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  1. #2 – A SNIPPET FROM ALL IN ALL – A.E. KNOCH “The terms translated ‘forever’ and ‘everlasting’ and ‘never’ are human perversions which could never have deceived us if they had been consistently rendered. They denote definite divisions of time called ages or eons. All together they form a distinct portion of time called eonian times. Destruction, like salvation, is eonian. It is not the end or aim of God. God destroys nothing that He will not restore. He loses nothing that will not return to Him laden with praise and glory for Himself. Destruction is a passing process, not a finished goal. Through God it will work out the welfare of all of His creatures and the glory of our Saviour." (Editor’s note: Scriptures that seem to disagree with this conclusion are addressed in chapter four of his book ALL IN ALL) http://www.lighthouselibrary.com/read.php?sel=2586&searchfor=||KNOCH, ADOLPH E||&type=&what=author
  2. Hi everyone. I'm 76 year old Rodger Tutt in Toronto, Canada. Every day or so I would like to post a snippet from a different hard copy book in my Universal Reconciliation library. I hope you enjoy them. SNIPPETS FROM THE HARD COPY UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATION LIBRARY OF RODGER TUTT #1 - A SNIPPET FROM REDEMPTION ALL IN ALL - RAY PRINZING (my earthly hero and mentor) “Aionian punishment means of the age, or age during. It is a period of time designated by God for the bringing to naught that which is wrong. God will mete out exactly the amount of time necessary for correction, but it will not be prolonged beyond that which is needed. All of God’s punishments are corrective in nature, motivated by His love, and used to work into our good and His praise.”
  3. Snippets from the Universal Reconciliation library of Rodger Tutt http://www.experienc...dger-Tutt/64195 I hope to post many more there at the rate of one per day. I hope you enjoy them.
  4. Snippets from the Universal Reconciliation library of Rodger Tutt can be read here http://www.experienc...dger-Tutt/64195 So far there are four pages of them. I have many more to post at the rate of one per day. Hope you enjoy them. From Rodger Tutt in Toronto, Canada
  5. Thank you Joseph for allowing me to post as many snippets as you did allow. If anyone is interested in reading any more of them, I am adding them one per day at this link. http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Am-A-Christian-Universalist/forum/Snippets-From-The-Hard-Copy-UR-Library-Of-Rodger-Tutt/64195 So far, there are four pages of them there. And there are many more to come.
  6. Sorry Wayseeker. Thanks for letting me know that bitdefender does not react to TENTMAKER. For being so kind, here is another snippet to enjoy. #18 - A LETTER OF THE CELEBRATED JOHN FOSTER TO A YOUNG MINISTER ON THE DURATION OF FUTURE PUNISHMENT AND AN EARNEST APPEAL TO THE AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY IN REGARDS TO THE CHARACTER OF ITS PUBLICATIONS – JOHN FOSTER “The original terms translated everlasting, eternal, forever, are often employed in the Bible, as well as other writings under various limitations of import and are thus withdrawn from the predicament of meaning endless duration. Since the terms do not necessarily signify an interminable duration, and since there is in the present instance to be pleaded for admitting a limited interpretation, a reason in the moral estimate of things of stupendous infinite urgency involving our perceptions of the divine goodness, and leaving those conceptions overwhelmed in darkness and horror if it be rejected, I therefore conclude that a limited interpretation is authorized.”
  7. Here is another link to the same information in chapter three http://www.tentmaker...andHistory.html Dutch, does bitdefender react to it too? It's on a different website.
