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  2. Good find, still reading it but food for thought and careful consideration. The idea of lament is a new, an interesting one, for me given my take on theodicy. However the idea of weeping at the unfairness speaks volumes although the cry of why God has forsaken us, does not speak to me. Much to consider, thanks.
  3. N.T. Wright on the pandemic and Christian lamentation. https://relevantmagazine.com/culture/n-t-wright-says-the-pandemic-is-giving-christians-a-chance-to-learn-what-it-means-to-lament-1/
  4. This is progressive Christianity with a small p.
  5. Genuine assimilation allows for true diversity/difference AND establishing a society wherein all are actually equal.
  6. Perhaps whomever Biden selects can provide aid to the 'orange stable genius' when he needs a drink of water, help walking, help speaking, help with pronunciation or simple help being a decent, caring human being.
  7. I would buy Hillary at 1:51 A good chance she replaces Biden at the convention. I would sell my wager at a nice profit on her nomination.
  8. It seems to me regardless of the location (US, Austrailia, UK, etc.) when ethnic origin becomes more important to an individual than assimilating into that established society, there will always be a THEM and an US , whether white against black or black against white or any minority based on color or religion or culture, racism will prosper and always provide an opportunity to pop up its ugly head. We can have diversity but it must include assimilation for peace and law and order to prevail. That's my two cents or if your Australian with more than 2 cents, 2 bobs.🙂
  9. Trump - great payout One may need to know Biden's running mate before betting. He seems to have a major problem affecting him.
  10. What do you think folks - these are the current odds on offer here in Australia for the election of the next US President. Is it worth backing Trump or do you think go the surer thing and back Biden? Who would you put your money on if you were a betting person?your
  11. Obviously, BLM is even more meaningful today and to many more of all backgrounds, across the country, as evidenced over the past 6-7 weeks.
  12. Well said Paul. Lots of propaganda and lots of questionable (as you have done) comments.
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  14. Bright young woman in that clip, but lots of hyperbole. She exaggerates to make her point. Reminds me of the Antitheses in Matthew. Contrast with Lord Jamar‘s interview where he explains why BLM is a sexist & white controlled organization co-opting black concerns to raise money for white people, push unrelated agendas and paint black activists as vandals. The ‘all lives matter’ trope was 2016. Lord Jamar is on point for 2020.
  15. It is. It's out of control.
  16. Now here is some great propaganda! Surely you don't agree with what she is saying? You are not a racist if you say all lives matter - the point the likes of BLM are trying to make is that by trying to diminish BLM with ALM is like trying to say all cancer kills when people are trying to draw attention to breast cancer. Of course all lives matter, but the movement is trying to get people to notice that black deaths are over-represented as a percentage of your population. But I would say, there is a wide range of opinions (on both sides) that take things to extremes. You don't have to apologize for standing for your flag, but there are some extremist who might hate you for it. You are allowed to go to church and no, you are not 'allowed' to burn churches to the ground. This is getting ludicrous. You are not allowed to go and loot other business just as much as you are not allowed to go and murder or rape people - but there are some who do that! Police are not all considered racist pigs - but some are. etc etc etc 'The' young speak out - God, I hope not, or you guys are in much, much worse shape than it already seems!
  17. No, it didn't really. It seems you are still choosing to throw several different levels of debate/protest/violence into the same single dismissive pot. I liked the followup article Clarence Page wrote concerning this letter. I thought Page made a good point about the word 'Redskin' being a racial slur, as opposed to legitimate describing words such as Chiefs, Braves and Indians. I doubt you would agree with calling a native American a 'redskin' today, so I kinda think Page's original article was just acknowledging that people could apply some respect to the cultures that white people had ridiculed in the past and perhaps be mature enough to say "You're right. Redskin was once used as a racial slur, but we are bigger than that these days and we would like to show our native american brothers and sisters that we are all one nation, with equal dignity and equal rights". I just don't see it being a big deal myself. It seems the anti-change brigade get their shorts in a wad just as much as they think those who propose change do. I didn't really think it was humorous or quite true at all. I think the author misses the point altogether and distorts Page's intention - made clear where this letter writer can't differentiate between a racial slur and a legitimate describing word. But it makes good fodder for those so against considering the other point of view.
  18. Well, statues, monuments, forts, schools, streets..........................best to begin to change now and move into the future. Biden vs. the trumpster on money and possible laundering. A winner for the dems.
  19. Saw a video by a young black man who was furious that BLM, Inc. tried to prevent him from using the phrase “black lives matter” because he was not authorized by BLM. Also this: Lord Jamar on BLM, Inc. Scrub to 3:30. Contains profanity. It’s not about statues. It’s about street theatre and Biden Laundering Money
  20. Even more interesting is that all of those FRN’s are slave script. They have no asset content but are debt notes which, at the Federal minimum wage, are iou’s on roughly 6 minutes of labor per $1.
  21. .......ample evidence that too few, of certain of the young, don't read and are doomed to follow in the footsteps of those of their elders who are also out of step with that is going on in America.
  22. Yet some of us and others have already made the point that there is a difference between those depicted above and those who committed treason in the service of slavery. Interesting that there are no legal bills with the images of those that committed treason.
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