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  1. I have read the 7 articles on the ProgressiveChristianity.org web site by Ed Taylor (or is it Don Tyler?). They are entitled "Admissions and Confessions of a Progressive Christian Layman" and are so well-written in a sharing way! I concur with almost all that the author says. I must commend this person for excellent and well-researched/quoted writing and would encourage others to read this if they haven't already. Super job on the web site in bringing forth more resources to read! Randy Wehler P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't recently posted anything but I'm still here.
  2. murmsk Steve, Thanks for your thoughts. Having a "sense" of a presence works well for me, too. It's maybe close to what I have called an "ineffable knowing." There are things you feel/experience that you struggle to put into words. And with spiritual matters -- as opposed to the physical world and the scientific method -- you have entered the realm or domain of existence where "proofs" essentially go lacking. Perhaps the Creative/Supreme Spirit designed it this way to keep us thinking, seeking, and probing. An EASY ANSWER spirituality would be too simple for us human beings, many of whom would become too complacent in their spiritual quest. My appreciation, Randall W
  3. To Fellow Seekers and Those Who Have "Found" (the two not necessarily mutually exclusive): I am inclined to be open about considering myself more spiritual than religious. Perhaps, others could gleen that in the lengthy essay I shared on this site (see Personal Stories and Journeys). I retain a church membership in a local ELCA congregation, yet feel quite comfortable with matters typically discussed in Progressive Christianity circles and among Unitarian-Universalist groups. I do not label myself, even though I could be considered by others as having rather liberal Christian and non-literal biblical "beliefs." Religious belief, overall, has to do with a set of separate (though likely linked) religious convictions and I actually struggle to find a more acceptable word to replace "belief" or "conviction." What we would describe as true to us individually in our beliefs/convictions is subject to change over the span of our lives. Too often, religion (including Christianity) is viewed as a dichotomous matter -- either you believe something or you don't! Yet the rational part of us screams for us being able to state what CERTAINTY we presently hold regarding that particular belief piece of our religious tapestry (or jig-saw puzzle). That calls for describing "to what degree of certainty do you presently hold that belief idea?" Obviously, you cannot truely quantify something like this, but for survey/research or other purposes, you could assign a percentage figure (0-10%, 11-20% ......91-100%) with each set of ten-point ranges having a corresponding word such as "almost totally unlikely, perhaps/maybe, almost certain", etc. I am currently chewing over several things per going a couple of times to a local small group discussion gathering held weekly that my wife invited me to: Jesus as the actual Son (paternalistic) of God, existence of the devil/Satan, literal occurence of the account of Gideon and the wet/dry fleece. One may be able to guess what my votes of certaintude would be (or should I say were?). Randall W
  4. Norm, My wife (Carla) and I went to the movie theater tonight to view Les Miserables. We thought it was a good movie -- historical period, a musical for a change, and showing strong, impassioned human emotion. Most impactful was the final statement, something to the effect of (and I paraphrase from memory) "When you love another person, you see the face of God." From what I have read of Bishop Spong, that theme would seem quite consistent with espousers of Progressive Christianity. How much more of a worthwhile movie than Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ that showed many assumed notions, legendary pass-downs, etc! Thanks for sharing! Randall W
  5. As a person relatively new to Progressive Christianity (PC) -- I never even heard of John Shelby Spong prior to his November, 2011 interview on Minnesota Public Radio -- perhaps I could highlight some personal observations. These are based on occasionally reading the TCPC web pages and having read ALL questions and answers in the Bishop Spong newsletters going back to their beginning (completed October, 2012 and I continuing to read new ones weekly). 1) PC throws off the yoke of institutional/ecclesiastical biblical interpretation formulated mostly somewhere by or around the 4th century CE and passed down to today's people as "as holy a message as the Bible itself" just because church leaders back then thought that they had it all figured out. 2) PC relies on not only ancient Bible writings, but also finds favor with rational thinking, scientific/archaeological findings, and an openness to the MYSTERY of God being just as important as knowing "Him" personally. 3) PC embraces religious thinking "outside the box" of stereotypical "churchy" thinking and creeds -- a realization that the Creator is so pervasive in the entire universe, that word-anchored thought and contemplation only starts to capture the essence of God. 4) Jesus comes closest of anyone yet setting foot on Earth to revealing how our God-Creator loves us and that this in turn needs to be reciprocated among the brethren of God's creation. 5) Our existences do not end with our mortal lives, the excitement of the eternal journey to come not revealed because it cannot be put into words we may presently understand, These are the things popping into my mind tonight ---------------Randall W
  6. We are all known on-line by the words we share with others. Last evening, I attached a personal essay (I think others can find it here in case they are interested in reading it) for viewing in the "Introduce Yourself" section that may be better placed here. It is entitled, Personal Spirituality and Biblical Christianity: Complementary, Conflictual, or Otherwise? I think the address to click on is https://sites.google.com/site/spiritandperson/ It is, thus, available to others should they want to read it (and possibly respond to it). Randall W
  7. I found out that clicking on the first address may get you there -- not the case for the second attempt to list the full address. Admittedly, computers are a big baffle to me --why I cannot get the full address listed perplexes me!!! Randall W P.S. 'Nuf said.
