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    I am new to faith. I do not profess to be of one denomination or another, infact I have not even decided on a fellowship at this point. I have made some poor choices in life as I am sure we all have. I also have had some trying times over the last few years. Finally after many struggles I started praying, reading and putting my faith in God. My life has changed for the better since I embraced faith but I am still having a hard time with many of the "Christian" values. I was not raised in the church and my folks have always been all inclusive, gay, straight, black, white and what have you. I am very much in the live and let live category. I mean, truly, my role is not to judge others or their actions, that is God's job. What are your thoughts on this? Is this common among progressive Christians? My sister is a Born Again and sometimes I feel like her husband uses his faith as a license to hate anyone different from them. How can I find a fellowship that doesn't subscribe to hate mongering?
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    PC is to me a path to faith where I get to hold on to the all inclusive values taught by my hippie parents while exploring God's love through humanity. Ours is not to judge or condemn. Ours is to explore and love. Many "legacy" systems of Christianity appose the message much of the Bible is trying to convey. PC is a way to merge faith with modern science, sociology and life experience. I think it is not what you believe, who to or where you pray, just that you have faith and a moral compass. I want to do good things and be a better person, so I take those lessons and apply them to my life in a modern interpretation. I'd say maybe I've got it all wrong, but that defies the whole PC thing, doesn't it?
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    I am not alone but I am alone in my faith. No one in my family shares my views or beliefs and I get shuffled aside often. It's ok because my faith is mine. As for guilt, that is the whole reason I started down this path, I had to find a way to forgive myself for my past and asking for God's forgiveness seemed like the first logical step. Once I realized that all things are in God's way and in God's time my life got a whole lot easier. I realize God has always been there waiting and all I had to do was realize there was a different way than what I was currently living. God only gives you as much as you can handle. So now instead of being a self absorbed, grumpy, negative, judgemental person, through God's grace I have found a little peace within myself. Thank you for asking if I am alone and guilty. I am, but everyday I see beauty where I did not before, I see people who need help and want help them, not admonish them for being an unemployed burden on society. With faith, hope and love my eyes have been opened and my heart has begun to heal.
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    Romney a man for all seasons, the trumpster a man for ..............well, himself.
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    To me Progressive Christianity is a more spacious place where I can be myself and express myself without having to look over my shoulder to see who's disapproval I have gained by something that I spoke out about. In my old life as a church worker in a charismatic/evangelical church you had to speak a certain way about things they did not agree with, being careful to suggest that you to understood other points of view about Jesus and faith, but that you only understood them to mock or compare them to your own church and its faith. Where your church was right and they were unbiblical or under the influence of evil spirits. So to me Progressive Christianity is the beginging of a journey into grace, forgiveness and hope.
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