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  1. Norm, What you alluded to is a vivid discription of the perpetuation of the bloodlust of Caine via one of his descendants, Japheth's progeny. I base this conclusion on the Talmudic revelation that all of the progeny of Japheth would be White, Enlarged and dwell in the Tents of Shem. As I mentioned in several posts previously,the M.E.isn't the only location of Shem's Tents, as the seed of the Shemite, Abraham is proof of. The sands of the seashore is wherever the Deep touches Dry Land. That Sand equates as the number of the Shemite/Abraham's Seed. When this number is juxtapose next to the enlargement of Japheth,and that enlargement was seen as a blessing, It wasn't to bless only Japheth but the whole of the human Family through Japheth's ingenuity. Ten Gnerations before Japheth the father of all mankind received instructions to be Fruitful and Multiply. These instructions were cast aside and ignored via the sudden unsupressed bloodlust of Caine's envious anger at G-d's refusal to accept his offering. Unable to kill G-d, the next best thing was to kill the object of G-d's acceptance, Abel, his brother. Ten generations later and after the Flood, this enmity between G-d and the Seed of Man still festered, perpetrated and unsupressed within the lone White seed of Japheth, per the Talmudic perspective that has been revealed. Time marches on and ten generations later, The Shemite Abraham is blessed with a coupla sons, Ishmael and Issac who became the patriarchs of two nations of non-white people of which, one became the Chosen of Hashem,. the other a Fearer of Hashem, thus establishing an eternal link of compatability between these two brother's seed. Lurking in and around the perifery of Shem's Tents Is the Seed of Japheth with his envious bloodlust, contemplating a tactic of how to get into Shem's Tents. When it dawned on a son of Japheth "that it would less expensive to rule a people via the manipulation of their religious superstitions, than at the point of a sword." Alex the Great,300BC. Time marches on and we now find our selves on the road to Damascus where an alleged Conversion of another son of Japheth's is about to happen. well you know this story. The irony of it is that a group of Damascan indigious Shemitic/Syrian people lable these two Japhethite preachers, CHRISTIANS, due to the manipulated message they were delivering about a ressurected dead man, neither had ever met during his alleged lifetime. Time marches own, and Christianity becomes one of the Politically Correct forms of worship over a majority all of the newly conquored rising empires. Time marches on, the City established on Seven Hills bcomes bloated via it's enlargment and starts to spread it's manipulated religious beliefs throughout the whole of it's empire, then it implodes, leaving behind nations of confused and gullible people it had fed it's drivel. As a result of This Japhetic Drivel, foisted upon humaity are The Papal Bulls of Nicholas V which morphed into The Doctrine of Discovery, which led to the Holocust of indigenous Shemitic peoples of the Continent of the Americas, the theivery of the Bloodlusting Japhethite/English Pirate Queen and her Seadogs, all Christians, mind you, which brings to te present and the still perpetrated bloodlust of the Seed of Japheth, to wit: http://www.readersupportednews.org/opinion2/282-98/6894-uncovering-the-militarys-secret-military As/if you read this, ask yourself of the numbers given how many of the leaders and boots on the ground are Christians, subsisting of your needed tax dollars for our infrastructure, you've been manipulated to pay for this Murderous Bloodlusting military group and realize that the people they're being arrayed against are their fellow humans with hearts that also are seeking love. As Chomsky says, "If you want to stamp out Terrorism, Don't Indulge In it Yourself." The Juanster
  2. Hi Norm, Before the topic was clsed, I'd sent a post titled "A shout out to Rabbi Ben". I'd wanted him to elaborate on the statement he'd made regarding the rest of the blessing Japheth received from G-D, in addition to his enlargement. I Joe archieves the replies, before closing topics, should still be contained in that data base. What theTalmudic perspective the Rabbi stated was that Jews were proselytes and that all of the progeny of Japheth would be White and dwell in the tents of Shem. what I wanted to ask the Rabbi , was this lack of Melanin in Japheth's progeny, a perpetuation of the mark of Caine?(Gen.4:14-15) As we reread the conversion of The Roman, Paul/Silas, the idigenous people of Damascus Syria were the first to call these two proselytes preachers,Christians. From that point, it was all downhill and bloody.
