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  1. Where is the so-called tolerance of faiths here on this TCPC? I'll tell you where. It is locked away in Joseph's inability to get over his own ego and all the rest of you who are willing to kow tow to Joseph's ego trips. Those who are not willing to kow tow Joseph gets rid of and none of you complains. This treatment of those who do not agree to the forum owners personal definitions of faith is exactly the same as one finds on most any fundamentalist Christian forum such as CARM. Ego trippers without anything to offer intelligently often wind up as petty authoritarians wherever they can find a group who will allow themselves to be led like sheep in order to belong to a group. This is why these types of forums become reduced to a few regular posters while those who think outside the group mindset are run off one way or another, e.g. me and DavidK. So nothing has changed with "Progressive Christianity". I find it a joke that you people really do think you are "progressive". Where is it, this "progress"? You don't even know what you believe in as Progressive Christianity devolves more and more into another UU/Unity nebulous and meaningless "Christianity" that has long lost it's "salt", its spiritual power. As I said religion cannot be formed by intellectual effort and by throwing out the spiritual foundation of Christianity, i.e. by reducing Christianity to just one of any number of acceptable spiritual paths, one has lost the reasons why God brought the Spirit of Christ to earth in the first place. When Joseph's power over TCPC member's ability to post their beliefs without being subject to one person's ideas of what constitutes acceptable beliefs then I will participate again. DavidK's ability to post his Christian beliefs freely on these boards will be the indicator of a serious sea-change that needs to happen on this TCPC forum. Or not happen. It's up to you whether intellectual honesty is a value or not or if group think is the highest value here. Either way, I will be around doing my prophesy bearing work which is how our religion rejuvenates itself to meet the demands of each unfolding aeon.
  2. Joseph, you have a dangerous mindset if you don't mind me saying so. You're one of these people who believes they are above acts of egotistical behavior but are not at all. You claim to stand for a Christianity that is tolerant of other faiths yet you are now censoring TCPC members who don't agree with your particular definition of Christianity, a definition I might remind you you would have a great deal of trouble defending within the great majority of Christian church congregations. In short, you have a distinctly minority Christian point of view and yet here you are trying to push your minority view down TCPC members throats by force of threat of censorship. You are not unique in this role, it is the most common one of forum owners and administrators but it also the reason such minority religious views like mine get censored on these Internet religious discussion forums. All I can suggest is that once upon a time there existed the best Internet discussion forum in the world. It was called Lycos boards and there the Lycos administrators had a light touch on the censorship button and amazingly, we posters managed to weed out all the garbage postings and their posters by simply ignoring posted views that had nothing to offer but vitriol or sales pitches--and that worked! Long lasting forum board communities were formed. I had Lycos friends for years after Lycos folded due to lack of knowing how to make the Lycos forum pay for itself. But Lycos remains in my memory as proof that heavy handed censorship is not needed on these forum boards. Blatantly violating posts can be and should be censored under general posting rules but when you get into personal religious prejudices dominating others, then it's time to step back and see if there's another way to hold common dialogue.
  3. It's oddly true that people can read my material and make comments like you have suggesting that such things as the Story of Paxcalibur are a dime a dozen and that everyone knows about the incarnation of the Spirit of Christ as Christ Josephine/White Buffalo Calf Woman. And all Christians know about how the Gospels teach Christians to identify God as the Great Spirit of Humanity, that Yahweh was not God Most High, that the Gospels were channeled visions of their writers, that Abraham was derived from Brahma, that there is no such thing as "free will", that Creation is both completed from beginning to end and yet still in process, yes, all these concepts are regular fare in your understanding of Christianity. Last 2 sentences deleted - Censored by JosephM
  4. The basic assumption of Buddhism is wrong. I don't have to know the various sectarian differences of Buddhism to know that Gautama Buddha, coming from a self-described very privileged childhood, overreacted when he confronted human misery and created a mind control remedy to avoid psychic suffering that threw the baby out with the bathwater. These are the End Times of Buddhist philosophy. God has led me to the fatal flaws of many religious paths and Buddhism is one of them. It is based on creating a single brain state wherein electrical activity to the brain's sense of self center in the parietal area is shunted forward to the frontal lobes, especially the right frontal lobe where pleasure centers register this electrical activity as feelings of oceanic bliss. This information can be read in studies done of Buddhist monks meditating but the conclusion is my own, that Buddhism is really not very different from other forms of mind control, e.g. drugs, in that it seeks a physical brain manipulation remedy for dealing with psychic pain. The "Void" concept in Buddhist philosophy comes from projecting the actual void of electrical activity within the brain's sense of self center. It takes an ego to create novelty which is why those nations where Buddhism is the main religion lag behind their Western counterparts. Nature is revered and traditional art is the product of Buddhist single state brain glorification. No philosophy that promotes a single brain state over other brain states can be good for humanity and therefore as a Christian I warn against following the false Buddhist road. No matter how seductive it seems it is the same old lotus land idea of changing one's oppressed mental state instead of dealing with the social causes of that oppression.
