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  1. Thanks, Raven! Gotta share this one on my own FB page..... Jenell
  2. Yes, unfortunately, "gluten-free" has become a diet fad thing, see it being recccomendned all over the place for any and everybody, as if gluten is somehow 'bad for' all humans to eat....I think you should stress that your own need IS based on actual celiac disease rather than fad and fashion. Jenell
  3. Suffering TCPC withdrawal symptoms.... :/ Lots of hours getting back into the flow working again, been getting more hours than I'd hoped for just getting back into it, plus helping my daughter make full use of my laid-off son-in-law to get some repairs around both their place and mine here caught up before he finds another job or the company he's been working for gets a new contract... Jenell
  4. I see a basic flaw in these idea of there being "choice" in matters of heaven or hell, accepting or rejecting god, in that before there can be "choice" there must be informed options frown which or between whuch to choose. And I simply do not see that humans are universally and inevitable informed of such options as "choosing" to accept or reject god, or an ultimate destiny of eternity in heaven or hell. This was a critical flaw evident even to my own young mind as a little child, and it baffled me even then hwo the grown-ups seemed unable to see it. And it seemed there was such incinsistency in what they did beleive and teach...I was taught to sing 'Jesus love all the little children of the world,', but then, that many, even most of those children were doomed to hell because they'd not accept Christ, most for never even having heard about Christ, or Christian ideas about heaven and hell and salvation doctrines. How could god condemn to hell people that never even heard of any of that? Even then such claims by preachers and such that at some point in every persons life, they had the chance to "choose Jesus", are obviously absurd to me! That all makes this salvation thing all about being 'lucky enough' (yeah, God's will crap) to run into someone that will tell them about Jesus and Christian salvation, and 'wise enough' (gullible enough?) to accept it as truth in any of the really outraegous forms it may be presented to them. I could never see god placing such a burden of a 'choice' on everyone without even letting all of them in on what choice there was or even that there was a choice! Jenell
  5. I've read about, seen some documentaries on, Lourdes and a few other sites with such reputation. And, the rigorous process through which the Catholic Church might consider or decalre any such healings as 'miracles.' I do respect the Catholic Church greatly for that, in comparison with how careless and downright untrustworthy claims of miraculous healings are touted and accepted in fundamentalist and charismatic churches and 'ministries.' I can't say i know what is/isn't true or 'real' in these matters. but what I've seen does leave me with some intriguing questions. Given the huge number of people that travel to such a place as Lourdes, and the relative few confirmed cases of 'miraculous' healings' I have to wonder how those rates/odds would compare to occurences anywhere in general, that may be due to spontaneous remissions, mis-diagnosis, actual 'cure' by 'accidental effective treatment' etc. I do know all those things are more common than most people realize, even in 'traditional' health care and even without health care at all. I have personally know of one or more of each of those kinds of unexpected, or inexplicable, 'recoveries' myself. There was quite a stir in the medical community and society at large when recent release of results of several long term studies involving breat cancer and mammograms in women revealed much higher rates of confirmed breast cancer in women getting annual mammograms than among those having them done only every 5 years. The first thought, that the annual mammograms might actually be causing the increased breast cancer rates was effectively ruled out pretty quickly, but what was eventually accepted as the most likely explanation, that was supported by further investigation and research, was that early stage breast cancer tumors spontaneously remit far more frequently than had been realized. Further invesitgation revealed that many cases of early stage breast cancer diagnosis in which for various reasons the women were NOT treated at all, yet were later found free of the cancer, which has long been attributed to initial mis-diagnosis, now seem to involve a mich higher rate of spontaneous remission than had been considered. Other cancers have been found to have much higher rates of spontaneous remissions, especially in early stages. However, this does not really change how early stage cancers should be treated upon discovery and diagnosis, becasue at least for now, there is no way to know which would remit spontaneously and which are going to advance in development. As for mis-diagnosis in general, even with our modern and oft supposed high quality health care, misdiagnosis and missed-diagnosis rates are possible so high as to scare the wits out of any of us that may trust this system! My late ex-husband was treated for recurring illnesses and even hosptialized multiple times with multiple doctors in one of the most respected medical centers in this country, even the world, for over 2 years, until ultimately he sufferred irreversible pulmonary failure and spent his last 2 yrs...a total of being sick 4 yrs---before he passed away. The doctor overseeing the nursing home where he spent his last 2 yrs, on a ventilator, looked his medical records over, and without ever even having seen or examined him yet, asked why he had not been tested for Adult Lymphatic Leukemia...according to him, his was a "text-book" case in every way. The test was done, and at last, too late, my ex-husband was diagnosed with ALL, This is a disease that while incurable, if begin on relatively inexpensive drug therapy in early stages, with which most patients actuallty go on to live put a normal life span. I could cite details of any number of cases of mis or missed diagnosis I've known of personally. As for "accidental cures", I know a man that had multiple surgeries every couple years, for over 25 yrs, to removed recurring benign brain tumors. He underwent bi-annal scans and other tests to monitor the regrowth toward determining when surgery to remove their masses was indicated again. Completely unrelated to that condition, he developed severe pneumonia, treatment for which involved a good deal of powerful antibiotics and other drugs via IV plus oral follow-up. When he went for his routine scans to check on regrown of his brain tumors several months later, there was no sign of them at all, even the regrowth observed prior to the pneumonia incident was gone! That was 12 yrs ago now, and STILL there has been no re-growth of the tumors! Miracle? I don't think so, neither do doctors....none would venture to guess what connected to his pneumonia and treatment affected it, but agree it most likely something did. The last of my questions have to do with why there should be any particular location, or religious shrines, such as Lourdes or others famed for this, connected to miraculous healings. and why of so many that visit such places, such a relative few experience miraculous healings. Jenell Among the Lourdes' cases, are also multiple cases of MS, a condition also noted for spontaneous remission AND difficulty in accurate diagnosis, and frequent mis-diagnosis.
