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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about her going...I know it can be really hard to lose a pet I hope the burial went well, and at least she died peacefully and, I assume, with you nearby.
  2. Hey there! I came after you left, I guess, but I just wanted to say welcome back! Hope you'll stick around!
  3. Sounds great! Can't wait to hear from you!
  4. Chapter 6: I agree with Bill, in that I agree with Ross that the Resurrection is "historically probable" but disagree that it is "religiously insignificant." First of all, I disagree with him that Jesus' Resurrection shouldn't change how we perceive Jesus. After all, there are many great people in history whose actions and words I admire, but their deaths were not followed by such a dramatic experience. To me, that indicates that there was something particularly special about Jesus. I don't know exactly what it shows - I agree that it isn't what makes Jesus the "Messiah" - but I don't think it is utterly insignificant. Furthermore, I completely disagree with the point Ross is trying to make in this paragraph: So what? Just because the Resurrection isn't "essential" to, and doesn't "prove," God's love, it's therefore irrelevant? No. The one doesn't follow from the other. It doesn't have to prove it to be significant! Granted, this means that it is not necessarily significant, but it doesn't mean that it is necessarily insignificant. And, IMO, we as Christians are the people for whom it should be significant! Just my initial reactions
  5. Yes, I agree completely. I think we have to recognize the fact that Jesus spoke within a certain framework and had certain biases as a product of that culture. I like your point about how this means that it's not necessarily accurate to distinguish between the "true" teachings of Jesus and the "biased" teachings of the early Church - rather, both may be biased. Thanks for making me laugh!
  6. Sorry to be a bit behind - but I just read Chapter 4, and briefly, my reaction was that I agreed with his criticisms of some dismissals of miracles, but I didn't find his alternative thoroughly satisfying. Of course, it's one I've heard before, but at least when applied to the Resurrection I just find it kind of a cop-out. But, I guess we'll see when we get to Chapter 6, which deals with the Resurrection specifically. As for Chapter 5, I agree with others' criticism that he oversimplified the matter of what a Christian is/believes. Still, I don't have a problem with him laying down the basic definition of a Christian, since that's useful for the rest of his argument. And I too felt uncomfortable when I read that "the Great Judgment" was one of Jesus' core teachings, but when I thought about it a bit I realized that just because I'm uncomfortable with it doesn't change the fact that Jesus probably did use that kind of language. I guess I just have to think about it in terms of the spirit behind such words - in other words, the essential core teaching that we are accountable before God for our actions. I don't think that means God will punish anyone eternally. But it means He can hold us accountable. I like to think that was the basic idea Jesus was driving at - which would naturally sound good to the poor and oppressed, to hear that their oppressors would be held accountable before God. Maybe?
  7. Hey Bill, Following your suggestion here I went onto amazon.com and bought a copy of this Bible. It arrived today and I started reading it; I have to say I like it quite a bit! Thanks for the suggestion! Of course I love the NRSV, and the notes are very nice. Sometimes I wish they were a little more in-depth, but as it's my first study bible, I think it's a good start. Thanks again! Warmly, McKenna
  8. I'd agree with you there, for the most part. I'm not sure Progressive Christianity entirely rejects divine revelation. I guess it depends on what you mean. If you mean in the form of books, then yes, I think most PCs would say that there is no book out there today that can be called "God's Divine Revelation to Mankind." Yet I think many PCs look to the person of Jesus as a form of divine revelation; and nature/Creation as well. Some may even believe that individuals can receive revelations, though with the condition that nobody has to buy into anyone else's "personal revelation." So I don't think your criticism is entirely fair. But, it is a fair critique to ask where our guidance comes from if we don't have a shared divine mandate in the form of Scripture - which many religions do. If this is your question I have no problem with your criticism as I think it is an appropriate one and a good question to ask of the Progressive movement.
  9. Hey Sonomon, I too have no problem with you posting here. I'm interested in what you have to say. I think you'll find people to be pretty open-minded, whether they buy your ability or not, but be prepared to debate, of course - we do a lot of that around here! McKenna
  10. Welcome to the forum, Christina! I hope you find it useful in exploring your questions
  11. McKenna


    I assume you're asking about gambling as a business or as high-stakes games rather than playing a poker game with a $5 buy-in with a few friends (with which I have no issue. My opinion is that it should be legal, but I don't much like it. I think in the end it does more harm than good for society. Still, I believe in personal liberty, and I think it would be nuts for the government to forbid such practices. For what it's worth, I have similar views - I find it immoral personally but don't believe it should be outlawed - when it comes to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and first-trimester abortions.
  12. Care to elaborate? What are we supposed to be debating here?
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