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    I am new to faith. I do not profess to be of one denomination or another, infact I have not even decided on a fellowship at this point. I have made some poor choices in life as I am sure we all have. I also have had some trying times over the last few years. Finally after many struggles I started praying, reading and putting my faith in God. My life has changed for the better since I embraced faith but I am still having a hard time with many of the "Christian" values. I was not raised in the church and my folks have always been all inclusive, gay, straight, black, white and what have you. I am very much in the live and let live category. I mean, truly, my role is not to judge others or their actions, that is God's job. What are your thoughts on this? Is this common among progressive Christians? My sister is a Born Again and sometimes I feel like her husband uses his faith as a license to hate anyone different from them. How can I find a fellowship that doesn't subscribe to hate mongering?
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    PC is to me a path to faith where I get to hold on to the all inclusive values taught by my hippie parents while exploring God's love through humanity. Ours is not to judge or condemn. Ours is to explore and love. Many "legacy" systems of Christianity appose the message much of the Bible is trying to convey. PC is a way to merge faith with modern science, sociology and life experience. I think it is not what you believe, who to or where you pray, just that you have faith and a moral compass. I want to do good things and be a better person, so I take those lessons and apply them to my life in a modern interpretation. I'd say maybe I've got it all wrong, but that defies the whole PC thing, doesn't it?
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    I'm amazed to see how this evolution deception is spreading throughout the churches today. Man in his quest to gain worldly knowledge is casting away the plain truth of God's Word and "thus saith the Lord" in favor of worldly wisdom. End times prophecy reveals we are living in the last days, so I suppose this kind of thing can be expected, as the Bible says: 2 Timothy 4:3. And what is sound doctrine?.... Hebrews 4:3. Genesis 2:1-2. Exodus 20:11 We get two clear truths from the above verses. 1. If you believe in evolution, then you have to believe that this world CONTINUES to evolve throughout it's life. And yet God clearly states above that this world was FINISHED from the very foundation of creation. Therefore, if it was finished, then there can be no evolution. The physical and biological laws that govern the natural world were also finished. Also, 2. God said He made the heaven and earth in 6 DAYS, so why do we need to question it? No matter what man says in his "wisdom", God has said that He created this world in 6 days. Now I expect unbelievers to question this, because they do not believe in God or the Bible. But for proffering Christians to question the authenticity of God's Word and to question the 6 day creation is beyond me. They are deceiving, pure and simple. As soon as you question the Word of God, you have allowed Satan to gain a foothold in your faith and before you know it your faith will be in pieces. 1 Corinthians 3:19. Do you see? God knew that man would come in his "wisdom" and question what God has said. But it is utter foolishness. Now many in the church are saying that the 6 could be 6 periods of time or 6 thousand years, as the Word of God says that a day with God is as a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8). Well, for starters, I believe the "day as a thousand years " statement is a prophetic one and in no way changes the 6 days of creation. And if God says a DAY in the creation account, then why can't we just believe that is what God meant, ONE DAY. Also, I believe God did something purposely to the creation order to dispel this kind of rubbish that man comes up with. What is the purpose of the sun? As without the sun, plant life would just die. Now take a look at this: On the THIRD DAY, God created plant life (Genesis 1:12-13). On the FOURTH DAY, God created the sun (Genesis 1:16-19). So if the "third day " was actually a thousand years or some other of time, then how could the plant life survive without the sun for this length of time? God didn't create the sun until the day AFTER the plant life. Go ask any worldly scientist and they will tell you how important the sun is for life exist on this earth. The fact is the heaven and earth was created in 6 actual days (24hr periods), which ties in fine with the DAY after plant life. The amazing thing is, the "scientist" who professing Christians believe in regards to "evolution" are the very same people who will tell you there is no God! And yet these Christians say that evolution could be thru just because the scientists say so. So if you go down this slippery path, it could also be thrue that there is no God right? Because that is what the scientists are saying also. Do you see how dangerous this is? Friend, this world is coming to an end, the sign of the end times show how close we are to the second coming of Christ Jesus. Satan knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12), and his deceptions are increasing in strength. If we do not put our trust in the Word of God and stick to a plain "thus saith the Lord", then we will be in grave danger of being taken in by Satan's deceptions. Evolution being one of them! One of the three angels messages in Revelation 14 points us to worship the Creator: Revelation 14:6-7 This message is being said with a LOUD VOICE. In other words it's a very important message, which tells us to worship Him (God) that made heaven, and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters. Those words are taken from the fourth commandment, which says God created this earth in six days and rested the seventh day and blessed the seventh day as the sabbath.