  6. JenellYB


    I don't make a practice of putting myself in a postion of needing one. I'm much more likely to BE the desginated driver! Intrigued at the idea and potentials of 'ethnobotanicals' when I was around some into that kind of thing a few years ago, and one of my hobbies being North American cacti, I actually added to my collection some species known for their 'usefulness' in that way...they are growing quite well for me, and I have learned about 'extracting processes' for their 'use', but I'm too chicken--maybe I'm a control freak and can't get into the idea of deliberately entering a state in which I'm not in control of my own mind and actions---to actually follow through on them, lol! One of my son-in-laws that knows about them jokes that if word ever gets out what's growing out there in my cacti patch, I'll need to get a taller, stronger fence, and some mean-tempered big dogs! Jenell
  7. We can be angry with someone's particular behavior and still love them. To love someone doesn't mean you can't object to some offensive behavior, that you have to put up with whatever bs someone dishes out, without protest or anger. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people actually do operate out of just such thinking. If someone else does something I don't like, I won't love them anymore. That is often at the root of dysfnctional relationships, one keeps another or others walking on eggshells, always trying to please, lest that one withdraw his/her love and support. I've had that game played on me in more ways by more people than I'd care to count. And therein comes a basic matter at the root of the problems we may have with this idea of "shoulds." We perhaps really need different words, terms, to express "shoulds" in realistic, healthy and functional contexts, as opposed to unrealistic, unhealthy, dysfunctional contexts. Realistic, healthy, functional "shoulds" provide valid guidelines for our well being and best interests, personally and socially. Such "shoulds" help direct us toward successfully accomplishing goals, and making life go as well for us as possible. If you want others to treat you well, you "should" treat others as you'd want to be treated. If you want to get passing grades in school, you should develop effective study habits and complete assignments as instructed. If you want your marriage to be strong and healthy, you should treat your spouse with respect. Unrealistic, unhealthy, dysfunctional "shoulds" are those that serve as power tools for people manipulating and controlling others, or for blaming and shaming people either into doing what someone else demands, or as reason/excuse for with holding or withdrawing love and support. To use "should in context "if you want others to treat you well, you should treat others well," is quite a different matter than in context of "you should do as I say/try to please me, if you want me to treat you well." "Should" used in the past tense to blame and humiliate, as in, what you should or should not have done, when something doesn't go well, is usually used in ways that is abusive and non-productive, as when it is used to hold someone under guilt, or responsible for their own personal failures, for things past that cannot be changed now, and in many cases, may not have actually made the different the 'blamer' seems to assume it would have. "Bad" religion is chock full of this kind of abusive use of "should." Jenell
  8. I don't think of it as God 'causing' or 'allowing' or of suffering having some 'purpose,'...suffering, of the physical body, mind, emotions, is simply part of the conditions of this life experience in this world. Jenell
  9. Norm, all I can attest to is what I've experienced. When that therapist worked on me, i knew nothing of energy work, or that she was 'using' anything like that. So it was neither belief nor placebo effect. Later, when I've encountered it again, I can feel it, experience it, through the touch of some people, and that even without any knowledge of that person or that they are an 'opened' energy channel, or worker. I sometimes detect it in just the most casualtouch, a common social handshake, someone casually touching my arm or some such. It is a very distinct feeling, somewhat mildly electrical, sometimes warm. even hot, but it is quite distinct if one has ever experienced it. There are occasional people so strongly open, that transmit so strongly, you can feelit just in theirn presence, even without at touch...such ones as in some communities might be said to be "annointed." But it also cannot be forced upon someone unwilling, with defenses up, against either the energy itself, or the person through which it may be transmitted. When I say I do not 'use' it often for that many are afraid of it, i mean that I CANNOT do so. And many in religious circles are quick to 'condemn' any such 'energy' or 'power' as might be coming through someone NOT fitting their limited and usually heirarchical criteria, part of their religious sect, speaking their particualr religious jargon, speaking in tongues, approved by their pastor, whatever. Reiki and Therapeutic touch are now commonly avaiable to patients at some major medical centers (patients at MD Anderson Cancer center have complimentary access to such therapy) and offerred in training courses for nurses and others that deal hand-on with patients. Theraputic touch has shown to have remarkable positive effect when administered to critically ill and preemie infants. No placebo effect could be at work with infants. Raven, btw, your mention of being able to "feel" something when your friend in a distant location prayed for you, is consistent with advanced energy work..."distance healing" is an advanced level skill taught where energy work is taken seriously, and without doubt, someone that has spontaneiously of their own, developed these gifts, many well be able to do so even if they know nothing of formal energy training, or that it is what they are doing. These energies are very much of love, the one working with, conveying, transmitting, must and can only do so by moving mentally, psychologically, and emotionally into a very deeply submitted loving state of consciousness. Jenell
