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    I was raised in the JW religion. In 1996 I walked away from it. Though I agreed with their belief in our earth being restored rather than teaching that Jesus will literally burn it up one day... as the vast majority of right wing Evangelicals teach...and I also concure with a bibical unitarian view on God...I did not like their sexist views on women which I felt nearly matched those of the Southern Baptist convention. I am into a healthy lifestyle. I love walking or ridding my beach crusier bike everyday on the beach or nature trails for fun and health. I don;t smoke, don't do pot and I don;t drink or like bars. I enjoy the casual beach culture lifestyle and I love animals and landscaping with tropical plants. I enjoy 60's and 70's folk rock, funk/disco, 80's New wave, World music, Reggae, and techno-House/Dance music.
  1. I know one really great book about MISusing Paul's words to try and justify sexism. The book is called What Paul Really Said About Women." By John Temple Bristow. This guy does a great job of breaking down Greek and Hebrew words and shows you step by step how these words were CHANGED from their orginal meanings to try and make it lok like the Bible justifies sexism..when he shows you infact the orginal message was just the opposite.
  2. I think you've nailed it here, BOE. Fear causes us to be irrational. Well, author Leo Booth (Former Catholic Priest, Former Episopalin priest and now in Unity Church) says this is due to an unhealthy view of God. And, to me, eschatological events such as hell, Armageddon, the Rapture, etc. are irrational. None of my family is devotely religious. Well, it's all about cosic fear tacticts to maintain A.I.S =Asses In SeatsHowever, I think though it is more often than not the case that Millennialism is always viewed as negative and threatening...It can be viewed as positive such as with the Hopi Indians who hold a vision of The Great Spirit Restoring the earth rather than unleashing His Wrath on it in some sort of "Rapture" idea. But my wife's side comes in Baskin-Robbins flavors and it makes family reunions difficult, mainly because many of them are on the latest kick of what event is a sure sign that Jesus is almost here and what do we really need to do to make sure that we go with him. My wife's aunt and uncle actually sold their house in 1999 because they believed with all their hearts that the Y2k bug would cause nuclear reactors to melt down, setting in motion the beginning of the Tribulation, and Jesus would come just before that to get his church. To me, this is just plain wacky and I want no part of this kind of religion based in fear and irrationality. Yeap. I know what you mean. There was a famous The End Is Nighn! Alert that was set off in 1975 in which a bunch of JW's sold their houses thinking that Armageddon was "Just Around The Corner". While I might admire the JW zeal born out of their devotion to their beliefs, to me, such beliefs don't deserve such zeal. This is where I think the paradigm of personal religion makes a difference. If we see our religion as ULTIMATELY about us, about our salvation from hell or the earth, then devotion to that belief system makes us selfish. But if we see our religion as ULTIMATELY about connecting with others to make the world better, then devotion to that belief system makes us less selfish. Yes, the ulta conservatives must gid over this "My God is Better Than Your God!" And "We Are Special And Everyone Else Is NOT!" Mind-set. Kindness MUST Come BEFORE Creeds. Both Evangelicals & JW's believe that "We Are In The Last Days...-" Well, the Bible also says that 1,000 years is like ONE DAY TO GOD and thus as such what if the Last Days Were to mean we are in the LAST 1,000 years..then you better learn to be nice to all your liberal family, friends and neighbors cause you might be stuck with all of us for a VERY long time!...
