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  1. Welcome to the Forum JoWillie. We encourage new members to share a little about themselves, if they are willing, in the section called Introduce Yourself. I hope you might choose to introduce yourself and I hope you might enjoy engaging with others here, of course whilst respecting contrary opinions. I'm not an American myself, so I don't get too excited personally as to whether your country was or was not established by people with a certain view of God in mind. I have to admit though, I think a worldly establishment is probably much better than a 'Godly' one just because I think that usually those who have a particular view of exactly how such a Godly establishment should look like, usually end up making it hell for everybody else! The British weren't the first to discover Australia some 40,000 to 80,000yrs after our indigenous Australians arrived (when Australia was joined by land up through Indonesia and further north) but indeed when they set their mind to establishing Australia as part of the British Empire there was a fair bit of genocide and general disdain/disregard for the original inhabitants of the land here too. We are a 'Christian' nation also (statistically) but thankfully it is generally more 'relaxed' and Aussies are a lot more tolerant of religions I think than perhaps some parts of the US.
  2. I may have to reassess whether Warren should actually be my pick too! Not that it matters much to an Aussie who's not allowed to vote in that election!
  3. I think that is a flaw with our current democratic processes in both our countries! I've always been against Dictatorship, unless I was the dictator and then I would make it all perfect! Until some new regime decides that it is unhealthy once again and changes the rules back! Ah, the continuum of life!
  4. I understand it's legal and all and how your voting system weighs votes, just pointing out that he wasn't the most popular person voted for. Mate, we would gamble on two drops of rain running down a window pane to see which one hits the bottom first! And you've not gambled properly until you've played our "Two-Up". Gambling is regarded as part of a wholesome character here - who would trust somebody not prepared to put their money where their mouth is! Edit - It seems up until Trump's reign, betting on US Presidential Elections was illegal, but your courts have now said (in 2018) that not being allowed to bet on these outcomes is unconstitutional. Subsequently, in many US States you can now bet, with more coming on line soon. https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/guides/how-to/bet-on-politics/
  5. I don't disagree and I don't think one needs to research too deeply with many politicians, but still there seems to be a resignation that lies, deceit, exaggeration are just part of the game, so if people are content to have such people run their country, then they get what they ask for I guess. Indeed, a similar game is played here in Oz. Perception, indeed!
  6. I would find it hard to vote if I was a US citizen. I lean toward Republican policies but think Trump and many (i.e. a lot of) GOP members are bad for the country. That said, there's a lot of negatives on the Democratic side also. Then there's the notion of supporting a smaller party or independent who in actual fact probably are a better quality candidate, but to me that's a wasted vote because it just doesn't count enough at the end of the day. As I'm not a US citizen, my preference is for somebody that can improve America's relations with the rest of the world. So with a heavy heart, I vote that I would prefer to see Warren as President (followed by Sanders) but could easily consider a GOP vote if there was another candidate put forward in Trump's stead (more substantial than Walsh or Weld that is). Who do I think is going to win? Sadly, at this point, I think Trump will get across the line again.😢 But that's not what the poll is asking.
  7. Well to be fair, it seems the majority of US citizens agreed with me (and others) and wanted to see Hillary as the next President compared to Trump (Hillary - 65,853,514 versus 62,984,828) but as you know, your electoral system didn't allow the most popular person with the US voters to be put into the top job. I should also point out that the poll wasn't about who people thought would win, but rather who they preferred to win. I still think my choice was a winning preference, but I can understand why you lot wanted a lying deceiver rather than a criminal cartel in the chair . Americans eh! Incidentally, I did win $600 by betting on the correct winner of our Aussie government last year when everybody said they couldn't win. The bookmakers even paid out over $2m to punters who bet the Opposition would win, over a week before the election was even held! Edit - I just checked one of the main bookies here (Sportsbet) and Trump is currently offering $1.83 with the closest contender being Joe Biden at $5. Not bad odds for Joe, but not enough in it to tempt me backing Trump (yet).
  8. As you know, I'm all for consensual sex. But lying to people and trying to cover the matter up cuts to character, whether running for president or not, in my opinion. Same with Bill Clinton - trying to deceive people cuts to character. What I'm amazed about is how prepared people are to accept poor character in their leaders. How does one say with a straight face - this person is a great leader when they lie, deceive and exaggerate to achieve their ends. To me, it doesn't seem the character that any society should be prepared to accept of their leaders.
