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    There are about five active people left. We don’t even need more than one section. This board could easily be a group email. The last thing we need is bullying people through petty rules and ‘organization’.
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    Nothing needs to be overcome. Everyone is entitled to their own faith. Slandering someone’s beliefs as ‘false premises’ is wholly negative and an intellectually adoption of a supremacist attitude. You can preach what you do believe is true without intellectually bullying others.
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    Do you see, all that I have wrote is in the Bible. Because my teaching is completely Biblical, and nobody can say that I'm wrong, because they can read it in the Bible. Because he paid, means he have authorities above the Bible and any others believing. He has sent me his believing and call mine false. Why don't he go in mine? end-times-prophecy.org This is my belief. BIBLICAL. One thing more, he is done with church and he wants everybody be done with church or he will banner you. This forum is against God.

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