  3. My mom is devote JW and though she is more moderate than most..still she says things as do other JWs that reminds me alot of far right Evangelicals. Like she the J-dubs say they take their faith seriously and others don;t and that is why they go door-to-to-door and others are simply apathelic. The problem they can not see that what they 'think' is real zeal for witnessing for God..is..in reality an unhealthy FEAR. With the far right Evangelicals it FEAR of hellfire and others getting "Left Behind" and with the J-Jubs it's FEAR of Armageddon and FEAR people not getting into paradise. There is two other things they also have in common..both the far right Evangelical protestants and J-dubs think they ALONE are right and are saved and everyyone else is not and doomed. In turn this also breeds a very annoying result...which is nagging family memebers and friends to come attend 'their' Revivals, Easter services, meetings, Christ Memorials,ect. Excuse my french but I endure this annoying bull--- every years about this time. My devote JW mother pesters the hell out of me to attend 'their' Christ Memorial. If I go there just to silence her I end up getting mad at what i hear. "We are right and saved and everyone else is going to Armageddon in a handbasket and if you REALLY appreciate Christ's ransom then you'll join us and attend our boring and fundamental meetings...blah, blah, blah and this is really so unproductive and I wonder why this keeps being repeated every damn year. The JWs pester their members to pester their family to come to their thing. The non-J-dub family go there just to oppease their overly zealous JW family members..they leave and think to themselves, "God, I am glad that is over!" And then the next year the whole thing starts all over again. Likewise up here in Ojai this neo-Penecostal church does a easter in the Park service every year and invites the public. At the end they speak of Jesus coming back one day and hoping to be counted amoung those saved and I rember this one time the pastor told the crowd to come on up to the front and get saved and confuse Jesus Christ as Lord before all as a witness the people in the crowd just looked at each other like, "What the hell?" And no one came forward and then the next year they did not ask anyone to do this. I don;t think these far right fundamental faith groups realize how invasive they come off as.
  4. I think what it comes down to is..people especially those of the religious far right..do not practice putting kindness BEFORE Creeds. If people REALLY pratcied the Golden Rule then THIS WOULD BE..Putting Kindness BEFORE CREEDS.
  5. Well, notice, for example, in my thread about The Resurrection Being Spiritual, Physical or Mythical? I did not claim or indicate that I thought you ever viewed the resurrection as mythical was "Unsaved", "eternally lost" or "Not A Real christian"...nor did those who held the opposite view on this suggest anything like this to me? That is the differnnce with Progressive and Moderate Christianity..verses the fundamental far right kind...Or at least I think. We may not understand someone else' view that differes from our own..but just because we don't understand we don't view each other as doomed or unsaved,ect.
  6. Deleted duplicate post. JosephM(Moderator/Admin)
  7. Article intitled, Far From Heaven By Lisa Miller | NEWSWEEK Published Mar 25, 2010 From the magazine issue dated Apr 5, 2010 Jesus died and rose again so that all his followers could, eventually, do the same.People yearn for reunions with friends and relativesand even with their pets. The number of Americans who say they believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ has dropped 10 points since 2003 to 70 percent, according to the most recent Harris poll, according to a 1997 Time/CNN poll. Thanks to the growth here of Eastern religions, reincarnationthe belief that after death a soul returns to earth in another bodyis gaining adherents. Nearly 30 percent of 2003 Harris poll respondents said they believed in reincarnation; of self-professed Christians, that number was 21 percent. In recent years, some scholars who profess to be Christians have published books and articles dismissing Jesus' resurrection as a fable [ A Mere 'Metaphore' Or Positive 'Myth'] and have initiated a fierce debate over this subject. In their search for "the historical Jesus," various scholars argue that the Gospel accounts of the empty tomb and Jesus' post-resurrection appearances are pure fiction. BOE: But, the question is why? And what has caused this? In Ancient Times... BOE: Amazingly, the Newsweek article admits: Even in biblical times, resurrection deniers who hoped for an afterlife took an alternative route. This is what scholars call "the immortality of the soul." Embraced by Plato and popular today. {For A Majority] The immortality of the soul [seems] easier to swallow than [The Platoism Meets Christianity version of the] resurrection [as we know it today]. After death, the soulunique and indestructibleascends to heaven to be with God while the physical body, and all our low human desires, stays behind to rot. This view, has a serious defect: a disembodied soul attaching itself to God in heaven offers no more comfort or inspiration than an escaped balloon. From Restoration Fellowship.org http://focusonthekingdom.org/articles/gnosis.htm Evangelicals and liberals both have substituted an instant rice "heaven" at death for the Kingdom of God coming at the return of Jesus. Jesus' Gospel preaching has been adversely affected and evangelicals wonder why their "Gospel of the cross" lacks power. The fact is that the Gospel's most fundamental element the Kingdom has been eliminated from the popular