  8. I think my essay-to-share is now available for others who have an interest in reading it (and perhaps responding). I can find it by clicking on HERE (in blue) per #9/Joseph M above, clicking on Spirit and Person (blue color), then clicking on PSBC (blue color), then finally clicking on View (blue color). I am informed by my computer that the web address is https://sites.google.com/site/spiritandperson/ Now, I hope I've done it correctly!! My regards -- Randall W
  9. Have not had any luck getting a local computer consultation/project group to take on a small project like posting an essay on a free google web site. I don't have the skills, but I've called a neighbor down the road who works daily with computers at his job site and I told his wife I'd set up a time after the holiday season to hopefully accomplish this. Randall W
  10. I'm working at getting the essay available and have contacted a local computer consultation group -- no response from them yet. That way, readers may get to know some of my thoughts and some dialogue may occur. Randall W
  11. Joseph, Thanks for the information. I've tried a handful of times to get into what is offered, by my computer experience deficiency remains a barrier to me. It's gonna be awhile on this matter -- if I get there at all and if I can enlist the help of someone. Randall W
  12. The cyber world is a learning experience. My thanks to JosephM (11/14 Resources and Links response). I don't have a web site to access, so I may be left with asking those interested in my thoughts (in essay form) to send me a U.S. Mail note and if there's an email address listed that I can send the booklet to, I will certainly obligue. If you folks see that as O.K., I could place my home address in a posting (but I don't know how acceptable that would be). I read something about not giving an email address on a site such as this. My essay is certainly not the "beat all, end all" pieces of work, but I have been encouraged by one of the Progressive Christianity Honorary Advisers (to whom I U.S.-mailed a printed book) to make mention of it. Randall W.
  13. Joseph, My note here relates to my recent postings for Introduce Yourself. Several people seem interested in the 14,000 word essay or short book that I wrote. The printer/publisher had earlier sent me an email containing the file icon that contains the entire essay. I see something about a 25K upload limit -- I'm not very knowledgable in these areas. If I can get my neighbor's help to send the file of approximately 14,000 words (technicalities up to him), would it thus be available for others to look at as a way of sharing with others? I am woefully computer-naive! Thank you, Randall W.
  14. My appreciation to Annie G, Paul S, George W, and Joseph M for responding. I am new to the discussions/forums format (haven't even used one before). Don't know if about 14,000 words in a single file can be posted for those who may be interested (I see something about a 25K limit and I don't know what that translates into). I may be able to get a neighbor's help down the road here to upload the entire booklet file if that is permitted. I am a computer non-sophisticate, so please excuse me if things take awhile to figure out. My essay says, in large part, who I am and I am most interested in engaging in future discussions. I see I must have "signed up" in May, but my mother's health went downhill after that and she died this summer. After a large number of post-death matters, I am now in a better position to become engaged on line with others. First things first -- does anyone have information to offer on the file uploading concern? Randall W
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