  3. Hello George, This quote of yours troubles me; [b]"If they are using it(Christianity) as justification to do harm, that is another thing altogether and should be addressed as such."[/b] This raises the specters of the Inquisition, The Papal Bulls, The Doctrine of Disvcovery and The Holocust. All Christian Intolerant creations, devised to intimidate and coerse those that have and practise other beliefs. Isn't this Spong's premise in a nutshell? As the history of the organized Christian Church is delved into by the unwashed masses, they're starting to realize, that all as presented, isn't as "kosher" as they've been led to believe and coersed to accept. This inspite of the Church's claim of adherence to the tenents of a Judaic foundation, instead of the Moseic/Israelite one alluded to. IMO, this deviation can only be attributed to the enlargement of Japheth via the Greek Translation, a/k/a, The Septuagint. All of the tenents and dogmas of Christianity as currently practised, are established upon this errant compilation. It is via the alleged authority of the Septuagint which sanctioned all of the Papal Bulls and the authority of Christendom to set sail globally until this very day and to confiscate all Lands of Indigenous Unbelievers via the creation of the Christian Doctrine of Discovery. [i]"Papal Bulls of the 15th century gave Christian explorers the right to claim lands they "discovered" and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. Any land that was not inhabited by Christians was available to be "discovered", claimed, and exploited. If the "pagan" inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed."[/i] This is why your quote above troubles me
  4. Jen I was addressing the passage Gen.9:27 in regards to the enlargement of Japheth which states Japheth Will be Enlarged and Shall dwell in the Tents of Shem. IYO, based on who the Rabbi said the seed of Japheth was/is, has any of the predictions taken place yet? As the trilogy moves to Abraham and the Covenant he accepted, led to the estimate of the extensiveness of his seed. when that seed is compared to that of Japheth's including the enlargemnet, Japheth at this late date, is still the minority on the planet. As Shem awakens and starts to desire the human rights Japheth has enjoyed for eons as rulers,his last optio in maintaining his Status quo is the Mushroom Cloud, rather than the relinquishing his hold on Equality for the Majority. Yet, as technology is starting to prove, it was the occupants of the vallay of Aram and Mesopotamia, the rest of the Planet owes for their advancement, to wit: Possibly the reason you're both scoffing at this information is because you're relying on the wrong hunting animal. Did you ever think of using the innate instincts of Man? Try him for a change as this example illustrates: "]Mhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?y link Long before Judaism, Islam and Christianity, there was SUMER, the source of the Biblical stories you've relegated to the realm of Myths. Thanks to the advances in technology, it's no longer prudent to rely on the uninformed opinions of ones with political axes to grind. Be well, The Juanster
  5. HI Jen, What I wanted to emphasise is that The Bible amongst the majority of Christians is viewed as the inerrant word of god. Gen.9:27 is an integral part of that word. When the Rabbi reveals that the Blessings alloted to Japheth from the Talmudic viewpoint, isn't the complete truth Christians have been led to believe, it leaves open the query of why and what would be required of Japheth to be accepted and allowed to dwell and later rule in the Tents of Shem without question? The documented history of mass conversions of former Pagan Goy to the belief of Israel, appears to be that requirement. Each time Japheth grew larger via proselytization there's always been an ulterior motive lurking in the shadows. 2Kgs. 17:24-35 gives a motive of the fear of being killed by animals. Esther provides the reason as Fear of Modechi and his decree. Koester explains it as a political capitulation to the demands of the Kagan, and the Zionists found it expedient in their acquisition and rule of Shem's motherland. Don't you find it odd that The Semitic People of the Book were compatible for eons with the Semitic Seed of Ishmael, until The Proselyte Seed of Japheth pitched their tents amongst them, not to dwell but to rule? Not to put words in the Rabbi's mouth, but didn't he say that the other part of Japheth's blessing was that his seed would be all Whitemen? No Religion has ever changed the Blood of a Proselyte. In regards to YHO, let me suggest that you face a few facts, such as Who were the Kapos [/url] Of the Six Million Victims, how many were Zionists Nazi Collaboreators?
