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  1. Hi Paul and Yvonne, many thanks for your feedback and apologises for the delay in responding. I am currently reading Spong's "Jesus for the Non-religious" and will check out Borg after that. It is interesting to me how politicians routinely play the "god" card (ref Santorum Iowa !) which I find slightly uncomfortable suspecting as I do it's aim is squarely at the traditionalists/conservatives. Cynical or what (or is it just me!!). Anyway you're feedback is re-assuring, I'm in the same boat as you Paul and would hope the "progressives" ultimately prevail for the sake of all of us!!! Kind Regards, Phil
  2. Hi, I have literally just finished reading "Here I Stand" following a recommendation from a friend who suggested it would open up a fascinating new perspective of a strand of the Christian Church. He was not wrong! Having never ventured into "religious" discussion before I am amazed to read of Bishop Spong and his fight for a modern understanding of what Christ represented. I'd instantly say I'm a Spong fan even if I still don't quite understand what functions "prayer" and "worship" serve within this new understanding!! My mind is open however. Of course the book ends with Bishop Spong's retirement and I'd initially be interested to know what happened next? Who filled the vacumn left by his retirement within the active organisation? How have the liberals fared against the conservatives worldwide. Please excuse my apalling ignorance and use of potential short cuts!! Kind Regards, PhilD
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