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  1. Amen to your musings, Joseph, because I think if we refer to being "Christians", which is based on the life and stories of what Jesus is supposed to be about, just what are we looking at? In my mind, the messages of what Jesus has reportedly been about, is what Christianity should be about, plain and simple. Although Jesus wasn't a Christian (that would be time travel) and I'm not completely convinced that Jesus actually ever existed, although I have strong thoughts that he did as well as other Jesuses before him, my response to your musing, is that yes, all of it is way to over-analyzed and the message has been diluted by perspective. Kath
  2. Dear Georgewerkema, I'm responding to this because I have some personal conclusions regarding this particular point. Thank you for your post. First of all, I think while it's true about the decline in active Christian practice in most denominations, the evangelicals are strong in number from what I've been reading. Yes, "Christianity must change or die" was the first book I read by Bishop Spong. I have to say that I didn't really grasp his many explanations of that conclusion, but I agree on the premise. But, I think that many Christians have the right thought process, but have been led down the wrong path of belief. Most people, I've learned, are basically sheeple and their beliefs have been based on what their family believed or what literature or verbal communication made sense to them. Rarely have I found a person who took the time to investigate, as I have, and as the Spongites and obviously members of this forum have done to form their own conclusions. But they have no alternatives unless they continue to dig and think, so they can't be blamed. What they do know, most of them, is that in their hearts they know there is 'something' and that something is good and gravitate toward the belief that 'it' is there for us to believe in. A higher entity. It doesn't matter what it's called, and that's one problem, because for most orthodox Christians, it's called God, which is really okay, no matter how you spell it. G-d, etc. Spelling and naming this entity only reveals one's insecurity or ignorance. I have no problem calling this entity, or force, "God" because it's only a name given, and an established name, a universal name and so be it. The thing is, whatever "God" or "Jesus" really is, is beyond our ability to actually know, so it's all relative to our own beliefs. What I think, is that we are really all on the same path, but have been led down different forks of that yellow brick road because we buy into what others before us have said. I have a book written by Wallace Waddles (1860-1911), called, "The Science of Growing Rich" which is what the new wave "the Secret" is based upon. It's an amazing book and I wasn't ready for it until a year ago. I'm 63 and have been open to the 'power of positive thinking' and all that for a while, but I didn't really 'get' it until last year when I read that book. I was particularly taken by the fact that he wrote this so many years ago, and his premise is now becoming so appreciated. What I take from this, is that we've been so misled as a culture for so long to believe that a 'theistic' God described in the bible is the "it" man, or the "go to" man for all our problems, when in fact, as I see it, the problem with that is that we relinquish our abilities in ourselves to accomplish that which we need. We put it all onto a man in a white robe in the sky, when our sky is nothing but a miniscule spot in the vast creation. Waddles says that the universe (which could be defined as God) is all about giving you what you want, providing you are about love and what you want is not selfish. I have to go along with that. He also said that if you focus on and believe you will get it, you will. You've heard this in many other contexts, I'm sure, but if anyone is interested, I'll send the link to the ebook if I can find it. If not you can buy his book online for about $15.00. So, what I'm saying is that we've been disillusioned by the bearded man in the sky in the white robe because we've been told that is what it is, and in reality, that is not what it is. Dorothy has had the power all along to get there by herself. Because of whatever force you want to give a label to. Kath
  3. Hi Mike! I tried finding some of your posts, but all I could find was people checking your profile and not responging.(typo intended) So, I'm responding and want to say, "hello". What's on your mind these days? Kath
  4. Hi Rivanna, "If the world were free of poverty, hunger, and disease, would there be peace and cooperation? does technology have the capacity to change the tribal mindset that leads to conflict and violence? " I think that, yes, technology had the capacity a long time ago. But technology is a tool for evil as well as good, and sadly, evil is in coltrol and had been. However, 'good' just might be the Jedi of Star Wars, and I think it's gaining strength because of the internet. I think it's going to take much effort to free the world of the evil grasp, but once it's done, yes, i believe we an overcome poverty,hunger and disease. But easier said than done. The only way that will happen is if people turn off mainstream media and start researching on the internet. We are headed into a major catastrophic situation which will leave our population struggling to stay alive. Good news is that good guys have that technology as well as bad guys. this is what is encouraging to me. May the force be with you. Kath