  6. Anyone reading the latest News Letter of Bishop Spong will grasp hopefully the historical Torah foundations of his questioning the various versions of the ressurection story. Why couldn't they reach a consensus about what really took place? I would love to hear what the Rabbi has to say about this dissection of that foundational Christian event, especially after exposing the rest of the Story of Japheth's Blessing. As we view the Planet today, The Seed of Shem, via his progeny Abraham inculcates the seed of Ham via Hagar and her son, Ishmael; Anywhere Shem's Progeny has pitched their tents, Japheth soon appears, not only to dwell but to rule, preaching a Doctrine of capitulation that Jesus found fault with. Taking a census today of Abraham's seed, one needs to acquire the ability to number the grains of sand at the Seas shores, for this represents the locations of The Seed of Abraham. Into this writhing mass of humanity, the enlarged progeny of Japheth has embedded theselves, not to uplift this part of Creation, but to rule and exploit It for their own enrichment. As the many of Abraham's Seed start to awaken with desires for Freedom and Liberation from the exploitation of Japheth, what is being witnessed is the Fulfillment of the time of The Gentiles. Ignore it at your own peril. But go back and read the Rabbi's disclosure of who The Seed of Japheth is today, and what they had to do to become dwellers anywhere on the Planet, In the Tents of Shemite Abraham. This is what was revealed in the Rabbi's statements and supporte by the Papal Bulls of Pope Nicholas V and the Doctrine of Discovery which morphed from those Bulls. As we witness the masses of Abraham's Shemitic Seed began to awaken and realize that what Japheth's enlargement has been used for and why, The generations coming online are refusing the Capitulation doctrine of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and would rather Die than continue to be Enslaved.
  7. Hi, Is there a link to the original version of this test? I'd like to read it to see just how much WhoWhatWhy edited the original version, before accepting your opinion of it. Thanks
  8. Hi Dave, Could this inclusion of the P.A be a subtle ploy to disregard the Constitution's law against the combining of Church and State? I ran across the possible explanation for this persistence to mix the two in this research at Duke Univ.: "Born Again-and Brain Damage" http://whowhatwhy.com/2011/06/09/born-again-and-brain-damage/ Is Science finally catching up and supporting what the Founders knew all along? My concern is when this type of malady infiltrates positions of secular leadership and starts to govern this Nation, such as the decision to invade Iraq for example by a "Born-Again" Leader. IMO, a scientific test of this sort should be made mandatory via constitutional amendment, for all aspiring for Electorial government leadership positions, both State and Federal; To prevent this type of flagrant disregard of constitutional edicts.