  5. Well, there you are, Joseph. I do accept the Gospels as the Word of God--the words spoken by Jesus. I do find it difficult to identify you as a Christian when you don't accept the words of Jesus. I'm not talking about historical veracity but inspired writing that has created a Word of God. I'm wondering if your UU/Unity point of view is typical of Progressive Christianity. There is such a battle going on here to try to make me back down from following the Gospel and tossing it aside in favor of this fuzzy wuzzy "let's all feel good and be nice to everyone" that's being promoted here as "Christianity". It seems posters here cannot tell the difference between Buddhism and Christianity.
  6. How did you jump to this false conclusion? "If your claims were valid for me, I would have to make you God." So you could make this following statement seem like an appropriate response? "That, I'm not willing to do. Sorry." If you're going to disagree with me I do hope you can do it without recourse to slandering me. Nowhere do I claim to be God so your argument is meaningless. What I do claim is to be a voice of God in our times.
  7. That may be all fine and good for you, Joseph, but this UU/Unity ideology is completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ. See my post above quoted from the Gospel of John.
  8. "So the Jews said, 'Will he kill himself, because he says, 'Where I go you cannot come'? And he said to them, 'You are from beneath; I am from above, You are of this world; I am not of this world. Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins." Jn 8:22-24 "Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father, you would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of myself, but He sent me. Why do you not understand my speech? Because you are not able to listen to my word. You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which of you convicts me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? He who is of God hears God's words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God." Jn 8:42-47 If you want a Buddy Jesus, rent the movie Dogma, but if you follow Christ you will come up against religious differences and you will have to make a choice.
  9. So it was OK with you guys when the Catholic Church killed and killed again in the name of God? And it was OK when the Protestant Europeans came following the Catholics into the New World to kill and kill again in the name of God? And it was OK that GWB and Evangelical Christians decided America should be at war with Islam and support Israelis no matter how fascist they act towards Palestinian Muslims? This is all OK because the Pope can sit down with rabbis and schmooze and say "Why can't we all just get along?" You know, you can turn the Smiley Face Towards All around and see how tyranny goes unchecked because people won't speak up against it. When you do speak up against social injustice you take a stand and face the consequences. And more often than not, acting against social injustice will get you into more trouble than you bargained for. A Smiley Face won't serve to stop abusers of social or military power. Gandhi and Aun San Su Kyi turned to the model of Jesus not as a smiling guru or Buddha but as the only way to overthrow tyrannical government without resorting to armed struggle. I am a Christian who knows why one can only come to the Father through Jesus Christ. No other religious path will get you there because no other religion holds the knowledge of the identity of the Father. Knowing the Father is key to overcoming male territorial battling without resorting to mental emasculation which is the Buddhist option. Now, having that opinion of Buddhism would only make me a hypocrite if I went up and hugged a Buddhist as a spiritual brother or is the Smiley Face just an image for show? Fundamentalist Christians consider the we are all One so why the fuss concept that drove UU, Unity, and now Progressive Christianity it seems, a tepid watered-down Christian belief system more concerned with creating a social club where all can join in as long as they don't look too deeply at each other's doctrines and they have a point. All unity breaks down under stress when the underlying principles are at odds with each other. Why not be real and deal with differences that are made to be overcome, often by the process of replacing bad ideas with better ones, but still each has to stand trial in the Arena of history.
