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  1. I think the world would be a much better place if this was the dominant type of Christianity.
  2. Or later writer's attribute these words to him but he never actually prophesy such at all.
  3. I think a lot of it can be a waste of time, but can't an idea of a kingdom to come simply be an aspiration rather than a concrete prediction? Personally I think Jesus was somewhat aligned with Jewish expectations of his time AND a proponent of some original thought, but not necessarily only one or the other.
  4. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    That does seem to be an egoistic way of looking at it I think (no insult intended). Clearly we are animals that have evolved, along with the rest of the animals on earth, but we have evolved to a point that we think we are the planet's superior species in both intelligence and achievement. Perhaps we are. But then to say we are 'more' simply seems to me our own ego patting us on the back. It would be so interesting to know what other animals think about us (but alas, I am no Dr Dolittle).
  5. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    Fully aware how some modern Aborigines have taken to Christianity. What i am questioning is that if Jesus really was 'Good News' why did God not share that news for nearly 2000 years with any of the Aborigines that lived between now and your video participants? Maybe Jesus simply wasn't needed for those 2000 years?
  6. PaulS

    USA liberal / conservative - divide

    Which is why I continued on in the next sentence to specifically cite a US example.
  7. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    Except if you were perhaps Australian Aboriginal - indigenous people to Australia who for nearly 2000 years had no idea that Jesus or His God existed. Not sure their relationship with God changed one iota following Jesus' life and death during that 2000 year period.
  8. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    The biblical context of a bible assembled by man - with numerous religious texts omitted, hardly any writings available that are less than 200 years old after they were written (some fragments and pieces maybe), proven additions made after the fact (the bogus ending of Mark 9-19 that was regarded as the word of God until it was established that it wasn't), and the entire New testament written AFTER the death of Jesus (very easy to narrate Jesus as predicting his future when your are writing about the event AFTER that future has occurred). Most likely Matthew has a bias towards Judaism that is reflected in his preferential regard of the disciples.
  9. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    Actually most recognise us as animals but just at the higher end of the spectrum concerning intelligence. I don't think we are more than animals but rather the top of the line of animal species in many ways.
  10. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    I don't disagree with you. I'm just saying that it appears to me this 'sin' is a continuation of our animal instincts. So whereas animals have certain instincts, we have further involved into a more intelligent species yet still have those hallmark animal instincts, but because of our higher intelligence and sophistication we have elaborated on these instincts and made them into more.
  11. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    I can understand why you say that but really, do any of us know what goes on in a lion's head? I say not. My p[problem wit that is that I don't think there's any knight in shining amour (i.e. divinity) waiting in the wings to set things right. We either take action ourselves or nothing changes.
  12. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    See - another 'sin' shared between us and the animal kingdom!
  13. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    Try being a lazy lion and not participating in the pack hunt and see how far that gets you (documentaries often report lions in a pack that don't pull their weight or are bad mothers etc) Are the other lions being judgemental or do we just call it animal instincts that causes them to exclude the one who doesn't fit their societal norms?
  14. PaulS

    Evolution and Original Sin

    What can be more selfish than a new lion king killing any cubs that have blood to the old king, purely to protect his self interest as the new leader of the pack? I'm not convinced this 'animal instinct' is any different to mans' instincts which you might call sin. We may have a higher degree of intelligence which offers us more choices, but maybe that's where we start seeing consciousness as somehow affecting 'sin' rather than it simply being regarded as animal instincts. After all, we are simply animals too. I'm not convinced you can replace animal instincts with sin simply due to consciousness and higher levels of intelligence. Certainly both of those can impact on our instincts, but they remain base instincts and not 'sin' I think.
  15. PaulS

    USA liberal / conservative - divide

    Well my own experience for one, even though I'm Australian. My religious views changed because I questioned what I had been taught and found it wanting. It had nothing to do with political parties driving me a certain way. I think also if you look at the likes of Donald Trump - it's not his religious views that are driving people to support him but rather his support has been built because he has tapped into what those people want to hear. The 'forgotten people' who have felt disenfranchised by the 'establishment', now find a supporter for their religious views in him, not the other way around. No doubt media drive 'talking points' as you suggest, but I think that is distinctly different from driving beliefs. Those beliefs already existed it's just that the voices on social media start getting louder simply because the topic was raised in mainstream media. For instance, I don't support slavery but don't really post anything about it because it's largely irrelevant in my day-to-day. But if the media started reporting on a slavery issue I'd probably be a little more vocal socially about it because it'd be a current topic of discussion. I agree with your first sentence but not sure about your next. Can you give any examples of where you think the media has led religious belief that may assist?