  9. Hi Reb Ben, As I read your reply, Ezra.4:2 came to mind. It was also claimed then that the traditions of their worship had been handed down ever since the Assyrians had brought them to Samaria. So, are you saying that as an Ultra Orthodox Practisioner, the Scripture of 2Kgs. does or do not apply to your intrepretation of Torah? "Doug, the explanation I provided here is the very one passed down from generation to generation, the very argument in effect even at the time of Jesus - and the only one Jesus would have been familiar with. I did not make this up, Doug." I agree that Jesus was familiar with Torah, but I contend that he wasn't satisfied with the version marketed by the Pharisees or the source used by the seventy Jewish Scholars who created the Septuagint for Ptolemyll. According to Josephus, the former Israelite Allies of the Medo-Persians, residing in Palestine, were prohibited by their Rabbis from teaching their sons the despised Greek lauguage, saying;"It's better to let your sons eat the flesh swine than for them to learn and speak the language of the Greeks." As the history of the Septuagint is studied, the above revelation seems to cast a shadow of truth upon your allgegation that the Torah the Jewish scholars translated was indeed a Jewish work, stemming from the proselyte Jewish compilation of the one alluded to in 2Kgs.17:24-35, and the compilation the rejected descendants of those founding Proselyte Jews of 2Kgs. were still using at Ezra.4:2. I didn't make this up either Reb. It's why I included Chapter and verse to show the sources of this indoctrination. As I delve into the history of the Judean emancipation from Babylon, there were Proselyte Jews that remained in Palestine, after Judah's captivity, per Ezra.4:2. Since the Moseic Torah had accompanied the Israelite Judeans into their captivity, what version was being used by the Jews that remained, their version that'd been handed down to them for the generations after the Assyrians had deposited them in Samaria? 2Kngs.17:24-35 again
  10. Rabbi, Your quote here "Individuals are required to convert before marriage - before there is any intention of marriage, even - because we want to make sure the potential convert is converting out of pure motives, not out of desire for financial or other gain" causes a problem for me when I read Ruth as saying "I will go where you go and your god will be my god". If this is an accurate statement, The widow Ruth would not of had to reitterate her acceptance of her mothe-in-law's god. By her acceptance was this Moabitess converted into an Israelite worshipper of Hashem or the god of the proselyte Jews, there is/was a difference, you know;2Kgs.17:26-35. In re.to my suggesting the Aramaic/English translation of Lamsa; which is the earlier of these two languages, Aramaic or Hebrew? I find no place on the Planet that posseses an area known as Hebrew, that would give rise to the language spoken by the inhabitants, as I do for the area of the Valley of Aram, can you explain this?
  11. Hi Janet, My earlier reply to this topic presented a bit of secular history that provides the Context in which the bible of today was derived. It is imperative to be somewhat famaliar with the secular history of this area as described in "The Jewish Wars" by Josephus, to grasp this context and understand why The Bible is perceived as being in Error, due to the many parables and analogies used in it to convey messages to those "with eyes to see and ears to hear". IOW,Coded Missives to the Resistence(The Sicari) who fought against the Occupation of first the Greek Army of Alexander, then later, The Roman Empire. Many snippits of this history was left in the bible by Constantine and the Nicene Councils, because it did not conflict with then known and documented events, preserved in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Assyrian and Medo-Persian archieves. What wasn't made available in these archieved documents was The Torah God wrote and was delivered by Moses at Mt.Sinai. This version of Torah had become lost before the Ten Tribes were deported out of Samaria by the Assyrians and replaced by heathens and pagan worhippers.(2Kgs.17:1-35). Here, it is explained how a Hearsay version of Torah became the foundational documents for the later Septuagint(Ezra.4:2) and the Tanakh, used by the seventy proselyte Jewish Scholars, the Greek's commissioned to translate this Hearsay Torah into the Greek language. "Do Not Go unto The Gentiles...but only to the Lost Sheep of Israel" This was Jesus' instruction to the twelve disciples, he selected, not in Greek but in Aramaic, the language The Israelites spoke amongst themselves. Why let the Greek speaking gentile Romans know that the Kingdom of God was at hand. What would the Romans do if they knew? The history of Masada is a very good example. Let me suggest; instead of the Septuagint derived King James version, get and read the Llamsa Aramaic Bible translated into English, and You're in for a surprise.
  12. Apparently Ezra thought so, by his requirement of birth certificates for all of the returnees in Jerusalem from the Babylon captivity. See Ezra chp. 9&10.
