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  1. I cannot fathom that I have 1,327 posts here. Wow.

  2. Rivanna, Actually I do remember you. I'm very impressed that you remember that much about what we talked about. You have a great memory! I keep on planning to come back and participate, but one thing or another seems to keep getting in the way.
  3. Sorry about the late response McKenna. I've been otherwise engaged (yardwork) recently. Thank you for the welcome back! I don't know how much I'll be participating, but it's been nice to stop in and say hi to everyone.
  4. Howdy Jen! How goes life with Jesus? (And no, I'm not making fun.)
  5. Thanks Bob. It's nice to see that you're still here.
  6. Thanks Joseph. I have stayed in touch with Fred, but have lost track of Flowperson. I'm hoping he'll come by and see that we are talking about him.
  7. Thank you Dave. I'm glad to see you too. I mean that.
  8. Joseph encouraged me to stop in and say hello. As I was encouraged by his encouragement, I decided to do just that. And so, without further ado: Hello!
  9. Excuse me? I'm not upset at you. You used the word first and I apologized for my crankiness. I've left the board David. Gatekeep to your hearts content. You're right, I do post the most. Too much time on my hands I guess. I certainly don't intend to shut the conversation down. If anything I've tried desperately to stir some conversation up. I've left the board before because I felt like I spend too much time here. I'm leaving the board at this time because I realize I don't fit in anymore. And it's ironic that you are drawn to Fred. He was the other most philosophical poster on here, along with me, and he too found the atmosphere a bit unconducive to dialog when it fell outside the "bounds" of proper progressive Christianity. C'est la vie.
  10. Yes it is a problem to know what parts of the Bible to take literally and which to take as allegory. However, it's a problem that can't be ignored. Scripture is made up of history, poetry, song, prophecy, and story. Not all of it is meant to be interpreted metaphorically, nor is all of it mean to be interpreted literally. I would never suggest that scripture be interpreted only metaphorically, any more than I would suggest it be interpreted only literally. It's both/and, not either/or. A gourd! Follow the gourd! No the shoe! Follow the shoe! Yup, it's in the 8 points.
  11. I find it significant that the name of the organization is the Center for Progressive CHRISTianity, not the Center for Progressive Jesusanity. How do I feel the JS can result in literalism? On one far side of the fence there are those that feel that the Bible is literal all the way thru - everything, right down to 6 literal creation days, a literal being named Satan, and a whore named Babylon. On the other far side of the fence there are those that feel that most of the Bible is myth, and since (in their view) many of the things written there couldn't possibly happen, just toss those bits out and what you are left with is the "actual, literal, real, historical truth." What is missed by those on both sides of the fence are the deep, profound, amazing truths found not only in the literal person of Jesus (who I believed lived), but also in the incarnate Logos (who I believe Jesus was), and in the mythological and symbolic signposts pointing to God. As for the baggage that Jesus the Christ did or did not carry, that is open to interpretation. I guess the question is: Is this website for Christians that consider themselves in some way progressive, or is it for Jesus Seminar followers? I know I'm coming across as cranky. I do apologize for that. However, it does feel like you ARE trying to be a gatekeeper, and I'm feeling a little frustrated.
  12. I have had a few mystical experiences, but in all honesty, those experiences are not how I've arrived at the ideas we've been discussing. I would credit rationalism and researching the theology of the early church fathers and dare I say "inspiration"? This is one of the places where the JS and I part company, so to speak. The search for the historical Jesus only takes you so far. The Christ of faith lives within the literature of the Christian community. I have respect for the JS and for Borg in particular, but I can't help but think of their quest for the historical Jesus to be a liberal form of literalism/fundamentalism. In an attempt to find all the historical trees, many of them miss the forest. The historical Jesus according to whom? It's easy to read the JS literature and think we know who the historical Jesus was, but that's just not true. We have the opinion of particular historians, but there are other historians that disagree. I agree. I don't think Jewish or Christian scripture teaches total non-duality, but I also don't think it teaches the radical duality that most of Christianity says it does. Again, I agree. There are those who call themselves Christian and I wonder why. They seem to me to be closer to Hindu or Buddhist or neopagan. However, I used to fall into that category and it's this board that has helped me over the past few years. I'm grateful that the owner and admin are as lenient as they are.
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