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    I am not alone but I am alone in my faith. No one in my family shares my views or beliefs and I get shuffled aside often. It's ok because my faith is mine. As for guilt, that is the whole reason I started down this path, I had to find a way to forgive myself for my past and asking for God's forgiveness seemed like the first logical step. Once I realized that all things are in God's way and in God's time my life got a whole lot easier. I realize God has always been there waiting and all I had to do was realize there was a different way than what I was currently living. God only gives you as much as you can handle. So now instead of being a self absorbed, grumpy, negative, judgemental person, through God's grace I have found a little peace within myself. Thank you for asking if I am alone and guilty. I am, but everyday I see beauty where I did not before, I see people who need help and want help them, not admonish them for being an unemployed burden on society. With faith, hope and love my eyes have been opened and my heart has begun to heal.
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    What man am I thinking of? 1) Renown national leader 2) Beautiful wives 3) Eats disgusting foods 4) A liar and a cheat 5) Fancy hair 6) His enemies tried to bind him, but he broke their ties 7) Divorced his first wife 8 ) Enjoys riddles under 120 chr. 9) Prayed for and swore vengeance on his enemies Can you guess who I am thinking of or do you need another hint?
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    Reminds me of Campbell: Moyers Like all heroes, the Buddha does not show you the truth itself, he shows you the way to the truth. Campbell But it’s got to be your way, not his
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    There are about five active people left. We don’t even need more than one section. This board could easily be a group email. The last thing we need is bullying people through petty rules and ‘organization’.
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    Nothing needs to be overcome. Everyone is entitled to their own faith. Slandering someone’s beliefs as ‘false premises’ is wholly negative and an intellectually adoption of a supremacist attitude. You can preach what you do believe is true without intellectually bullying others.
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    PC really has no positions, knowledge or insight to offer. It is only a strictly bounded discussion space. The need to strictly enforce the 8 judgmental boundaries and shun those who do not conform is evidence of a hypocritical intolerance.
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    Romney a man for all seasons, the trumpster a man for ..............well, himself.
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    Thormas my brother, we are a family. We are the body and Jesus is the head. I need you, you need me. That is real progressive Christians. I have to go read the rules better again. My English is very bad. I tired to defend myself.
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    Hi I'm new here and I hope that I'm home here. Thanks.
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    To me Progressive Christianity is a more spacious place where I can be myself and express myself without having to look over my shoulder to see who's disapproval I have gained by something that I spoke out about. In my old life as a church worker in a charismatic/evangelical church you had to speak a certain way about things they did not agree with, being careful to suggest that you to understood other points of view about Jesus and faith, but that you only understood them to mock or compare them to your own church and its faith. Where your church was right and they were unbiblical or under the influence of evil spirits. So to me Progressive Christianity is the beginging of a journey into grace, forgiveness and hope.
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    Do you see, all that I have wrote is in the Bible. Because my teaching is completely Biblical, and nobody can say that I'm wrong, because they can read it in the Bible. Because he paid, means he have authorities above the Bible and any others believing. He has sent me his believing and call mine false. Why don't he go in mine? end-times-prophecy.org This is my belief. BIBLICAL. One thing more, he is done with church and he wants everybody be done with church or he will banner you. This forum is against God.
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    Okay, how can I answered your questions and you don't interest what is the meaning of the book of Revelation. It is impossible for you to understand without an open mind the book of Revelation. It is full with symbolic languages. That's why you cannot undestand and give up living for God. You will never come to an understanding because you are not interested. This is not a progressive Christians. Just let an other person that really have interested in what time we living in.
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    Why then debates on somthing that is irrelevant to you? Talking about something that you don't have interested anymore. I call this a wasting of time speaking about somthing that doesn't and cannot make you happy. I have the real Jesus for you bro.
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    I know that you cannot answer anybody questions. I want you to teach me. What mean a woman in symbolic language in the Bible? What is an Archangel? What means water? My brother your problem is because you don't know, and you want nobody also to know. I'm not here by my own. God has send me here,specially for those that are for many years really want to know in what time we are living. Go read Matthew 24. It is exactly what that you are doing. Can you preach the Three Angels Messages? I think NOT!! Don't you know that it is a warning message for salvation of our soul? Do you know what is written in 2 Thimoty 3:10-15 verse 13 is for you my friend. You are fighting against God, not the true Christians. Ephesians 6:10-17. Do you have the ARMOUR OF GOD? I'm think NOT, otherwise now you are helping us helping saving life for Christ. Just the way that He have command us.
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