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  1. Bud

    Hi From New Person Bead

    Welcome--I think you may enjoy this organization. I am a clergy person also, but not as tired with the status quo as I am in trying to move it along. Good luck to you.
  2. Bud

    Hi, I'm New To The Forum

    Welcome Gabriel. And Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Bud
  3. Bud

    Greetings From New Member

    Hello Paul. I tried to look up the concerns you have for DavidK and couldn't find them. It's not been my experience that people have been insulting, but I don't read all of these by any means. I spent a number of years at the West Side Parish in Chicago and one of the parish communities was Mennonite. That community has now moved to one of the suburbs of Chicago and calls itself Reba Place, I think. Julius Belser was the pastor. In any event, my interest while I was at the parish was the work done by the Mennonites on Christian Education for children--I found the materials helpful and useful. This is many years ago now, and you may not know of this particular group, but I welcome you and hope that your search to teach is met with some useful comments. Best to you. Bud
  4. Bud

    Looking For A Place To Rest

    Jake--I would say that you should suit yourself. I am a Christian but also understand the difficulties in finding a place where you feel comfortable and where you feel accepted. I'm not aware of what traditions you have looked at, but certainly there are many spiritual paths that are available to all of us--Christian or otherwise. Good luck.
  5. Bud


    Thanks, Soma. Actually I have difficulties with the concept of a devil as well. I prefer to think of evil as the absence of good. The intention on our part is to be good. When we fail at that it's because we don't have the ability for perfection. God makes up for our lack of good by loving us and moving us forward toward seeing where we can go towards the good. If we believe in the presence of God and of Jesus in our lives, our values change and move us forward as well. And, truly, I don't know where we end up, but maybe that's not important at all. An old friend of mine ends all of her letters with "keep the faith, and pass a lot of it on." good luch to you and much faith.
  6. Bud


    Great thoughts!!! As a priest I have often tried to speak honestly at funerals--usually by avoiding the topic of life after death. And then there is that gospel lesson that I leave a portion off "....no one comes to the Father but by me." I agree that this is the life to be lived--the one that is visible right before us and, if there is a thing like heaven, that's an added benefit. I don't know if Jesus ever did say much about heaven--he said something about paradise. Maybe our theological assumption is that it is interpreted as heaven. thanks for the good thoughts. I am grateful for the work that you have done.
  7. Bud

    Hello From An Author And Fellow Seeker

    Welcome, Scott. You have an interesting career and experience of Christianity. Hope you enjoy reading the material.
  8. Bud

    Self-Diagnosed Agnostic

    Migdalin--how about asking the questions and then seeing if anybody wants to take a shot at replying (notice I didn't say answer)?
  9. I'm always surprised when a person describes him or herself as an athiest. To be an athiest means that you oppose something--in the case of religion--the opposition is against God. If you oppose something that doesn't exist, then, in reality it must exist or it wouldn't be something that could be opposed. I do understand the concept of agnostic. One doesn't deny the possible existence of a higher being, but if there is one then they cannot accept that concept. Help me to understand this issue. I believe there is a ground of all being--whatever that may be called by others as God, or higher power, or whatever--and I am a Christian. But I understand the making of myth and I clearly understand that Christianity is largely a faith which was "designed" by St. Paul. Jesus wasn't a Christian--he was a Jew. And the work of Paul was to create a theological system to hep understand the incredible beliefs of the earliest followers of Jesus. They experienced Jesus in a form and understanding which can only be understood as a mystery, and Paul put flesh and blood to their beiefs. I find myself being a progressive because I believe that while Christianity is a belief system, and acknowledges God and, Jesus in some special relationship to God, but I don't find that it is necessary to believe that the Bible is the only proof of the Christian faith, nor do I believe that one has to be "saved"--original sin was, after all, a very late concept of Augustine--and I believe that the life and words and work of Jesus are best carried out in a community of people who care for each other, have compassion for each other, and who work for the better good of the world. I also don't deny that people who are not believers can also be people who are able to be just as caring, compassionate and concerned for the world. What I have difficulty understanding is why it is so necessary to have a stance of opposition in either direction. Except for evangelical fundamentalism, it seems to me that the goal is wholesome, healthy, concerned living that is lived out within the context of a faith, or not. In my world, faith is rewarding, important, challenging and hopeful, but I don't feel that everyone has to be a believer. To accuse all Christians of being bigots, etc, is really narrow-minded and lacks the intellectual capacity to understand the difference between how people choose to live their lives.
  10. Bud


    Hi Travis. I'm wondering if you are thinking about finding another church? It must be difficult to be in a place where you feel like you can't exercise your own faith experiences. Good luck!
  11. Hello--my name is Bud. I am an Episcopal priest==retired once, and now doing interims. The church I am presently serving is now using the new ProgressiveChristianity curriculum. I have been theologically liberal as well as politically liberal for most of my adult life. I am enjoying reading the material I receive. Thanks.