  10. JenellYB


    I hear or read about the really stupid and downright dangeorus, even cruel, things some have induced others to do while "under the infleunce" of some mind/consciousness altering substance, or that someone has experienced while 'high' or 'tripping' alone or only with other 'trippers' without a trusted "sober" person, in a safe place, and think, that's got to be a form of insanity. While I've experienced alcohol, I've never used other such drugs or substances, but even if I'm going to drink a bit, may even possibly more than I should, so I'm impaired, the danger of not having a trusted sober companion to look after my safety seem obvious. I have had some personal encounter with actual serious shamans, some Native American, so other ethnic connected, and they've really put a lot into both knowledge and preparation when using altering substances, and, when overseeing others, take seriously their responsibility. And quite simply, anyone not emotionally and psychologically stable can end up with some pretty serious longer term lingering adverse effects. That preparation, btw, is not merely for the immediate occasion of any usage, but in preparing themselves mentally and psychologically as part of their "calling," as well as over the days and hours before a planned 'trip to the underworld.' Casual recreational use seems just more risky than I'm willing to take a chance on. Jenell
  11. Welcome! This is a very special place...I hope you find it feels like home! Jenell
  12. JenellYB


    Wise words to keep in mind...always be very careful in choosing traveling companions! And that's especially important in choosing and appointing a designated driver for a trip! Jenell
  13. I think part of the mystique of trees that touches something within many of us is that they are about the only living thing most of us will encounter in our lives that span multiple human generations. I have wonderful large old trees in my yard...when I look at the 3 bald cypress, 1 native pecan, 2 red oaks, and 1 Southern Magnolia in my yard, that the old man I bought this placed from told me he remembered helping his mother plant as just little saplings, when he was just 10 yrs old, in the same year I was born, and then at the papershell pecan that is even at least a decade older then those, and a humongous red oak that had shaded the house that had stood here before this one was built 63 yrs ago, and which by size estimate may be as old as 100 yrs old, I am absolutely awed by that. Sadly, Hurricane Ike in 2008 damaged this oldest tree badly, taking out many of it's huge limbs...I had many of its limbs down in my yard that were bigger than many of the entire downed mature trees many were dealing with...I'm afraid it was ultimately a fatal blow for it...it's been in decline ever since, more dead wood every year, and now mistletoe has been progressively infesting it worse each year....and as much as i dread having to eventually figure out how to deal with it, how to bring down a tree with a truck diameter of at least 6 ft, that stands only about 18 ft fromthe back of my house, I even more actually grieve it's suffering and decline as it struggles for survival these last few years. It was, before Ike, so absolutely magnificent, with a full lush canopy that deeply shaded an area nearly 70 ft across...now enough sunlight penetrates that thick grass has now been able to cover most the area beneath it's span. There is something in this span of time across multiple human generations that, to me, anyway, forms something of a living connection between the people of those generations...5 generations of the family that owned this place before me walked and sat in the shade of that tree....at least 4 of those generations played within it's limbs as children. Jenell
  14. On this matter of "kingdoms" I'm along the line as some others have expressed here, I don't think even as use of kingdom of God is used, it could be so easily sorted into two or more distinct kinds or interpretation of 'kingdom', whether Earthly, worldly, spiritual realms of the here and now or in the here after. It gets even murkier when you try to sort out where it is "kingdom of God" or "kingdom of heaven", are they the same thing, different things? Pretty clearly a good bit in the N.T. suggest there was belief that there was to be a literal 'end of the world" sometime soon, even within their life times, and it seems to me that was also much inter-worked with the persisting belief that this "Jesus". in some soon to come "Earthly return" as a connquering messiag to establish and rule from Israel, over the entire literal world. That WAS the "messiah" as Jews had been waiting for centuries, unable to accept they really were a conquered people and an occupied country, and that God really wasn't going to send in an earthly 'king' to raise them back to power as a mighty nation. But also much to suggest a spiritual kingdom instead...Christianity seems to have adopted both ideas, working onnthe spiritual kindom now, building a churchand spreading the word, gathering converts, while waiting for Jesus' return in somedistant future, to establish CHRISTIANS to rule over the Earth. Amazing how Christians interpreted the future arrival (or re-arrival) of their messiah in terms of conquering the whole world and setting THEM up as rulers over it. But also as someone else mentioned, the whole use of this terminology, "kingdom" and "king" all represents a model of the world as they knew it then, and all references to themin scripture mist rightfully be interpreted from that worldview, as to just what they might have meant to the people then. And our worldview today, or model for governing, is no longer at consistent or compatable with that form of governing and worldly power over and between nations and peoples. Jenell
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