than existence. Again what is this more? What influences this more? What does this mean?
  9. romansh


    So Being is more than its substrate. Again what is this more? Do influence this more?
  10. romansh

    How We Form Beliefs

    Humouring me is always good 😉 If I may prevail … could you provide a 3 or 4 line summary please thanks
  11. romansh

    How We Form Beliefs

    My point Possibility … my belief (or more accurately my world view in this case) was at least in part formed by my environment. If there was a sense of belonging it was not conscious. Not being true to yourself comes after the fact of realizing one no longer believes in something or another. There is a 'conflict' between your family/church/community when it comes to belief. How each of us deal with it is a different matter.
  12. romansh

    I versus i

    Yep it is an assumption of the analogy that there is an elephant. But in our case blind men are feeling the universe and some are claiming they are feeling things that might not be there. In my case, I don't feel these things and I think I can understand how one might be tricked into these imaginations … so to speak. I am quite happy to accept that pantheism as potentially true, or at least some versions of pantheism.
  13. romansh

    I versus i

    Thank Possibility … that is very kind of you. The blind men/elephant analogy gets a bit interesting though when one blind man says, "I think it feels like an elephant", and the others disagree. 😉
  14. romansh

    Presidential Poll

    Here is a foreigner and how he sees one aspect of the current administration. Of course this particular foreigner does have a dog in the fight. Having said that he does not get all his news from the CNN and MSNBC And Trump's response
  15. romansh

    I versus i

    I was describing how I use the word I … My physical body is doing the proximate typing. Phenomenon seems to have two meanings … in juxtaposition to noumenon and the more scientific observation. Not mutually exclusive … but? This reminds of the three weeks I spent in Mexico in February. For those weeks I was blissfully unaware of Trump's actions, but I was not outside (independent) of his shenanigans during this time. Being deeply asleep is not being outside of time and space. I am not independent. It is simply not being aware.