  13. Hi Joe, You state that this is your personal view, so let me ask; Who were these people before they were thought to be Christians? If you recall Christ's instructions to his diciples; It was to go to only the Lost Sheep of Israel with his Gospel. Was this Gosple founded upon Torah Law? Would it have been logical to send his representatives to a group that wasn't familiar with Torah Law or wasn't cognizant of what the Diciples were even talking about? "Mt 10:5-7]: [Go only to the lost sheep of Israel and preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is near]: (v. 5) '''These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: "Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. (v. 6) Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. (v. 7) As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' " ''' Although these suedo messengers went to the Gentiles,and were viewed and Called Christians in Antioch for the first time, It was in violation of Jesus' instructions to his own selected Diciples. Which if you care to ask Rabbi Ben, Paul and Barnabus, the first two called Christians, were both students of Hillel and Gamaliel and adhered to the Pharisaic teachings of these two proselyte Jewish Rabbis. In regards to the level of esteem Jesus held the Pharisees and the Sadducees, His esteem for John-the-Baptist's opinions should clarify this issue; "But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: 'You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?"(v. 8) Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. (v. 9) "And do not think you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father.' I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham." So, If these two sects were not of the seed of Abraham, then of whose seed were they? Can you say J-A-P-H-E-T-H? This is the Prophetic Manefestation of Genesis 9:27. which continues until this very day. As futher proof of the accuracy of these allegations that support Jesus and John the Baptist's opinions and for your own edification: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=154&letter=JMy link —In Rabbinical Literature: Japheth is considered by the Talmudists to have been the eldest son of Noah (Sanh. 69b; Gen. R. xxvi.). The reason why Shem's name always appears first is that the sons of Noah are named in the order of their ability (i.e., as wise men, among whom Shem excelled; Sanh. l.c.). According to the Midrash, the prosperity of Japheth is alluded to in Ps. i. 3: "and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper" (Gen. R. l.c.). In the act of covering Noah's nakedness it was Shem who first took "the cover"; but Japheth came afterward to help him and was repaid therefor in that his descendants Gog and Magog were granted burial (Ezek. xxxix. 11 et seq.; Gen. R. xxxvi.). The words "yaft elohim le-Yefet" (Gen. ix. 27) are interpreted as alluding to the construction of the Second Temple by Cyrus, who was descended from Japheth (Yoma 10a). Bar Ḳappara interpreted the passage as meaning that the Law will be explained in the language of Japheth (Gen. R. xxxvi.; Deut. R. i.); R. Ḥiyya b. Abba, interpreting "yaft" as derived from the root , meaning "beauty" (see Japheth, Biblical Data), explains it more clearly thus: "The Law will be explained in the beautiful language of the Greeks, descendants of Japheth" (Meg. 9b). According to the Targum pseudo-Jonathan (ad loc.), the passage means that the descendants of Japheth will become proselytes and will study the Law in the schools of Shem. When God blessed Noah and his sons (Gen. ix. 1), He in blessing Japheth promised that all of his sons should be white; and He gave them as their portion deserts and fields (Pirḳe R. El. xxiv.).S. S. M. Sel. Read more: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=154&letter=J#ixzz1NbpmXaAL
  14. quote name='Rabbi Benjamin' timestamp='1306340702' post='24777'] I appreciate your opinion, but there is a tremendous amount of internal evidence within the New Testament indicating that the Gospel story 'grew' between the writing of Mark (the first Gospel written) and Luke (the last Gospel written); I am pretty firm on this issue. And, how about the fact that Paul's writings indicate no knowledge of the Gospel stories? If it helps, we Jews have the same 'problem' with the Old Testament. Rabbi Benjamin Rab, I think I might of sent you the wrong link I wanted you to expound upon. This was what I thought I sent: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=154&letter=J
  15. quote name='Rabbi Benjamin' timestamp='1306340702' post='24777'] I appreciate your opinion, but there is a tremendous amount of internal evidence within the New Testament indicating that the Gospel story 'grew' between the writing of Mark (the first Gospel written) and Luke (the last Gospel written); I am pretty firm on this issue. And, how about the fact that Paul's writings indicate no knowledge of the Gospel stories? If it helps, we Jews have the same 'problem' with the Old Testament. Rabbi Benjamin Rab, I think I might of sent you the wrong link I wanted you to expound upon. This was what I thought I sent: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=154&letter=J
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