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  1. Nah, fundies just don't want anyone to make money on anything unless they give it to them to fund building projects. Do you know how hard it is to ban P&G??????? Not much left. Then you have to check all of the remainder out, too. I mean, we are talking about literally "don't squeeze the Charmin!!!!" And here I am just trying to buy American!!! (waving flag) My bad, sorry
  2. I don't know how I managed to post this previously in the "SpongeBob" topic. Maybe he is the AntiChrist???????? Anyway. We studied End Time events (I cannot spell eschatology) in my old church. If you believe in the rapture, then you will have to decide if you are pre-tribulation, mid-trib, or post-trib. As far as I know, they haven't figured that one out yet. So how are we to know when (if) the tribulation begins? I have been hearing it preached for years and yet nothing has happened. I mean how bad would it have to get? I am just wondering about all of this. If these events have already happened, when did it happen? I am serious here. Do these books give us a clue? I have never really been overly concerned about this. I guess it will all pan out as my pop used to say.
  3. sorry I deleted this because I put it in the wrong topic.
  4. We live in the south. My Grandfather is a "yellow dog" Church of Christ (not to mention Democrat,lol). This group believes that you have to be a member of "the Church of Christ". They do believe that you have to be baptised as part of salvation. They also take communion every Sunday. Oh, and they don't allow musical instruments in the church. Reminds me of a real life joke by an old lady I know: Her friend said that music wasn't needed in church------did you ever read anywhere in the Bible about Jesus toting a piano around on his back. The old lady shot back----no, but I never read about him carrying around an air conditioner, neither! hehehehe........loved that one. Sherry
  5. I think that if there is pre-incarnation and reincarnation, then all absolutes would be voided. I mean to say that if that is so, then anything outside of our imagination could be possible.
  6. Um, yes, as a matter of fact. Just Saturday my aunt called to see if we would like to come to her church (southern baptist). The invite was a very thinly veiled,"we need a piano player". I told her up front as soon as she invited that I would not play the piano. I did this for 15 years (locked into the system as it were) and am totally burned out. Didn't really stop her cuz she was on a mission! Even my mother, who has not gone to church in 25? years said, "now, you do have a talent and you should use it". Go figure. If they knew that I were (was?) here they would get the vapors!
  7. This is somewhat of a rant, but I will try to be nice I cannot understand why so many churches get the idea that they must build these huge "Life Centers" with all of the trimmings for millions of dollars. From my experience (somewhat limited) there is a lot of debt incurred and a lot of square footage not being used! Our church had an educational wing built when there were many rooms being used for pure junk storage! I am seeing these mammoth structures going up all around the South. Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere, but when did inticing kids to church with swimming pools, gymnasiums, symposiums become necessary? I think it fosters too much of a fun and games spirituality if any at all. Or, am I just out of the loop? My kids are just now grown and we went thru out share of all of this. What I experienced was that when the kids grew up, they left church completely because it was no longer "fun". There we not enough spirituality taught to these kids. These kids were not taught to respect their elders because they were their "buddies". I dunno, maybe in this days society of latchkey and broken homes it is more necessary than I think? Sherry
  8. fatherman, I don't know very much about Catholicism except for what I have read by Thomas Merton. And I agree that some of the rituals must be somewhat mystical, yet sould enriching, not to mention very beautiful. Protestants really blast those, don't they? But I wouldn't mind to have a certain time, place, and a heartfelt ritualist meeting with God! But I don't want to go thru any motions just for the sake of moving, either! We don't hear alot about NA here, but I know that they are around. From what I read (who knows who actually writes all of this stuff, anyway?), it does seem to me that NAers are pretty self-focused. But, then again, if you cannot get yourself in order first, how can you be of service to others?
  9. Lol, des! I just saw that on the news. I think these people have "spongeaphobia". I remember the Bert and Ernie thing, too. I was in the middle of a fundie church and had my children right along with me. For goodness sakes........these kids never thot anything odd about them nor did I. One of the naysayers, AFA, is always out there ready to pounce. I used to listen to AFR (American Family Radio) I loved the music, but got soooo sick of hearing about what gay people, abortionists, etc. were doing. That is about all I ever heard. So I gave it up. BTW, I saw the guy (ex-gay) that they showed on the news (don't remember his name)on a christian tv channel in a debate/discussion with 2 other gay guys. He got so mouthy that they "lost" his satelite connection. I wonder about that one.
  10. darby, maybe I just didn't phrase that well. I would just like to hear how others interpret certain things in the Bible that I don't really understand. Some things are symbolic while others are not and some I am not so sure about. I have been a Christian for many years, but need more depth than the same old tired phrases, ideas, etc. Seeking
  11. Darby, I agree with you. I have come out of fundamentalism also and believe that there are too many scriptures pertaining to Jesus as savior to ignore or change the message. Now, I do believe that there are some inconsistancies in the Bible, but I haven't really come across anything that undermines Jesus' role in history. OTOH, I do want to read some "new" (to me) authors that are able to shake the fundie shackles and really shed a different take on the Bible. Mostly curious now. I seem to need a new mindset in order to really enjoy the love of God as I need to. I think part of this goes way back for me tho and may need some other type of sorting thru! But I am seeking and will continue to do so. I do appreciate the fact that Jen could tell her story and has been able to forgive her past. I don't know if I could do that even tho we are instructed to!