  5. I think I should have started in this section of this forum when I was transferred through the Spong hosters. I was the first person to have natural childbirth in our area hospital with my daughter in 1971. Being an animal and not all that knowingly evolved and connected to the mishap in the garden of eden, I gotta tell ya, it was not fun. If anyone ever watched Bill Cosby's classic, "himself" (sure you can google and find it), he described childbirth as pulling your lower lip over your head. Just imagine the painful implications. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's the truth. But we had some discussion on the Spong forum regarding, " do animals feel pain" and I was so happy to have convinced some very intelligent and animal oriented people that, yes, they do in fact feel pain. Why wouldn't they? We're animals. they're animals. Do they say,"ouch"? Do they moan? yes they do. But most of us don't even take the time to learn Spanish, let along animalese! I have a low threshold of physical pain. I also get seasick when my daughter and her father do not. My son does and we both have ADD, neurological disorders which have come about because of genetic compromised pathogens. My point is that, way back in those days, they only were capable of attributing disease to biblical based prophesies. Google Scholar is so kicking itself for not being around then with such fertile monetary opportunities! So, anyway, Dr. Neiman is basing his premises on the bible and are therefore biased, IMO. No, I haven't read him, but I'm basing my opinon on what those who have read him have posted. Everything physiological doesn't happen because of what people have said in the bible. they weren't even aware of the neurological effect of the physical outcome in humans or any other animals. Acutally, now that you brought that up, I have to wonder who promoted these quotes and mind-sets which magically appeared to influence us in the 20-21st centuries. I trust no one any longer. Sad but true. Kath oh, P.S. My second child was born and I chose the epidoral block after finding out it was a non-transplacental drug. (grrr. why didn't they tell me with my first born? grrrr) and it was so awesome WATCHING the contractions, instead of FEELING them. grrr.
  6. Hi Marsha, Yes, I completely agree. I get their email weekly or so and watch their youtubed programs of interest. It's a very subtle, tongue-in-cheek presentation and I love it. If people take him seriously, it only adds fuel to the fire, but seriously, a fire can burn itself out eventually, or we'll all end in the furnace I love Bart Ehrman. A member of the Spong forum who used to be my friend (who actually turned on me, sadly) loaned me some cd's of his lectures and I've listened to him being interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio) and am a total fan. Here's a man who is a scholar professor who taught Theology at Chapel Hill in NC who decided he needed to know more, and crossed over into the realm of "sorry, that's not how I see it" and his credentials speak for themselves. Kath
  7. Just keep digging and make up your own minds. If anyone here is from the original Spong forum, you might remember that when Tim Russert 'died' I was skeptical, since I've listened to him questioning those in government and his questions were very pointed, and challenging. Specifically to Bush, Kerry, and others who may or may not be involved in the 'skull and bones' society, but allegedly are/were. I just googled 'was tim russert murdered?' again and this is what I want to pass on to you if interested.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVaJhpMonsA You see, I'm just now learning that our history is presented to us on a needs be basis. Need is to blind us to what has really gone on in history, not what the text books have taught us. If those of you reading this want to live in your own lala land and be happy as long as you can, I hope for your sake that you don't worry about your children and grandchildren, because if you do, and don't pay attention to the reality of our historic situation, you will be negligent to them. Having been born with ADD as a result of things I'll be happy to share with anyone interested, I had largely overcome that curse only to have my mind 'foggily compromised' after contracting Lyme disease a few years ago. But, joke's on those little organisms, because I have been majorly recovering and the clarity is back. (Just found another tick in my side, followed by the classic bulls eye rash indicating that Lyme is definitely focused on invading me, but I will prevail.) If it were not for that and other research I would never have been brought to understand why all of this is happening. You see, Lyme disease is a man-made disease. Anyone interested can contact me or post here and i'll be glad to elaborate. And it seems to me that all of these issues point back to one thing, and that's the New World Order. Take it or leave it. Research or dismiss. Just sayin', Kath