  10. This gets to the problem of how to tell a true prophet from a false one. Since visions and revelations do not seem to be controllable events one is really left to Jesus' wisdom: "by their fruits ye shall know them". There is just no other way to make a rational judgment about the revelations people get and share. Deuteronomy wants to set up this life and death division wherein a prophet's predictions must come true for a prophet to be true and a valid vessel of the Word of God but careful study of the Jewish major and minor prophets and even Jesus shows us enough errors in predictions to toss that Deuteronomic hardline into the trash heap of history. So, here I sit with my own load of visions and prophetic revelations and ask those who learn of them, "just be real" and deal with my material as you would coming across any new set of ideas. I cannot demand acceptance because I myself am watching my own life as a prophesy bearer with some degree of distance knowing only too well how I cannot in all good faith say "I am absolutely right" about everything I say 'cause I've got a corner on God's attention. I can only join others in watching what happens. But I do possess enough confidence in my relationship with God to do what God instructs and to do it faithfully because God gives me only good visions to do and the revelations are wonderful. Why not step out and be a point man for God and Their Spirit of Christ? That's my job. Yours is to review whether or not my pointing has led others farther into the pit or or helped others climb out of it. Actions speak louder than words and the fruit must be good otherwise the tree is only worthy of being pulled up by its roots and tossed into the fire.
  11. Does no one here remember the words of Jesus re how he didn't come to bring peace into the world but a sword and how following him would divide families up? Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called "sons of God". A peacemaker who advocates social justice for all, a peacemaker who advocates forgiveness of sins while the Law and territorial men cannot forgive and seek revenge, such a peacemaker in ancient societies was a Troublemaker, a Provocateur, a traitor to the flag of God and country. Such peacemakers did not bring peace to their communities but without them, peace would not be known as a goal of God. In Revelation, Jesus wars against evil using the sharp sword of his mouth and that is how it works. The Word of God can be a sharp sword that divides cruelty from humaneness, divides evil from goodness. There is no other way to formulate the necessary choice between two opposing ways of being a human being. As I said in the topic post I believe it is hypocritical to say as Christians all spiritual paths lead to God and are of equal value. Jesus set the example of how he didn't believe his own religious leadership (Pharisee and Saducee) was capable of leading men to God's goodness. Without Jesus' attack on Pharaisic Judaism, would Christianity exist today? If Jesus had not gone far out of his way to create division between followers of a good God and followers of traditional religious practices, would Christianity exist today? My point is that the modern trend of ecumenical tolerance of all faiths is due in my mind to lack of confidence in Christian doctrine. When confidence in Christ is restored one understands why One Way through Christ is the root of Christianity and its spiritual power. Most all organized religions have their sets of Golden Rules so it isn't this that marks a Christian believer as different from other faithful. It is spiritual knowledge of God that makes the difference between a Christian and say a Jew or a Buddhist. Christ compels a familial relationship with God and preaches the same familial relationship between all who believe in God. Much of Christian social behavior comes from this standpoint or at least it should. And to think that every religion offers this is to condone a universality of God consciousness that just does not exist. It must be learned through either direct spiritual contact with God or blind faith in the Word of God that comes without hypocrisy, i.e., that comes direct from the heart. It would be nice if all religionists saw each other as equals before God but this isn't the way it is. Religions, like most everything social that human beings do is fraught with territorial control issues which is one of the main reasons the Solitary Path is chosen by those seeking Knowledge of God. Will the Pope honor Buddha someday? In political expediency at which Popes partake in large measure, this could happen but would it mean anything at all re spiritual authority? I think not because where is the resolution of the great divide between God worshiping Christians and godless Buddhism? It cannot be buried by covering it with a happy face. The foundations must be aligned before true universality of belief can have any real spiritual meaning. It's the difference between careless love and careful love.