  12. As far as the Bible goes.....well, I am certainly not willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I feel that it is still a great work and a good life guide. Yes, there are inconsistencies that are quite obvious. Which ones are worth troubling ourselves over? Which ones are not? I am sure it is a matter of individual interpretation. But, I think it is only fair to read the entire thing with a new perspective in mind, do some comparing and then decide. I think God would want us to do that. Also, so so many things have just plain been taken out of the entire context of the message that is trying to be conveyed. So many fundies do that. Different religions each have their "pet verses" on the tip of their tongue to spit out at you when they are threatened. I have never really been one to argue religion. Perhaps it is because deep down I didn't feel comfortable with all of the spewing! (I don't argue politics either ) I guess I am being kind of secretive by being on this board. Not that I wouldn't tell anyone or deny it. I just am not ready to be put thru the ringer! You guys know exactly what I am talking about. The really strange (or not) thing is that those that would oppose you really don't have any idea as to what I am heading toward, so they automatically oppose it without a thot. God is not narrow minded, but gee whiz people!
  13. Really! des. I mean are those books any different thanThe Wizard of Oz? I have never heard that one slammed and it always weirded me out! Xian, the "we" is my husband and myself. He doesn't know that we are "seeking", lol. But he agrees with me on most things. I am the real searcher, tho. I thot the DaVinci code was totally absorbing (I mean on tv, as I haven't read the book). The author certainly did a lot of homework, it seems. It was totally credible, but I would have to read the book to be more convnced, if then. I don't see what effect it would have on my spirituality even if it were true. Just a very interesting concept. Seek
  14. Xian, I really enjoyed looking over the Emergent Village site. Kinda felt like going home. I didn't get thru all of it, but plan to delve further into it. I can definately see how someone coming out of harse fundamentalism would relate to this movement. Gosh, there just aren't any groups of these or any kind that would be close enough for us to get involved in. A 3-4 hour drive is a bit hard on us. Sigh. But we so need the fellowship of other seekers. I love this site, also. I came here 3-4 years ago, but there wasn't really much particapation on the boards, so I let it go. I really enjoy the ongoing "conversations" that I find here.
  15. Thanks guys, I am making a running list of all of these books. I and not thot of overstock.com! duh. What do any of you think of the DaVinci Code? I happened to catch the History channel last nite and a there was a "documentary" (i use the term loosely) . This was actually called beyond the DaVinci code. I thot it was interesting. Sorry I didn't introduce myself before jumping in with the posting. I didn't see a "newbie forum" or anything. Looks like I need to practice my quote feature and such. Seeking
  16. Xian, I live in NE AR about 30 mins from the MO bootheel. I am appreciating these posts. I have been thinking alot. I copied the book recommendations, but I am sure that my little library will not have them. I may be able to find them on half.com? Money is a problem around my house. But I will definately look for the ones that are most highly recommended. tks, seek
  17. Ah, BroRog, I love the recommendation to buy locally or use the library! I am into the Simple Living movement and find this very cool! I actually think that www.simpleliving.net was one of the things that spurred me to rethink my spirituality. One finds people from all walks of life there. I am pretty sure that I obtained this website from someone on that forum. I also checked out Charismamag.net, but found it all to be well, too Charismatic! Thanks for the book recommendations. Phew, there are many interesting ones that have been posted! I hope I can find them and get thru them. I am a slow reader and have a bit of trouble with concentration, but slowly I get there. Just posting here has made me more hopeful. I may not change many of my views (or then, again, I may), but I have already read enough to have food for thot to chew on for a while!
  18. In answer to KJ, there are no large cities close to me. This really makes the search challenging. So, if you have been there, I see no need to go into what fundies believe. The problem I have is losing the guilt that I incur from a new search. Like the ax will fall if should even entertain the thot! But, sigh, since I can find no peace there, I suppose I have no choice but to move on. It is hard to move after 40 years! I still keep to the belief that Jesus came to show us a better way. I have a real problem, tho, with the vengeful God of the OT and the loving Father portrayed in the NT. Also, how is it fair that people that have been so unfortunate (sarcastic) to have been born elsewhere on the globe should be condemned? I think I read on another post, "how could a [/i]loving God do this? I have heard of Borg and Spong. These are not authors that I have read. I will have to find the books online, I suppose. We don't have a good library or a book store close to where I live. But tell me, Xian, what made you angry? Did you feel threatened? I am thinking tha I might be defensive as well and perhaps not allow myself to see another view of Christianity even tho I desperately want to! I definately will have to develop new thot patterns in my brain and lose some of the old ones. tks for the replies.
  19. I have always been a fundamentalist, but I have never found peace, tho I have tried, prayed, cried, asked questions, given up, given in, you name it. I want God in my life! But I cannot any longer walk (or not walk anymore) this path. I am looking for some peace within myself. I am not sure that it is peace with God; I feel more like I am fighting myself! I realize that there is no ONE answer out there, but I would really like to hear from people that have come from this background and how they found their own place in God's family. I have been reading thru the posts here and find them very interesting, but my old fundie thinking kicks in. I am not a Bible scholar or close to it, but have been exposed to it enough to keep comparing interpretations with the old slant. I am from the south (which makes a huge impact), so I don't know any progressives. I have many, many questions!!!!!!!!!!!!
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