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    [SLC000018] Sunday Service 15.09.2019 01. Introduction 00:57 02. The Lion and The Lamb 03:49 03. Notices 05:00 04. Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah 02:51 05. Readings 06:12 06. Sermon 16:29 07. Prayer 05:01 08. As The Deer 03:27 09. Purify My Heart 04:15 10. You are Beautiful 03:40 11. You Give Life 04:04 credits released September 22, 2019 Speakers: Steve Morgan Reading: Cerys Hartley, Cled Morgan, Ken Hartley Vocals/Guitar: Alastair Cope Vocals: Amy Cope Songpro: Daniel Ames Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Kristian Cole https://stlleurwgschurch.bandcamp.com/album/slc000019-sunday-service-1509-2019
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    Your friends should have been filling steins.
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    I remember seeing a series called “The Cosmos” narrated by Carl Sagan, in which he stated that we are all made of the same “stuff” as the rest of the universe. In that sense we actually ARE the universe, as well as that part of the universe where conscious awareness of itself has been generated. The thought of that is actually pretty staggering to me. We are all separated from everything else by time and space, a unique property of the universe, but we still share its fundamental elements. I suspect that the universe has always had the ability to generate life and conscious awareness of itself. Apparently, all that is required is the right combination of elements and its formation by evolutionary processes. For me, to posit a “God” or other “outside” entity and label it “holy” or “sacred” to account for this ability somehow lessens its magnificence. I think I’m content to just let it be. Peace. Steve
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