  12. Perhaps reading the words of Jesus Christ would refresh your memory past politics.
  13. Over the course of 30 years since I was put on the Christian path albeit not the traditional one, I've watched intellectual Christians deal with the culmination of 200+ years of New Testament critique that has more or less shattered the New Testament as any sort of reliable historical document about this Jewish man identified as Jesus Christ in Greek. Because I came to Christianity through revelatory experience and not through intellectual choice and because the revelatory experience contained within it the wisdom to see the Bible as a guidebook and not as an idol not to be questioned I've had no real problem reading the New Testament verses for their intrinsic spiritual value and not as confirmation that all the events recorded happened as described. I was content with the story of Jesus Christ as a story, a story recording the brief ministry on earth of a spiritual being. Having found the Talmudic oblique and negative accounts of what I personally believe is the historical Jesus in Yeishu ben Pantera I was content with reading the Gospel accounts as fictions loosely based on Yeishu ben Pantera's running afoul of Jewish authorities perhaps a century before the time of Jesus Christ. The Gospels recorded to my mind that Spirit of Christ which descended to earth between 100 BC and 100 AD, a Spirit that became infused within the life story and teachings of a Jewish man in Palestine around 2000 years ago plus or minus. Although key elements of the Talmudic accounts of Yeishu show up in the Gospels, there Jesus Christ is actually a literary being composed of verses taken from the Septuagint. Even the basic plots of Jesus' brief career as a radical teacher have been taken from the Old Testament. It did not matter to me if this Jesus Christ was the inspired fiction of Mark and Matthew, Luke and John and then Thomas. I accounted these writers as divinely inspired, actually channeling the Spirit of Christ, so I could still find great spiritual wisdom within the fictional Story of Jesus Christ. I had already discounted Paul's type of Christian belief, the vicarious sin atonement type which uses Jesus Christ in the same manner other dying/resurrection godmen were used to purify sinners of their sins. I had another, better because being biologically based, lesson to learn from Jesus' sacrificial death. So again, the Story of Jesus Christ floated easily within my Christian belief system as what it is, a story, a most powerful story that does not really require belief in its historicity to be able to convey the great spiritual lessons God wants humanity to know about. I once briefly joined the Westar Jesus Seminar group looking for more information about the Talmudic accounts but found they knew nothing more than me and weren't really interested. The Talmud was Jewish scholarship territory and Christian scholars were loathe to cross boundaries. (Sorta like here maybe with Progressive Christianity partisans not wanting any contamination from outside sources- ). The JS is so like every other organization organized around ideas--they devolve in my opinion to the standard territorial battles between major voices and who knows who's right and who's wrong. I have a feeling Progressive Christianity is also headed in the same direction because it too lacks that fundamental ingredient for the recovery of Christian spiritual authority--no divine revelation, only more and more intellectualization of the traditional material. Having come to God through revelation I of course have my prejudice that this is the only spiritual authentic way to come to God and the Spirit of Christ. I must make a difference between scholarship and inspiration in the root meaning of that word. I think what bothers an intellectual Christian believer about the role of divine revelation is that they're afraid of it. Ideas, yes, but Word of God? or worse, a new Word of God? Please! Let's keep Jesus and the ancients in the books which we can put back into the bookcase when we've learned enough about what they were trying to say. And there's truth to that too because these Word of God books, especially the Abrahamic ones, certainly do not possess any historical track record of imparting divine wisdom or compassion on the masses that have had to learn them. What to do. Well, you know my answer. Like it or not only divine revelation will show the way to recovery of spiritual truth, a spiritual truth of God that does compel compassion and wisdom and after all isn't that what religion is supposed to be all about?
  14. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and what he said about bringing peace into this world is spiritual truth. A garden cannot be planted without tearing out the weeds and preparing the ground for the new seed. It is the fate of those of us who follow Jesus Christ to bring division between old and new because new life cannot be poured into old vessels. I am full with spiritual revelation and whether or not it is useful knowledge remains for future appraisal but in the here and now I must deliver what I've received. It's in my job description. Someday Prophets Local 215 will even get us paid vacations so I hear..
  15. Can't be a spiritual activist if you don't believe in yourself as a vessel of spiritual knowledge. When someone's drowning, you toss them a lifeline or give them a hand or jump in and save them. And if they're family, you jump in even if you don't know how to swim.
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