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    Disillusioned After 15 Years

    Thanks. I've really missed going to church all this time and have felt guilty about it. But I know we want to be in the right place. Since the whole election drama, I came across some really great books like 'How Would Jesus Vote?' Still, so many churches here, while seeming welcoming, still promoted those so called 'unbiased' informational booklets on voting. Here, they're put out by the Center for AZ Policy. On a side note, I work for an environmental nonprofit, and even though I'm definitely not a 'tree-hugger', it made no difference at the church. There was either no interest or people were wary of the liberal leanings of being 'green.' I couldn't believe how simplistic the thinking was and how easily they put you into certain camps.
  2. searchinginaz

    Disillusioned After 15 Years

    Hi everyone. Very glad to have found this site. My topic reads 'disillusioned' because after becoming a Christian in Japan in 1995 and being a sincere follower, I haven't attended a church for over a year. The turning point came during the presidential election in '08 when it became really clear that we were the only non-Republicans in our church. Our pastor and others definitely voiced their views in small groups and emails which really troubled us and immediately put a wedge in between. We began to feel like undercover spies and it was awful, so we left, after having attended for 3 years. I feel very strongly that Christianity should not be 'owned' or represented by any political party. By doing so, it immediately puts up a wall against those with differing viewpoints and destroys any sense of 'grace.' My husband and I are still looking for a church that doesn't follow the typical anti-liberal slant but is still biblical - and I'm telling you, it's extremely difficult. It's probably more so being in AZ.