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    Faith And Justice Sunday Conversations

    Faith and Justice Sunday Conversations is a new multiethnic ministry without walls in Indianapolis for everyone though is , especially for devout Christians without a church home interested in discussing and effectively addressing social issues and problems in their families and communities, meets in The Jordan YMCA community room on Sundays 12-2 located at 8400 Westfield Blvd.For further information call US US +1 3174085133 Call Call . Our November, December, and January topic is: FROM MOVEMENT TO CULTURE: THE DISMAL SUBTLE IMPACTS OF KLANNISH CULTURE ON CONTEMPORARY HOOSIER QUALITY OF LIFE. We hope to have a social scientist,a theologian, and a former U.S. Attorney lead some of our discussions (We will not be meeting on November 21,28,December 5,19,26, or January 2)