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    PC really has no positions, knowledge or insight to offer. It is only a strictly bounded discussion space. The need to strictly enforce the 8 judgmental boundaries and shun those who do not conform is evidence of a hypocritical intolerance.
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    Okay, how can I answered your questions and you don't interest what is the meaning of the book of Revelation. It is impossible for you to understand without an open mind the book of Revelation. It is full with symbolic languages. That's why you cannot undestand and give up living for God. You will never come to an understanding because you are not interested. This is not a progressive Christians. Just let an other person that really have interested in what time we living in.
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    Why then debates on somthing that is irrelevant to you? Talking about something that you don't have interested anymore. I call this a wasting of time speaking about somthing that doesn't and cannot make you happy. I have the real Jesus for you bro.
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    I know that you cannot answer anybody questions. I want you to teach me. What mean a woman in symbolic language in the Bible? What is an Archangel? What means water? My brother your problem is because you don't know, and you want nobody also to know. I'm not here by my own. God has send me here,specially for those that are for many years really want to know in what time we are living. Go read Matthew 24. It is exactly what that you are doing. Can you preach the Three Angels Messages? I think NOT!! Don't you know that it is a warning message for salvation of our soul? Do you know what is written in 2 Thimoty 3:10-15 verse 13 is for you my friend. You are fighting against God, not the true Christians. Ephesians 6:10-17. Do you have the ARMOUR OF GOD? I'm think NOT, otherwise now you are helping us helping saving life for Christ. Just the way that He have command us.

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