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    Hello everyone, I am a thirty-something kindergarten teacher from Germany who has always struggled with faith and has always had a complicated relationship with her own faith. I have always been curious and open about Christianity, but ever since I was a teenager I have been bumping into walls. This has really stalled my growth as a person and even hurt it. For the longest time I thought something was wrong with me and my character and my beliefs. Everybody else seemed to have a completely opposite idea of what Christianity was, and we could only find common ground when it came to Jesus - and here not even in all aspects. I have struggled with fundamental Christians and their ideas, with prosperity-gospel Christians, and with ideas that made me go "if THIS is what Jesus taught, I guess I am not a follower." I felt completely shattered, lost, and alone. Since I had rarely found inclusive Christians, I thought they rarely existed. I still believed something was wrong with me. But a while ago I first heard the term "progressive Christianity" and I stumbled over the 8 Points that define it. I was sitting at my desk and I was just laughing. This was it. This was me. People like me. Incredible. So, safe to say, I am immensely happy to have found this place. Finally I can continue to grow in my spiritual journey, and that is such a gift. I am like a sponge these days, on fire for God like I used to be when I was younger. I am seeking and reaching out, enlarging my faith, and I find so much joy in doing so. Thanks for being a part of my journey.
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    I would personally like to progress toward a more inclusive behavior towards others, and would like for Christians in general to do the same. But I can only change myself, so there goes.
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    To me, Progressive Christianity means applying the “new story” of science and anthropology to the myths and beliefs of traditional Christianity and thus opening the door to probe for a deeper meaning. It means looking beyond bible inerrancy and dualistic thinking to a more meaningful relationship with God who is always present and active in, with, and through all. Progressive Christianity, to me, means letting go of ideas of exclusivity, accepting that my faith is not the one and only truth. And, by learning of other faiths, enriching my own faith. Finally, it means being allowed to explore ideas that mainstream churches would find uncomfortable, if not blasphemous, and find both tolerance and agreement.
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    For me, Progressive Christianity provides me a paradigm for something I've been seeking all my life...a context, a framework, for constructing a personal religous/faith beliefs system within which I can work to bring that which is above down into that which is below, to make the outer consistent with the inner, to faciliate the doing of God's will on Earth as it is in Heaven. A most frustrating and painful irony for me has been that the very most basic underlying cause of me having rejected so much of the Christian religious traditions of the circumstances of my time and place of birth and life has been and still is the core values instilled within me by that very same religious tradition! As surely as Christ was my cornerstone for the foundation of my system of values and beliefs, so has that been the foundation upon which my objections to and rejections of so much within Christian religious traditions, dogmas, beliefs, and practices as I encounter them in real life, and interpersonal relationships. This has been especially so in my attempt to align my social positions in my outer reality with my inner core values, rooted in my faith, that inform them. Jenell
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    More than a few People here in PC, and encountered in other Christian discussions, will sincerely say they personally "Are Spiritually Minded, and Believe in God, But Are Not Religious." I say these People are false and mindless within their own claim to be that way. They think being "Religious" is bad. But, they are speaking in ignorance. Here is how we know they are. The Bible gives a clear definition of Pure Religion Before God. I will let you find it for yourself. Because, an honest Person who claims it is good to "Not Be Religious" should accept correction from The Bible itself before continuing in their foolish error.
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