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  1. I believe the primary point of the crucifixion was not Jesus' death on the cross or even God raising Jesus from the dead but Jesus' ultimate and complete suppression of the (small "s") self and full embracing of God in the garden the night he was arrested. God did not/does not require a sacrifice; the sacrifice was no sacrifice at all to Jesus. By showing us that by returning to full communion/oneness with God, which necessitates suppression of our ego, we liberate our spirits from that which impairs that very communion. (The state of being for which and in which we were created). And yet by being the revealer/exemplifier of this truth Jesus is, in deed, our Redeemer. ;-)
  2. I am so thankfull to have been lead to this place. I say "lead" because I am well aware of the fact that the understandings I'm bleesed to now hold regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ have come only because of the faithfulness of God and my , at times none to certain, willingness to keep walking this journey we call life. :-) I am a minister in a more tradtional expression of the faith yet I do not know how much longer that reality will continue. I am hoping to make connections here with other like hearted souls in my area in the hopes of developing a local community/ministry of the same. I have looked for some sort of "Networking/Connections" page and there does not seem to be one, then again it might just be me, lol. Maybe the Admin could set up a "Local Connection" forum that would have a page for every State &/or major municiple area. Well I've ranted enough. I pray God's Peace and Blessing upon you all, Brother Thomas
  3. I have been blessed with many opportunities that such a statement presents. I usually reply in refference to Luke 10:25-28 ( Love God AND Love Your neighbor i.e. "One Another) the point being; "How Can You Love Your Neighbor/One Another if you don't even Know your neighbor/One Another?" And then there is the actuality that any professed follower of Jesus IS a member of the Church whether they like it or not, this reality then lend the question of just what part you are playing/ministry you are fulfilling ( we all have one) within the Body of Christ/ the Church? And then, finally, to me those who espouse such a position are willfully committing to errors at the same time; 1) they are denying the church the experiences of their life that may prove helpful to some within the church and 2) they are denying the God they profess to Love the joy of that aspect of their personal spiritual development that can only come through interaction with the broader church. ( of course this point often goes unheeded due to the lack of a frame of refference by those who believe they "don't need church". With the Love of Christ, Brother Thomas
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