gospel. Consolation was not the goal of Plato's afterlife. Without sight or hearing, taste or touch, a soul in [Platonized version of Christianity] heaven can no more enjoy the "green, green pastures", than it can play a Bach cello suite or hit a home run. So-called "Traditional" Visions of heaven fail to satisfy. BOE: Why Do Religious Liberals Reduce The Resurrection Down To Merely 'Metaphoric'? The Newsweek continues: Another popular way out of the Easter conundrum"I want to believe in heaven but can't get my head around the revivification of human flesh" a bodiless ascension to God. Religious Liberals frequently fall back on resurrection-as-metaphor, for it allows them to celebrate Easter while also expressing a reasonable agnosticism. They quote that great theological cop-out: "We cannot know what God has in store for us." BOE: Answering the unattractive dis-embodied spirit problem...of Platonistic version of Christianity The Laymen's Home Missionary Movement http://www.biblestandard.com/questions/QA_s.htm SoulHuman . . . The Bible tells us plainly just what the human soul really is. According to Gen. 2: 7, "The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed Hebrew, (blew) into his nostrils the breath of lives [the Hebrew word here is in the pluralchayim]; and man became a living soul." Note carefully, it does not say that man was given a living soul, but man became a living soul.The human soul or being can hear, see, touch, swear, work, rest, eat, drink and be merry (Lev. 5: 1, 4; 7: 18, 20, 21, 27; 23: 30; Luke 12: 19). And since animals also are sentient beings or souls, it is easy to understand how in Num. 31: 28 beeves, asses and sheep are spoken of as souls (compare Eccles. 3: 19). Animals, as well as human, can see, hear, feel, taste and smell. " (1 Cor. 1: 20)! 68-23 Question (1972)I have received from the American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC) a paper that discusses the nature of the human soul. It says that "animals do not have souls," that "death is the separation of the soul from the body" and that at death "the soul shall return unto God who gave it, according to Eccles. 12: 7." are these statements correct? Answer.Animals they do have lives or souls i.e., they are living souls, even as humans are living souls (Gen. 2: 7). The Hebrew word for "soul" is nephesh, which primarily means life (and is often so translated); and because life is the basis of the souls existence the word nephesh has by virtue of this relation taken on a second meaning, i.e., soul, or sentient being. Gods Word makes it very plain that both men and beasts are souls, when in Num. 31: 28 it speaks of a tribute of "one soul of five hundred, both of the persons, and of the beeves, and of the asses, and of the sheep." Both humans and animals have soul-quality, or intelligent, conscious, sentient being. The term "immortal soul" is nowhere found in the Bible; rather, there are many statements to the contrary, showing that the soul can die, that it is mortal. Psa. 22: 29); "He spared not their soul from death" (Psa. 78: 50); "Thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin . . . . He hath poured out his soul unto death" (Isa. 53: 10, 12); "The soul that sinneth, it shall die" (Ezek. 18: 4, 20; comp. 22: 27); "My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death" (Matt. 26: 38); "He which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death" (James 5: 20), etc.! The Bible clearly shows that the spirit of life is common to all Gods creatures, all living souls, and not possessed by man only. Note, e.g., "All flesh wherein is the breath of life [ruach: the spirit or breath of life of all flesh]" (Gen. 6: 17; 7: 15). "All in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life [margin, ruach: the spirit or power of life] (Gen. 7: 22). "The spirit of Jacob . . . revived [ruach: Jacobs vital or life powers revived]" (Gen. 45: 27). "When he [samson] had drunk, his spirit [ruach] came again, and he revived [his strength, vigor, energy returned to him]" (Judges 15: 19). "In whose hand is the soul [nephesh, lifesee margin] of every living thing, and the breath [ruach, the power or privilege to live] of all mankind" (Job 12: 10). When a human soul (the nephesh, the sentient being) dies, his life ceases, and the spirit (the power or privilege to live) returns to God who gave it, and only He can restore it. This He will do through Christ in the resurrection awakening (John 5: 28, 29; Dan. 12: 2; 1 Cor. 15: 22). 72-6 BOE: At the beginning statement made at the very begiining of that Newsweek article, Jesus died and rose again so that all his followers could, eventually, do the same. This Newsweek article author makes claim that they believe the whole reason that Religious Liberals have reduced the resurrection down to a mere "Positive Myth" or metaphore is because the so-called 'traditional' Evangelical church view that has been tainted by Greek Platoism and thus has made their version of the resurrection unattractive, replusive and unearthly. I have brought to light here from 3 different sources' explainations showing how the origional Judeo-Christian belief of the resuurection of the WHOLE person has been lost and replaced instead with the disembodied Plato concept of the immortal soul. Thus, IF..the resurrection concept can be restored back to earthly and wholistic..that is..that the resurrection..can and does reunit the breath of life with IN the physical body..rather than a seperation of the two..it seems to me the revoltion of resurrection to religious liberals should be resolved. Adapted from the forthcoming book Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination With the Afterlife by Lisa Miller.
