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    Still having trouble looking things up yourself? Paul, if I spoon-fed you that trivia what use would you make of it? Better you look it up yourself and develop more meaningful questions.
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    I'm waiting for you to explain how the name of a specific person will help you appreciate the physical nature of the Kingdom of God. I think you are just asking pointless questions as part of your general cynicism. You can pick any of the Apostolic fathers as it follows directly from the bible, and there is no shortage of information on the physical aspects of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I assume you were baptized in that wierdo church and wonder why you pray so many posts on this Christian message board. Those events are related. If I give you a specific name how will that help you?
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    My precise point in not just naming someone. All of the Apostolic Fathers wrote meditations on Scripture. These were not cathechisms. They were lengthy prose ramblings written to people who were being severely persecuted and martyred. I believe there are about 12 volumes, and I am not about to go through my 80 semester hours of seminary notes to figure out exactly which lecture covered this for people who don't believe they even have a soul or any reason to be concerned with its care and training or consider divine revelation to be the primary source that it is. I told you a name was a useless response to a trivial question. Maybe now you believe me since that you have proven it to yourself. And for goodness sake give up on Wikipedia.