  9. I'm not arguing that any of your Presidents were peacemakers or that Trump is not any better than another - my reference was only in regard to Burl saying "Blessed are the peacemakers. No war with Russia. North Korea's disarmament will earn Trump a Nobel. The multiple wars in the mideast no longer include the US. I have never seen a first term president have such astounding success." So yes, he had a meeting with NK but that hasn't improved anything. So I don't see him getting brownie points for telling us he has done so much to improve things on that front when nothing has changed. Perhaps the US needed elements of Trump, but I think the trade-offs outweigh the good he might do. It doesn't surprise me that certain demographics support Trump. I know you're joking concerning your Village - of course they love Trump and I know you know that a poll held in another demographic would return exactly the opposite result. Trump plays to 'his' people and alienates those who disagree with him. I'm not sure you're accurate about Trump being more popular. I guess it may come down to which polling you consider. But there is a reason why the majority of the country disprove of his performance compared to approving it. What I mean about the middle east and conflict is that it has been a miserable situation for all involved. What the picture will be, it will be. Peace could well come about by nuking a few countries. Would that be a good result?
  10. Unless he is paying porn stars hush money to keep quiet about his extra marital affairs! Character.
  11. I don't understand the import to you of the article you referenced. Yes Trump was the 1st President to meet Jung (Obama never wanted to for good reason) and since then (a year and a half ago) nothing has improved in relations or bringing NK into our world. NK are the same threat level as pre-Trump meeting. The middle east has already ended poorly for all involved, irrespective of what develops from this latest conflict with Iran. It's not that Trump is to blame, it's just that he's not a peacemaker and he hasn't done anything significant to change the situation. You say 'personality', I might say 'character'. Whilst he does have some strengths, I think his character is poor and that's what betrays the Presidency of your nation, in my opinion. Undoubtedly there is bias in much reporting so I try to not take opinion too seriously, but fact checking does reveal a lot of lies and exaggeration by Trump which I think should be considered embarrassing for the Presidency. If you don't mind those things, well, it is your country. Polling seems to indicate that the majority of Americans don't approve of his performance (but admittedly polling can be off) and his ratings have changed very little since his term began. It doesn't seem like he's gotten the rest of the country on board and moving in his direction but rather, his 'people' are digging in and nobody else is joining the party. That said, elections don't necessarily elect the most popular person (as we well know with Trump never getting a simple majority) and for some of the reasons you mention there may be those who don't rate Trump but don't want perhaps a rabid democrat as President either. So for both of us, I don't think it should be a case of I told you so no matter how it falls - unless Trump performs outstandingly at the next election - then I would accept that the majority of America has lost it's mind! Views on Trump are a perfect example of perception and perspective at work!
  12. No, it's only you guys that get the fake news - our media here are beyond reproach and would never sensationalize or misreport a story! 🙄
  13. I think your view may be a little pessimistic in that you think 'your level' has no influence! You vote don't you? Politicians do respond to voter demands even before elections. A pessimistic view could drive one to ask more questions and demand more answers and thus ensure the picture being provided is accurate.
  14. I don't think 'all' media is propaganda, that's just too convenient in my opinion, but I do think that 'a lot' of media can be. I'm not asking anyone to reveal state secrets about Iran here Burl and there is no active military campaign currently involving the US with Russia or North Korea. Of course, none of that stops your president from tweeting about Iran. He does love his wrath that guy!
  15. Regarding NK, I actually meant 'as low as ever' so to be fair, I don't think Trump has made anything worse with them, just nothing better and indeed, nothing even coming close to a peace prize. Same for the mideast - yes, there may have been war there 'forever' but my point is, Trump is no Peacemaker and gets no credit for improving anything there in my opinion. Whilst it has been demonstrated that Russia interfered with and influenced your last Presidential election, I agree that it is my 'presumption' that 'because' of the advantages given to Trump by the Russians that he has then favoured Putin. But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... But I certainly agree with you - Trump is the most polarizing leader the US has ever had. He certainly doesn't seem interested in bringing your country together but rather he seems to give the finger to anybody that doesn't agree with him - your own people included. I just see it as a shame and a poor representation of what I think the US used to stand for.
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