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  1. Hi Anthony. Are you still active here in the community? Merry Christmas.
  2. Hi Derek. Welcome and Merry Christmas.
  3. Hello Allan. Very interesting personality. Welcome and MErry Christmas.
  4. Hello there Stan! Hope you're okay.
  5. Hi Mark. Welcome to the site. I guess you're a few days "older" than me in this community. I just signed up recently. See you around.
  6. Hello Patrick. Really nice to see new people like you, like me.
  7. Hello Rene! Newbie here as well. God bless you too. ♥
  8. HAHAHA and they were talking in a serious tone. That was cute. ^^ And I love the accent. ^^
  9. I love Godzilla. I dunno if it's because I watched it when I was little (grade school) but it's fun to watch up to now. I also remember Roger Rabbit. I love that as well. Hihi
  10. Trees are lovely to look at. Maybe it's because of the color, maybe because of their forms... Somehow whenever I look at them, they sort of radiate tranquility and beauty. I love it when their branches and leaves sway with the wind or when the sun shines through them. Really nice.
  11. I just received the book from a friend as a Christmas gift. I'm looking forward to reading it. Hope it's awesome.
  12. Hello Jennell. Yes. I agree with you. People should also have responsibility for their pets. My neighbor recently moved to a different state and left all their 3 kittens. Now all the kittens are lurking around looking for food. Sometimes I would find them in my terrace, sleeping on my couch outside. And as much as I want to keep them, I can't. My kids both have asthma and the fur of these kittens trigger them so much.
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