  8. I have talked to many liberals..a majority which told me they were raised Catholic..that they got really burned on the idea of belief based on dangling comic threats or eternal rewards..and so they opt to only live in the now and do with out either. I understand getting ride of cosmic threats aka hellfire threats...but I don;t understand why so many feel that they must also gide ride of any after life hope. I don;t believe in dangling threats or rewrds either..but I don;t really understand the need to get ride of any after life hope. Why must an after life hope havHAVE to be attached to a threat? Why do so many feel you can NOT have one with out the other?
  9. What's your views on the Resurrection of Christ? The Resurrection: Physical, Spiritual or Mythical?
  10. I really like the positive thinking concept in the New Thought church of Unity...but the the thoing about Unity and New Thought that I could never jive with and just sounds wrong to me is this whole "Divine Spark" thing. This idea that we are all divine or God. I mean, this just sounds so ego-centric..like a..well.. God complexe. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  11. She is an older women in her 70's who knows nothing about the computer..though I am thinking of checkout the Unity bookstore and if I liked one of there books I might buy one and let her read it.
  12. Ok. I have a neighbor who lives in back of my house of whom is Religious Science and has been in it for at least 20 years now. We have become good friends and often will go to book stores together. Her name is Pat and what I have gathered from pat is that she was left with a very bad tast in her mouth about Catholicsm and how she believed it harped on fear and guilt and made her feel bad about herself. She said she was reaching and then found Religious Science and it turned her life around and made her feel like a worthy person again. Thing is..Pat only seems interested in Ernest Homes books. She admits she knows nothing about any other religions..neither Judeo-Christianities..not Eastern. Now..I have studied all world faiths every since I was 13 and I am now 40..so even though I was never a memeber of or in Religious Science.. I know enough to see the basic differnece between it and Unity. And my friend Pat is so unaware of religious she thinks they are just alike. However...Unity, though it shares the positive thinking ideas of religious Science...Unity is based IN Christianity..thus Unity Churches full name is..The Unity School of Christianity and it also uses Scriptures all the time to base it positive thinking ideas. Religious Science does not base it's movement on Christianity and it does NOT use Scriptures. So..the other day she said to me, "You know this may shock you to hear and it shocks me to admit this..but I think I need to learn about the Bible...so here is my question to all of you...do you think that "Pat" might change her negative thinking about being soured on Jesus and Christianity and Bible..if she could read a positive book on it by Unity? Or do you know of a good recommended book to sgest for a person who got burned on Christianity by a former negative fundamental church background..but now has opened their mind to give it a second look? Maybe a Bishop Spong Book? Maybe if there was a book like that one long ago called "Stealing Jesus"..Or something like that?
  13. In my own observation..what I think is the biggest cause of division and thus an anti-inner-faith mind-set is putting doctrinal beliefs above compassion. Far right faiths get so overly focus on proving that their doctrines are right and everyone's elses is wrong..that they forget kindness..Thus Having to be "Right" trumps 'wanting' to be "kind" to one another.
  14. Welcome to the board. I was raised Jehovah's Witnesses...very fundamental..black and white mind-set. I walked away from it in 1996. After that I began researching the inner-net to see if there 'might be' NON-fundamental Christians out there. I found in my own experince that most XJWs end up very angry at God and usually end up angry atheists..so I consider myself lucky. I am still VERY cautious around conservative religious folks of any denomination or set. But am very glad this site is here!
  15. Do any of you have to put up with, endure or dread conservative family members nagging you to attend 'their' conservative' Easter services? If so, how do you handle it?
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