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  1. Cool OA!! Did you make him? What materials do you use? He's beautiful! I love the squinched toes!
  2. David - I'm just acknowledging that, no matter how grand and pure the vision, no matter how mature, honest, intelligent, etc then people - - - it is still a group of people. Historically, we (people) tend to develop problems with leadership, corruption, disagreement on principles, inclusion/exclusion, etc. seemingly without exception. As Jim Wallis says, this is just the next reformation. It has happened about every 500 years according to him. I'm advocating taking the whole idea of re-inventing the church less seriously since we have pretty good evidence that it will not be lasting or pure, and getting about the business of being the church.
  3. Such a wonderful discussion. I agree that it would be wonderful to find a community of like-minded people. That has been the primary value of this site (mostly a few years ago when it was very active) to me. I'm so glad that it has re-awakened. I think that the primary problem with group-making is leadership. I would be perfectly fine with creating groups and levels of understanding.... as long as I am the one making the lists. When other people make lists, I tend to disagree. Then back to the same old same old. I have come to believe that we (people) are never more alike than we are when we feel completely different/separate/unmatched. I think that the "questions" of biblical literacy, abortion, homosexuality, etc. in politics are attempts to create a believer's table. Trying to find a group that we can feel safe with, accept the opinions of, etc. The problem is finding a litmus test in a set of infinite variables. Maybe a math genius could create an equation to sort people to tables - but I'd still want to be the one weighting the variables!!! So............. where does that leave us on a practical level??? My current understanding (which I of course think is a developmental step forward ) is that progress is made, peace is attained when we realize that there is only one table and we're all there and (so unfair) of equal value and worth and .... and.... that we're all pieces of the same whole. So, perhaps the answer, as always, (and I do find this annoying ) just involves challenging myself to change. To not get caught up in being right (not knowing that I am will take more than a lifetime, I think!), or better, or more.... to just be. To be peace, love, compassion, justice, truth. To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with my God..... eh? Meanwhile, thanks for being a group that I enjoy and feel matched with in the quest for intellectual worship and a living faith.
  4. Actually, IMO, you explained it very well! I had read some about process theology, but hadn't really "gotten it" and hadn't been motivated to continue reading - this fits very well with my beliefs - although I do think God can and does intervene at times. It seems clear to me that the answer to the ageless and supposedly unanswerable question about evil is answered by free will. I've been told that's a cop out.... but I don't agree. The answer to why many things occur on earth is gravity... not a cop out either!!! Thanks for starting this thread McKenna! and for the great start Wayseer!
  5. Good point Wayseer. I agree and am reminded of the Buddhist saying, "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him". That's the fun of spiritual intellectual pursuit - just when you think you've got it all nailed down, you know beyond a doubt that you are wrong!
  6. Wow. Thanks Mystic. Interesting and horrifying.
  7. LOL Fatherman! I think he's trolling ( ) for the minute theological question re: whether Jesus was fully man, fully God, or some mix thereof. I'm not sure why this question would be critical as Godly, devoted, literalistic christians disagree on the answer. I think the idea of myth being more true than factual accounts is lost. It has been fun to see the board moving again!
  8. I went to hear him speak in college. I agree with David - he was the only extreme conservative I've run across who was able to express his thoughts and opinions in a way that, while I disagreed with his conclusions, I could understand how a thinking, ethical person could draw them. I'm all for people who think. A dying breed.
  9. I agree David. It's very complicated and very simple..... all we can do is control ourselves. Finding a group of people willing to control themselves in the same way as we are trying to at any given phase...... LOL..... good luck!!! I think it is possible to find groups that respect the inherent value of all people. You may have to tolerate more literalistic viewpoints, etc, but the acceptance, to me, is more important. Realizing that we're (as completely enlightened as we all are ) part of the problem too is a start! Can I, in the spirit of inclusiveness, exclude someone for being excluding????????? Kind of like a koan!!!
  10. I think that inclusivity is like peace. You can't get there through the opposite - even when it seems practical. I don't think that inclusivity can ever be achieved by excluding even though dealing with people is always difficult. For one, people seem hard-wired to exclude. Many experiments have been done where random groups of people can be separated by eye color, t-shirt color, etc. in a setting like a HS gymnasium. Within an hour or two, it is easy to have strong emotions about the superiority of your group. Notice all the church splits... in any denomination... people will exclude and form groups, even if it's about the color of the awning over the door. It's just how we are. Soooooooooooooo. To me, that's the thing about Christianity. It's easy to talk about loving your neighbor as yourself and loving God with all your strength..... it's hard (extremely hard ) when real, imperfect people are added to the equation. Loving people that I agree with is easy. Loving people that I don't agree with or especially like - - - ahhhhh that's where my commitment to God shows. THAT is worship.
  11. . I keep saying I will never argue with a fundamentalist. What am I doing here? David - LOL
  12. Great news OA! Glad you got it taken care of without too much fuss!
  13. If everyone involved in the major religions followed the core teachings of their great teachers the world would be a different place. Imagine if loving your neighbor as yourself and loving God first were as common as going to church or synagogue in the US. It is, paradoxically, completely simple and vastly complex. The LDS (Mormon) church may have the best handle on this. Off to try to follow Christ today - thanks for the reminder!
  14. So sorry OA! Been there.... hated it too!!! You also might want to check out daveramsey.com (books:financial Peace, More than enough). Common sense approach to getting out of debt and living on what you make, but he really focuses on using the process to improve and strengthen your marriage instead of tearing it apart. Thanks for the inspiring story Mystic! Godspeed
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