  8. Video deleted by JosephM as Moderator. This area is for CASUAL TALK between members on what ever you like but promoting conspiratoriaL therories with videos or having an outside of PC agenda is not appropriate anywhere on this forum. More than a casual conversation will not be allowed. Added 5-24-2010 JosephM _____________________________________________________________________________ A two hour watch, but was worth it to me to spend the time and pass on. I've learned that for every thing that happens, to go deeper into the reason. Most people don't do that, and that's okay. I think it's what keeps them in the 'everything in moderation' genre of mental health, which to me is relative. Music is that way as well. Some find Classical music soothes them, and others like hard rock. hard or acid rock makes me nauseaus, but I like just about all other music. Understand that to me, it's completely understood that people have their own perspectives and beliefs regarding today's world. I respect that. But when there is so much information from valid sources begging to be heard, I have to wonder how to classify those who do not take the time in their (understandably) busy lives to listen to even consider investigating. I have to use the term, "ignorantly rigid". Just sayin' Kath
  9. Juan, I had to comment on this as I was sent an email this morning about a response to a topic I was watching. Not that it will change anyone's thinking, of course... The news reports of OBL (not to be confused yet again with BO ), are from mainstream media, which is highly controlled and in many cases fabricated for an agenda, as many of us know. The reason there are so many conflicting 'reports' is because there are conflicting truths. OBL is not responsible for 911 and was used to instill hate and fear in the people of the US, not to mention further excuse to continuing to invade Iraq with our 'protective' presence against Al Quada (which never existed). And so, in answer to the question you posed, how can you bring to trial a man who is already dead? He's reportedly (not by mainstream media) died years ago from a disease. One of his right hand men was a physician who was with him always. Interesting how this 'capture' should happen right at the time when Obama's approval ratings had plunged. Just sayin'... Kath, Star Reporter
  10. Dear Joseph, You have disappointed me. I still have a paid subscription on this forum since the Spong forumers had no choice in the matter. So, I check in once in a while to see if there is anything I find I'd like to engage in. Bishop Spong is a radical, yet still a Christian, so I can understand why the transition was made. However, some of us who were drawn to his forum were attracted to his perspectives which involved politics and world view. He actually became more involved in those perspectives as time went on.If anyone notices, he's doing that more and more. So now our Spong forum members have been shuffled into this new arena of Christianity, and it's called, "progressive". I fail to see how progressive it is and I fail to appreciate the connection. Bishop Spong does not, in my opinion, fit into this new forum. No matter what you say, I don't believe that current issues are welcome here. It's a Christian forum and obviously based on the bible. The only reason I am posting right now is to explain to you how you don't seem to grasp how many people have been lost in the transition, nor does it seem you even care. Your last closing of my thread on 911 is what prompted me to write here. After a member of the Spong forum who really didn't have any intention of continuing here posted (after I assured her how friendly and open-minded this forum was) you elected to close the thread, and you gave, in my opinion, vague and untrue reasons for doing so. So George and Ron gave it the thumbs down? Do you not realize what's going on here? I thought you did, but obviously, you changed your thinking for some reason. Well, you lost that Spong member (among so many others) and you lost me. I'm sure you will respond with some politically correct jargon, but please know that I think this is just plain wrong and obviously I was correct in that you are the administrator or a CHRISTIAN website, which only wants to deal with biblical or Christian based fundamental subjects, and have no interest in exploring how current world issues affect them. Bishop Spong does, and so many of us are so disappointed that the progressive thinking people on his forum were nurtured by his lead and then let down by those who supposedly follow him. I'm guessing that some of his 'followers' don't really get what he's saying at all. I didn't post to cause a problem here, but just to let you know that it's not all about interpreting the bible today. It's about how religion, and Christianity specifically is affected by the real world of today. I'm sorry if I don't fit in with your group here. I think that unless people here are concerned about the 'Rapture' all this discussion to try to figure out if the bible is accurate or not is really moot today. So little time, so much time wasted. Best of luck to you and your posters. kath
  11. Juan, It's very clear by this time that the disaster in Japan was no accident. But bringing this up on a forum such as this one is really peeing into the wind. That was made clear by a new resident, George, who you and I both know is hostile to what you and I and others try to bring to the attention of interested parties as he is somehow connected to government based on what I have observed. This subject is part of the large picture which most people do not want to even think about, so.... I'll end with an invitation to google "chemtrails", "what on earth are they spraying?" and to top it all off very well, " People do need to be made aware of the fact that their lives are being manipulated by forces we have no control of. I believe that is the Christian thing to do, but if it falls on deaf ears, so be it. love, Kath
