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  1. This reminds me of a joke Thormas: Did you know most Satanists don't believe in a literal Satan? Burl: So who does believe in a literal Satan? Thormas: A lot of Christians. Isaiah has an identical post on another forum?
  2. Isaiah … for me you will have show that sin actually exists in some form beyond our personal and textual perceptions.
  3. So here we go again. My comments and thoughts are as real as yours thormas. So how are we going to measure the reliability of the New Testament? Line up the number of Biblical scholars whose opinions line up with yours or Paul's for that matter? Time to move on thormas nothing to see here.
  4. My conclusion based on your discussion would be I'd move onto a different text that can be shown to be reasonably reliable. Or better yet go back to the drawing board. That way you can show your workings as your position develops and we all can have fun assessing it. Pointing to some 2000 year old text that we can't be sure Jesus even said gets a bit repetitive after a while.
  5. romansh


    To be fair it was early winter … June The wineries seem to be taking some time off. But it was horror ...
  6. romansh


    I went there on a day trip from Perth … certainly pretty. We were looking for a place to have lunch … we ended up at a brewery. My friends were philistines.
  7. romansh


    I went through an Australian shiraz phase. If I visit Australia I will add the Barossa Valley to the itinerary. Currently in a Malbec phase … though it is 8 in the morning here so it is time for a cup of tea.
  8. Judgement has two broad uses (at least I suppose) Classifying things into good and bad (perhaps evil) Simply an evaluation In the second case forgiveness is not needed and the first is predicated on people having free will. For the evaluation sense … I have a desire … and will someone's actions help achieve that desire. Now some might object to said desire, but then they can't help themselves.
  9. romansh


    Paul … I think what we are doing at the moment is not working. Doing more of the same is not going to help. Recently, I have read Pollan (and a year or so ago Harris) on the subject. We might try something different (legalizing?) and monitor the effects closely. And funnily enough I touched on the subject here. Some of the drugs are starting to be called entheogens - in God. To be honest, I am in ethanol at the moment … not finding god … but feeling oneness. Until the liver gives up the ghost that is.
  10. For a while I have been pondering nationality and the ilk. A brief summary here. Another question that comes to mind here is if there are too many people for the planet to support what would our resident Progressive Christians do? Closing the borders would not be an option. And finally it is not what Trump wants that is not Progressive Christian … it is the way that he goes about it.
  11. The article seemed like a half hearted attempt at apologetics to me. Ultimately the answers that are not in the Bible come from the complexity of our nature and the society(ies) that has shaped us. We could equally argue there are no answers in the Books of Harry Potter; rather these books "hold up a mirror", "they ask questions of ourselves". "They transform us". "They bring change". "They are a story of redemption". The books are more of a journey than a destination". Not a great article, I thought..
  12. Fundamentally … How does being born somewhere (or ones forbearers being somewhere) give a 'right' to that plot of land. My forbearers came from the plane Earth. I claim my right to live on Earth.
  13. OK what is the 'good" that he has done? But it has been going backwards under his administration. And is projected to get worse? I am reminded of I'm alright, Jack. There are at lot of antipodeans who have settled in my bit of Canada When I cross into the States at the local border crossing … I am reminded of going into a prison.
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