  8. #17 – A SNIPPET FROM THE GREEK WORD AION – AIONIOS TRANSLATED EVERLASTING – ETERNAL IN THE HOLY BIBLE SHOWN TO DENOTE LIMITED DURATION – JOHN WESLEY HANSON “The word aidios (not aionios) was in universal use among the non-Christian Greek Jews of our Savior's day, to convey the idea of eternal duration, and was used by them to teach endless punishment. Jesus never allowed himself to use it in connection with punishment, nor did any of His disciples but one, and he but once, and then carefully and expressly limited its meaning. Can demonstration go further than this to show that Jesus carefully avoided the phraseology by which His contemporaries described the doctrine of endless punishment? Jesus never adopted the language of His day on this subject. Their language was aidios timoria, endless torment. His language was aionion kolasin, age-lasting correction. They described unending ruin, He, discipline, resulting in reformation.” See this link. http://hellbusters.8m.com/upd3.html
  9. I believe that salvation is a process too - a process that will include koilasis aionios (age-during corrective chastisement) for those who need it. I believe that everyone who is cast into the lake of fire which is the second death will be saved out of it. Greek scholar William Barclay wrote concerning kolasis aionion (age-during corrective chastisement) in Matthew 25:46 "The Greek word for punishment is kolasis, which was not originally an ethical word at all. It originally meant the pruning of trees to make them grow better. There is no instance in Greek secular literature where kolasis does not mean remedial punishment. It is a simple fact that in Greek kolasis always means remedial punishment. God's punishment is always for man's cure." See what other Greek scholars say about it too. AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF WORDS http://www.tentmaker.../Chapter11.html Fifteen literally translated (not interpretively translated) Bibles that reveal what God will do with the sinners in Matthew 25:46 Concordant Literal, Young’s literal, Wilson’s Emphatic Diaglott, Rotherham’s Emphasized, Scarlett’s, J.W. Hanson’s New Covenant, Twentieth Century, Ferrar Fenton, The Western New Testament, Weymouth’s (unedited), Clementson’s, The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Anointed, The Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible, Bullinger’s Companion Bible margins, Jonathan Mitchell’s translation (2010). Regarding the meaning of aionios, many Greek scholars agree with John Wesley Hanson. AIÓN – AIÓNIOS http://www.tentmaker.../Aion_lim.shtml SEE THE SCHOLARS CORNER THE CENTER FOR BIBLE STUDIES IN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSALISM Scholar's Corner: The Center for Bible studies in Christian Universalism http://www.tentmaker...larsCorner.html
  10. #16 – A SNIPPET FROM THE DOCTRINE OF ETERNAL TORMENTS OVERTHROWN – by Samuel Richardson, edited by Thomas Whittemore, and published by him in 1833. On page 85, Whittemore says that Richardson wrote this book nearly 200 years before 1833. First of all, there is what Richardson wrote nearly 200 years before 1833: “The doctrine of endless hell torments hath caused many to murder themselves, taking away their own lives by poison, stabbing, drowning, hanging, strangling, and shooting themselves, casting themselves out of windows, and from high places, to break their necks and by other kinds of death, that they might not live to increase their sin, and increase their torments in hell.” Now here is what Whittemore the editor, wrote at the bottom of the page nearly 200 years later in 1833: “Here we see the same dreadful effects attended the doctrine of endless misery nearly 200 years ago which attend it now. It was then the cause of anxiety, despair, and suicide, as we suppose it always was before, where fully believed, and as we know it has been of late years. Let posterity know, that within the last ten years, there have been a large number of suicides, which must be attributed to the doctrine of endless torment. That doctrine makes men melancholy; it drives them to despair; they know not what to do; and they sever the brittle thread, Fathers and Mothers, in repeated instances in the United States, have murdered their children, lest they should grow up, and commit sin, and be damned. Can a doctrine which produces such dreadful consequences be the doctrine of God?” End of Quote.
  11. Please refresh my memory of what question I have not answered, Bill. I'll give it another try. Did you miss this response of mine? How and when is someone saved? was asked I believe that the timing of each person's salvation in under God's intimate sovereign control, so it's not just 100% provided by God, but it is 100% by God, just like to was for Lydia, and Saul of Tarsus. I believe that any cooperation with God for our salvation is the result, not the cause of God laying hold on us by His sovereign grace and making Jesus "choice" in our heart. I believe that salvation is by grace, plus nothing.
  12. I'll trade you a response for another snippet. :-) #15 – A SNIPPET FROM IS HELL ETERNAL? – MIKKEL DAHL AND JON R. WELKER “Most Christian ministers seek only to search out passages of scripture that corroborate the eternal hell school of theology to which they belong; and whatever passages are unfortunately found in conflict are put through the required interpretations and contortions to disqualify for entry. Christian ministers all have posts to fill; they have a job to hold down; wherefore they dare not reach out for truth lest they should see too much and their conscience disturb them and their livelihood be imperilled.”
  13. How and when is someone saved? You asked I believe that the timing of each person's salvation in under God's intimate sovereign control, so it's not just 100% provided by God, but it is 100% by God, just like to was for Lydia, and Saul of Tarsus. I believe that any cooperation with God for our salvation is the result, not the cause of God laying hold on us by His sovereign grace and making Jesus "choice" in our heart. I believe that salvation is by grace, plus nothing.
  14. #14 – A SNIPPET FROM THE DIVINE DESTINY – K. ROSS MCKAY “The great enmity of mankind is but a background to magnify and display the far greater love of our God. Such love is as measureless as it is timeless; a vast portion being yet unrevealed. ‘And having made peace through the blood of Christ’s cross, by Him to reconcile all unto Himself, whether those on the earth or those in the heavens.’ This plan of the ages is our Lord’s ultimate purpose according to the declared will of Almighty God. This is the divine destiny of all in His creation. This is love that never fails.”
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