  12. Thanks for some great and thoughtful responses. I'm a bottom line kinda gal, and no matter how I look at it, the foundation of this forum is Christian based. I knew this when I decided to participate since there are sections for threads aside from the 'eight points' Christian conversations, and all topics are very interesting to me. In response to this comment: "...So, why should I care if someone identifies as Christian? It seems to me the only logical basis to object would be if there is something inherently objectionable to being, or identifying, with Christianity...." I'm hoping people can read my post clearly to understand that I certainly am not objecting to anything. Only asking the question which I think is a good one, since the title of this forum is, in fact, "the Center for Progressive CHRISTIANITY" and although the goals are exceptional within the Christian community, the label is still Christian. Again, I'm not attempting to encourage change of the foundation and creed of this forum, which is moderated by an exceptional and spiritual man, but I tend to muse outloud when I have thoughts which I think make sense. I'd think it would get a wider audience and more participation with a different title, and therefore reach many people who are searching for answers, not necessarily from a Christian point of view, but this is only an opinion, and not a reason for anyone to become defensive. The participation in this forum speaks for itself. As you were! Kath
  13. "Aren't we all Christians?" was the topic. I thought this deserved a thread of it's own. I loved the story of how he was protected by the circle of gay men in one of the topics. I wonder if some of those wonderful people did not really consider themselves Christians, or even believe in God, yet participated in the heroic act of protecting one who was being attacked. My pont is that I believe there are many secular people who are Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, and all sorts of other religious cultures who would also stand together for the same purpose. Does it really matter whether or not people are believers in Jesus, or that he even existed? I believe in the concept and 'teachings' or philosophies of Jesus, but I really don't want to be referred to as a Christian because so many Christians don't really follow what Jesus was all about. I realize that's where 'progressive' Christians come in, but that's still based on the bible. So many other cultures have the same values and principles as Jesus was reported to have. So, I guess this means I'm not a progressive "Christian", per se, but rather a Christ philosophy follower. I'll think of a better name sometime later. I hope this doesn't offend the progressive Christians here. Kath edited signature per Kath's instruction....JM
  14. Hello, Hal~ This thought has occurred to me often, regarding aliens and God/Jesus. Since there are other stories similar to the Jesus story (Horace, for example), I have wondered how the same story could have spread over vast territory of land and time. It would make sense to me that something or someone could have planted both stories simultaneously for a specific purpose. There are even stories of underground populations and headquarters of aliens, intermingling and controling our government. That wouldn't surprise me at all. I've often mentioned on the old Spong forum, if you remember or even read my posts, that I believe we have a very limited awareness and knowledge regarding what the truth really is and there seems to be a common mindset based on belief of what we know so far, and what we've learned in school textbooks among the general population on earth, whether in the US or abroad. Only those of us who's curiosity and quest for answers are growing in knowledge, whether popular amongst our friends and families or not (usually not). And I'm wondering if that limited dummy-downedness might not be intentionally implemented by some superior entities, using earth for some purpose of which we have no clue. How many centuries of people have been trying to figure out the God or Jesus thing, only to just form conclusions with with they are comfortable, based on their own education and logic. I'm not satified with anything I've read from anyone's hypothesis and therefore, am drawn to hearing and learning what might seem outlandish and unthinkable to others. After listening to theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku on his many youtubed lectures, (he even reminds me of a robotic alien as he speaks) I'm more convinced of our worldly ignorance. I do have the thought that if true that aliens are among us and leading us, love is most definitely an agenda, and I wish they would just come out of the closet (or spaceship, or tunnel) and set us all straight! (unless it truly is a 'star wars' scenario of which force is stronger). Then again, it would all come down to whether or not a 'God" of the universe is creating the aliens as well as the humans (who to the aliens are alien). I like to think more finitely and say that aliens could be the God force and we still don't know anything about it. But at least that would make more sense to me than an enigmatic, theistic, contradictive God put forth in the bible. Kath edited to mention this: By the way, if anyone has been to Hawaii or some other flat vastness of land without much reflective light and has looked up at the stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the sky, you'd have to wonder how they could be dismissed as something that's just part of our universe. Something there to provide light for us when the sun goes down.
  15. Yes, Joseph, "...He teaches without a teaching, so that people will have nothing to learn...." Kath
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